Animal Liberation Front

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From the ALF primer.

The ALF are freedom fighters who risk their own liberty to rescue and aid animals imprisoned in hellish conditions. Loosely bonded in a decentralized, anonymous, underground, global network,
these activists are members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).
They recognize a profound crisis in the human relation with the natural world, such that the time has long passed for moderation, delay, and compromise.

They can no longer fiddle wile the earth burns and animal bodies pile up by the billions ;
they are compelled to take immediate action and decisive action.

Activists operate under cover, at night, wearing balaclavas and ski masks, and in small cells of a few people.

“We’re dangerous philosophically. Part of the danger is that we don’t buy into the illusion that property is worth more than life…we bring that insane priority into the light, which is something the system cannot survive.”
David Barbarash, former spokesman for the ALF

After careful reconnaissance, skilled liberation teams break into buildings housing animal prisoners in order to release them or rescue them.

They seize and/or destroy equipment, property, and materials used to exploit animals, and they use arson to raze buildings and laboratories.

They willfully break the law because it wrongly consigns animals to cages and confinement, to loneliness and pain, to torture and death.

They break the law because the legal structure is defined by and for human supremacists.

They target a wide range of animal exploiters, from vivisectors and the fur industry to factory

farmers, fois gras producers, and fast food restaurants.

ALF and terrorism

Resolved not to harm living beings,motivated by love, empathy, compassion and justice, animal liberationists are the antithesis of the “terrorists” that governments, industries, and mass media ideologues impugn them to be. They are not violent aggressors against life; they are defenders of freedom and justice for any enslaved species.
If one is looking for groups with which to compare the ALF, the proper choice is not Al Quaeda or Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard, but rather the Jewish anti-Nazi resistance movement and the Underground Railroad:

“The question is not wether we will be extremists, but what kinds of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

The freedom fighters in Nazi Germany liberated war prisoners and Holocaust victims and destroyed equipment-such as weapons, railways, and gas ovens- that the Nazis used to torture and kill their victims.

The Underground Railroad movement helped fugitive slaves reach free states and Canada.
Whereas corporate society, the state, and mass media brand the ALF as terrorists, the ALF has important similarities with some of the great freedom fighters of the past two centuries and aims to end bloodshed and violence towards life and to win justice for other species.

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