Vegan Ireland event for Vegan World Day

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Fun Hat Table Quiz for World Vegan Day

When is World Vegan Day? Who was the second man on the moon? These and other questions may be asked at Vegan Ireland’s Fun Hat Table Quiz on Nov 1st.

Fun Hat? Well it is Halloween, so dress up in a hat (or more) of your choice. The hat or headpiece can be bought or made but must be vegan. If you wear the best hat or win the table quiz, you will win a prize.

Platters of vegan food will be served by Cafe en Seine and this is included in the entrance fee. Any money left over will go towards material for Vegan Ireland.

Please do RSVP so we have an idea of the numbers attending.
So start studying for the hotly contested title of World Vegan Day Fun Hat Table Quiz Champion.

Where: Cafe En Seine, 39 Dawson St, Dublin 2
Time: 7pm
When: Tuesday, 1st November
Price: 5euros.
Contact: Vegan Ireland

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