Video: Hare Dying in Hare Coursing! A.O.H.S

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Video: Hare Dying in Hare Coursing!

A video showing what happens behind the scenes at the flagship event of “Hare Coursing” at Clonmel, Co Tipperary 2010, was released by the Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS). The video shows a dying hare.

The video also shows hares chased and hounded by 2 greyhounds for the amusement of spectators. The second part of the video shows a hare in his final moments. The hare lies on his side dying in a pen with other hares; then the hare convulses his body into the most awful retching ways. In between this he flips himself 360 degrees before lying down on his side again to die. What this hare must have endured is anybody’s guess.

This hares last moments are spasms. He was kidnapped from the wild where he lived his life and placed into an alien environment so he could be used as bait for 2 greyhounds. This happens each year at coursing tracks up and down the country. Why do we value other animals so little? Hare coursing is a rights

The reason why coursing continues is for mindless entertainment. The coursers will argue also that it is a tradition. In Spain they use the same arguments for Bull fighting and no doubt the Coursing industry would be happy to support Bull fighting if the Bull fighting industry will support them.

Ireland is one of the last places in the world which allows “Hare Coursing”. Hares, Greyhounds and any animals used for “blooding” are the victims. Hares are abducted from their home in the wild; they are then held for 6 to 8 weeks before they are hunted by very fast and large dogs; they are mauled, they are flipped and tossed by the greyhounds and they endure stress, injuries and death. (See videos below)

Greyhounds are bred by the industry. The enslavement begins from birth. If they aren’t good enough they are “disposed”, if they get injured they are “disposed”, if they get too old they are “disposed”. “Disposed” means whatever is usually convenient. This involves killed, dumped, given/sold to others to be dumped/killed, some are rehomed and some are sent to places like Spain. Irish Greyhounds have been found in Spain hanging from a tree. The figures of greyhounds killed by this industry are not known and may only be guessed at.

When the Greyhounds are been trained to or are hunting down the unfortunate hare, they may be drugged or injured as is the case of Greyhound Racing. They may also get injured when chasing the hare. The first part of the video released by AOHS shows how this happens as well as the footage from ICABS below. The dogs zig and zag after the hare. They fall over, they collide with one another and they can batter against the hare. Greyhounds can reach speeds of 40mph plus. (See video below)

Other animals who are victims are animals such as cats or rabbits who may be used to “blood” the greyhounds. This involves letting the greyhounds get a taste of blood so they will develop a bloodlust to catch the other animal used as “bait”, the hare. “Blooding” is illegal but also very hard to prove. It also gives a competitive advantage. The trainers who use “blooding” use greyhounds who have a taste for blood of a living animal, the trainers who do not “blood” do not. (See video below)
Ban “Hare Coursing”!!!

More info on “Hare Coursing”:

  • Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS):
  • Irish Council Against Bloodsports (ICABS):
  • References:

  • Video, Irish Council Against Bloodsports, Hare Coursing: Blood Sports in Ireland (Shows hares killed and greyhounds tossing them into the air and mauling them into the ground) : Article.
  • BBC Documentary (1993), On the Line: Cradle to Grave Part 1 (This video shows “blooding”) (some statistics may have changed. For example the Greyhound Industry receives much more now in grants from the Irish Government than then) :
  • BBC Documenatary (1993), On the Line: Cradle to Grave Part 2:
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