Finnish Fur Farm Investigation, Action Alert

Posted in Fur News by ALib on the March 3rd, 2010

Finnish Fur Farms, Action Alert

On Friday 26th of February 2010, activists held a demonstration outside of the Embassy of Finland in Dublin Ireland calling for in particular the end to Finnish fur factory farms but also highlighting speciesism and animal rights.
View the pictures of the event: Vegaplanet Gallery.

A representative from the Finnish embassy came out to meet the activists and agreed to pass on a letter addressed to Ambassador Pertti Majanen from the animal rights group ALiberation. This gentleman chatted for some time with the activists as they explained their position to him.

Recent undercover footage (Click on left list to view each fur factory farm) released from inside Finnish fur factory farms have revealed once more the reality of animals exploited for their fur. This investigation was carried out by the animal advocacy groups Oikeutta Eläimille and Animal Defenders International (ADI) in over 7 months in 2009.

Over 1500 pictures and 7 hours of video footage taken on 30 fur factory farms captured the existence foxes and minks are forced to endure for this repressive industry. Foxes and minks are also exploited on Irish fur factory farms.

The fur industry is built upon animal exploitation and upon ignoring their crucial rights and crucial interests. Nobody needs to wear the skin of an animal to live except the animal who was born with this skin.

Animals are caged for life without escaping for exercise and will never feel the earth beneath their paws. Their imprisoned world is seen through wire mesh. This results in psychotic behaviour from constant repression of their basic behavioural needs, cannibalism, self mutilation and disease. This is the same in fur factory farms across the world. Ireland is the same as Finland where over 3million non human animals are murdered each year for the frivolous desires of humans.

Please send a letter to the Finnish Ambassador to Ireland (Sample letter) and the Irish Minister of Agriculture (Sample letter) demanding a ban to the fur trade in their respective countries. Details are on the sample letters. Please see the video footage and report from the undercover Finnish investigation. (See links).

SAMPLE LETTER to Ambassador Pertti Majanen.

Email address:

Mr. Pertti Majanen, Finnish Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland,

Embassy of Finland,
Russell House, Stokes Place,
St. Stephen´s Green,
Dublin 2,

Dear Ambassador Majanen,

I would like to express my disgust at the most recent revelations from the fur industry; Revelations which have come from Finnish Fur Factory Farms.

Roughly 3 million animals are caged for life in Finnish Fur Factory Farms each year. This leads to self mutilation, cannibalism, and abnormal or psychotic behaviour and so on.

The Fur industry is based on animal exploitation and is a rights violation. I would urge you in your position of Ambassador to use all of your influence to help stop this.

Caging, trapping or hunting animals for human benefit is nothing to be proud of. The Fur industry is a symptom of discrimination against non human animals. Because we can do this to other animals does not mean we should. Even in Finland, nobody needs to wear animal fur to live, except the animal who grew the fur.

Many countries have now outlawed fur factory farming. By following this example you could help the Republic of Ireland finally come to its senses and finally implement legislation to do the same.

Thank you for reading this letter. I will look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,


More Information:

  • ADI Report, Bloody Harvest Finland Shame: PDF article
  • ADI Fur Website on Finnish Fur Factory Investigation:
  • Oikeutta Eläimille (In Finnish only):
  • Finnish AR website:
  • ALiberation Website on Fur industry in Ireland:
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