Hare Coursing Protest, 3rd Feb 2010

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Hare Coursing Protest

The Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AHOS) and the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS) have organized a demonstration to highlight what Hare Coursing in Ireland is really about and to have it banned.

The event will take place at the Hare Coursing’s main event in Clonmel.
There is a bus organized, so if you are interested please see the contacts below.
If attending please highlight the violation of rights and the exploitation of both hares and greyhounds who are both victims of hare coursing.

Hares are kidnapped from their homes in the wild and are held captive in a pen with other non solitary hares for about a month before they are used for hare coursing. They are then “trained” and used as prey for 2 speeding greyhounds who hunt them down. They will be forced to endure stress, mauling, being tossed into the air, severe injuries and/or death among other things.

Greyhounds are used to hunt down the hapless hares. They

compete with each other to catch the hare. All this for the cheap trills of humans.

When the greyhounds become too old or slow, they become “disposable”. The greyhounds are subject to many of the same exploitations as the dogs in the greyhound racing industry.


Assoication of Hunt Sabateurs (A.O.H.S.):
Bernie Wright, Press Officer, A.O.H.S. Ph 087 2651720.
John Tierney, Campaigns , A.O.H.S. Ph. 087 9413190.

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (C.A.C.S.):
John Fitzgerald , C.A.C.S. Founder, C.A.C.S. Ph. 056 7725543 or 0863271179

More info on hare coursing:

I.C.A.B.S: (See campaigns on left hand side).
Video (I.C.A.B.S):

Press Releases:

A.O.H.S. Press Release:
C.A.C.S. Press Release:

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