Lush Supports The Hunt Saboteurs Association

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The fabulous Mrs Fox!

Please join us on Wednesday 14th of October, outside LUSH at 12 noon in Grafton St, for the opening of their new campaign against fox hunting.

LUSH will be launching a bubble bath called Fabulous Mrs Fox Bubble Bar. All proceeds will go to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.
This product is a limited edition and will be sold until Boxing day, a traditional day for fox hunts.

Lush have previously supported other campaigns such as the Sea Shepherd, by creating a soap bar called Shark Fin Soap, they have also donated to Sumatran orangutans organizations and created a palm free soap, the “Jungle Soap”.

Mark Constantine, founder of LUSH, said that he uses both his

own personal money as well as some of the profits from Lush to contribute to charitable organisations and pressure groups.

This event will also take place in:

These events will take place in Henry Street, Dublin, Cork and Belfast shops (see below). Please come along if you can make it.

17 castle Lane, Belfast
02890 43867

96 Oliver Plunkett St, Cork.
00353 214905850

116 Grafton Street, Dublin.
00353 16770392


33 Henry Street, Dublin.
00353 18735735

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