Fur Factory Farms included in Program for Gov.

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the October 13th, 2009

Program for Gov includes fur farm ban

The phasing out of fur factory farms is included within the Green Party’s Program for Government which was voted upon yesterday the 10th of October.

This is welcome news and credit must go to the Green Party for including these issues.

This is a big step but is far from a final step. The hard work doubles from here on.

The Program for Government set out the conditions which the Green Party will stay in a coalition government with Fianna Fail and some independent TD’s.

However, what is in the Program for Government does not mean it is legislation.
For example if the government collapses in the next 6 months, as many analysts believe, then the Program for Government will follow the Green Party out of


The Green Party has lived up to their word so far on these issues by including them in the Program for Government and importantly the Greens will be needed to push this through as quickly as possibly.

The Program for Government is not an animal rights document but it does share common purposes.

Please send a thank you email or letter (details below) to Minister John Gormley and Senator Dan Boyle for including these issues in the Program for Government and to implement them as soon as possible.

By an 84% majority the Green Party voted yes to a Program for Government which includes the following in relation to non human animals:

“We will enact the Animal Health and Welfare Bill, which will consolidate and update existing legislation in relation to the health and welfare of our nation’s animals.
Among the provisions of the legislation will be a commitment to:

  • Adopt the principles and 5 freedoms set out in the recent

  • Scottish Animal Health and Welfare (Scotlant) Act 2006, particularly in relation to cruelty and neglect, to ensure that the welfare of animals is properly protected and that the penalties for offenders are increased significantly,
  • Replace the culling of badgers with more effective and humane methods of control
  • Phase-out fur farming over three years
  • End Stag hunting”.
  • Contact Details:

  • Senator Dan Boyle (Party Chairman)

    Senator Dan Bolye (Party Chair)
    99 Douglas Street,
  • Minister John Gormley (Party Leader, Minister of Environment, Heritage and Local Government)

    Minister John Gormley (Party Leader)
    Minister of Environment, Heritage and Local Government,
    Department of the Environment,
    Heritage and Local Government,
    Custom House,
    Dublin 1
  • More information on these issues:

    Fur factory farms: Irish Fur Farms.

    Badger killing:Badger Watch.

    Stag Hunting: Ban Blood sports.
    (Select from the list on the left)

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