Fianna FAil Protest, Demo Report

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Fianna Fail, The Mink Coat Government - Protest

Activists protested outside of Fianna Fail Headquarters at 65-66 Lw Mount St, Dublin 2 asking Fianna Fail to end fur factory farming in Ireland.
This was organized by ALiberation and AFAR.

Fianna Fail are the only political party in the country that hasn’t voted to outlaw fur factory farming. It is in the power of Fianna Fail to stop this industry today.

The Fianna Fail Minister of Agriculture can revoke the necessary licence for confining Minks at any time.
The Minister can decide to grant or refuse to issue licences at his discretion as prescribed in the law.
The Minister can also include the outlawing of fur factory farms in the forthcoming Animal Health and Welfare Bill or put forward separate legislation for the same purpose.

If the Minister did so he would finally be acknowledging the European Commission in depth report into this industry, a report that this minister and the 2 previous Fianna Fail Ministers of Agriculture have ignored since their time in office. If the Minister ended this industry he would finally be doing his job.

Minister Smith and the former Minister of Agriculture Mary Coughlan were represented at the protest in the form of activists wearing their face masks and wearing fur. They were joined by activists holding banners stating “Animals are not Property” and posters reading “Fianna Fur, The Fur Farm Party” and Fianna Fail, The Mink Coat Government”.

A 6 ft advertising board drove past the protest repeatedly with a picture of a Mink and the words “Shame on Fianna Fail, From the Mink Coat Government to the Mink Farm Government, stop stealing the skins off our backs. Close Irish Fur Farms.”

The protest was covered in a number of national papers (see below). In the Irish Times the journalist reported that “Fianna Fail declined to comment on the protest”

Thanks to all the activists who came to the protest and to Michal Kolesar and“Network for Animal Freedom for the use of their photos.

Pictures of the demo: VegaplanetGallery.

More Info:

  • Fianna FAil | Irish Fur Farms| Irish Fur Undercover.


  • The Irish Times :
  • Michal Kolesar :
  • Network for Animal Freedom :
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