The Arts Council funds animal rights violations

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The Arts Council
Action Alert

The Arts Council are using taxpayers money to help circuses to buy and enslave, cage and shackle, deprive and exploit non human animals. In 2008 and 2009, the Arts Council gave out 75,000 euros to Duffy’s circus alone. Duffy’s Circus are promoting themselves as confining more non human animals “than ever.”

Last year Duffy’s Circus were reported to confine at least 44 non humans and that’s not including animals that don’t’have the advertising appeal to children such as dogs.

Non humans in circuses are exploited in 4 main areas:

  • Through “training”, which has been revealed through undercover investigation to be violent;
  • Through transport, where animals are heaped into the backs or lorries and carted from site to site traveling thousands of miles in a year;
  • Through show time, where the animals are stressed to perform unnatural silly tricks which were force “trained” upon them;
  • Through their time on the site where they will be caged, shackled or confined in tiny spaces.

    The Whitehall Gardai station has

  • received complaints about Duffy’s circus assaulting activists.
    Non human and Human rights violations. Is this where tax payers money should be going?

    Please write a letter to the Arts Council or use the letter provided below asking them to stop giving grants to circuses that confine non human animals.

    Please see Upcoming Events for Duffy’s Circus next week.


    David Parnell (Head)

    Christine O’Neill (Officer)

    Maeve Whelan (Assistant)

    Verena Cornwall (Adviser)

    , , ,

    The Arts Council of Ireland,

    70 Merrion Square,

    Dublin 2.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The Whitehall Gardai has received a number of complaints about Duffy’s circus assaulting activists over 2 days.

    Circuses have a history in Ireland of attacking people. Duffy’s circus received 75,000 euros for 2009 and 2008 from the Arts Council. Is this the type of behaviour that the Arts Council wishes to use tax payers money upon?

    I would like to state my opposition to this decision by the Arts Council to award this grant and a total grant of over 180,000 euros to Irish circuses containing non human animal acts in 2009.

    Circuses are a rights violations and are, by their very nature, unsuited to the keeping of non human animals. These animals endure constant travelling from site to site and are never in one location for long enough to become accustomed to their surroundings.

    They are kept in extreme confinement, with elephants chained to the ground, alligators kept in tiny lorries, tigers in small caged beast wagons and other species in tiny pens for most of their lives. They are forced to live in unnatural social groups in spaces which are totally devoid of environmental enrichment or stimulation. The training methods used to force these animals to perform are often violent, as has been highlighted by undercover animal rights activists who have secretly filmed these training routines.

    Public safety is also routinely compromised, as large and often dangerous exotic species are kept in close proximity to members of the public, both inside and outside the ring.

    There is, in my opinion, no artistic merit whatsoever in violently forcing non human animals to perform stupid tricks for the public’s amusement, and indeed there is a growing trend worldwide towards the removal of non human animals from circuses and the use of human acts only in these travelling shows.

    I would respectfully request that the Arts Council follow this progressive trend and redirect funding for Irish circuses to those circuses containing human acts only. Such a policy by the Arts Council would act as a strong encouragement for circuses currently using non human animal acts to switch to human acts only.

    I trust that you will give the opinions I have expressed above your serious consideration and that you will change your funding policy for circuses in accordance.

    I will look forward to your reply.

    Yours Sincerely,


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