ALiberation Week of Sunday 14/06/2009

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Duffy’s Demo Reports
14 to 21 June

Please, read below for a detailed report of each day’s event.
Also watch the pictures of the event at our GALLERY.

Sunday 14st June 2009

Activists arrived at 7pm outside the site where Duffy’s are holed up for the 7.30pm show. A banner reading “Animal Circuses = A Lifetime of Misery” sums up this circus. Duffys is a throw back to Victorian freak shows when anybody (human and nonhuman animals) who was not normally seen was exploited for the greasy till regardless of how this affected those victimized.

Duffy’s also advertises a “zoo”. This is how the Irish Sunday Mirror were able to compare what is promoted by the circus and that which the reporter saw. “We saw the ponies in their stalls, dogs by a caravan and one tiger prowling a small stoney enclosure. Considering this is the biggest area ever available to the animals – when they’re not in the

Big Top – I was taken aback”.

The road outside the circus was packed with cars going at a slow pace due to the nearby match. So passerbys had plenty of opportunity to blow their horns in support (which many did) and to see the banner, posters and receive leaflets about the reality of circus life for non humans.

The circus themselves had little to say. One worker asked for a leaflet so he could take it back to 2 others to scutinize. After hopefully learning something (although this is doubtful) the man in the top hat came out to one activist and grunted something but resorted to “fu*king” when he was asked a question about Duffy’s dependence on juvenile audiences. Who after all are these non human being exploited for? If children saw how the tigers, llamas, snakes etc are forced to live what would their reaction be? Whips and chains are neither childrens or non humans friends; As is the relationship between circuses and the truth it seems.
The Activists finished at 7.50pm, having given out all the leaflets.

Tuesday 16rd June 2009

With more leaflets and posters the activists helped educate the public about what goes on behind the scenes at circuses. They arrived for 7pm and left at 7.55pm.

The circus itself was bereft of customers which may be the norm for circuses during weekdays and especially ones that can claim such a handsome grant at the taxpayers expense.

Chants like “Circus Trade, Slave Trade” left the circus in no illusion

as to why the activists were there.

Wednesday 17th June 2009

The circus is again not busy with drips and drabs of customers. Support from the passing cars and pedestrians keeps coming.

Two circus workers come out and focus on a poster with an elephant on it and repeatedly say “there are no elephants in here”. These are general posters. Weirdly they had no comment to make on the other posters like those with the caged lion. Selective sight must be an advantage in Duffy’s Circus?

From 7pm till 8pm the Activists chanted, handed out leaflets, held posters and banners and answered questions from the public.

Thursday 18th June 2009

The non human animals in the circus are hidden from the street view so it is not possible to see them with the trucks and walls in the way. This didn’t prevent activists from informing the public again about what goes on behind closed doors.

With a megaphone, leaflets, banner, posters and an informative manner, activists raised awareness about the violation of rights within circuses. However, it would appear that Duffy’s Circus are not fans of rights; be that of non humans most basic rights or humans right to freedom of speech.

The truth hurts business no doubt. So Duffy’s called the Gardai, the Gardai came and told us to continue on. Gardai time, like the Arts Council grants are

just another freebie from the taxpayer.
The circus was again lacking customers. The activists were there from 7pm till 8.15pm.
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