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Every year in Britain and Ireland 40,000 greyhounds enter racing and a similar number end their racing lives.
Tens of thousands of greyhounds are disposed of by the greyhound racing industry every year.

Throughout their racing career, the dogs routinely endure inhumane conditions and have little human contact. Many greyhound farms are barely getting by financially, so the dogs are kept caged most of the time in crates or pens or in fenced enclosures and fed low quality foods. Each dog is a major expense, which is why so many are killed when they are deemed unfit to race.

Many of them end up like this. Tied to a lump of concrete and drowned.

The thousands of greyhounds that are surplus to the racing industry are more likely to end their days, not in front of a warm fire, but drowned, poisoned, beaten to death, starved, dumped on the streets or impounded and destroyed.

Greyhounds puppies are killed if they fail to reach standard. Around two thirds are deemed fit,
while the others will be put to death before they reach a year old.

Substantial numbers of greyhounds are exported to Spain for racing, hunting and coursing. Conditions in some Spanish kennels are appalling and many greyhounds are locked up 23 hours a day. They are as well sent to developing countries with appalling track conditions.
Hunters and courses often dispose of unwanted dogs by hanging and other horrifically cruel methods.

The racing industry also sells thousands of dogs considered unfit for racing to laboratories, which experiment on animals.
Because of their genetic purity, they are the research models of choice for heart and lung experiments.

Thus, greyhound racing functions not only as a “sport” and gambling enterprise, but as a breeding facility for cruel vivisection practices.

The killing will never stop until people realize that it is the ‘business’ of greyhound racing which fosters and perpetuates the cruelty, no matter how hard they try to separate themselves from it. And it’s just that simple. The cruelty will never end until greyhound racing is out of business.”
Gary E. Dungan,
Executive Director of The Humane Society of Tucson, Arizona

The natural life-span of a greyhound is about 14 years, but the lives of most of those in racing end at 2 years old.

Most greyhound owners and trainers, who are in the business to make a profit, are not prepared to pay the costs of allowing greyhounds to live out their natural lives.

There is just no way that good homes could ever be found for so many thousands of greyhounds every year. Greyhound racing inevitably leads to massive killing and suffering. The only real solution is its abolition.

Where does the greyhound racing industry get dogs?
Every year, the industry breeds tens of thousands of greyhounds, more than it can place at racetracks. This overbreeding is motivated by the desire to produce “winning” dogs.

Thousands of industry-bred puppies never make it to the track because they are deemed unsuitable for racing.

Greyhounds are not the only ones to suffer in races.

Each year, around 100 000 rabbits, cats, chickens and other small animals are used as live lure to teach young dogs to chase the artificial hare during the actual race.
They are usually killed by the dogs, but if they survive, they are then thrown to the dogs
who tear them apart or are left to die on top of their dead and dying fellows.
For each dog, at least 5 animals, mostly rabbits are killed in training. Less aggressive dogs are often placed in cages with a rabbit or other animal and are not released or fed until the dog kills the animal.

Some industries representatives argue that this activity enhance the dog’s racing ability because they will develop a “taste for blood”. But greyhounds’ inclination to run is instigated by a moving object and not the scent of blood. (See Parliamentary Debates)

When people think about Greyhounds racing, they believe it is a family-orientated sport, that the greyhounds love running on the track and that racing is for their own good. But behind this image is a much darker one.

People just don’t seem to wonder what happens to all these dogs once they cannot race anymore. With 30,000 dogs entering the race every year, it should make people raise some questions. Where are these dogs retiring?

Greyhound racing has little to do with dogs and everything to do with money.This is an industry that places profits above the health and welfare of greyhounds.

How many times have we heard people saying “I know some people who raise dogs for the racing, they really love their dogs”, yes the dog might be “well taken care of” if he is a winner or has good capacities, but what happens when he starts to perform less well or gets badly injured?
“Trainers love their dogs”, is a

sentence constantly repeated, but when questioned about the dogs that are shipped off to China and Spain regularly there is no reply.

As a consequence to racing, The greyhounds suffer a wide range of injuries including foot pad abrasions,ligament strains, leg fractures,broken bones, broken toes, and their muzzles further prevent them from nibbling at insects that land on them and from licking their own sores. Less common afflictions include spinal injuries, seizures, and death from cardiac arrest.

The dogs are a commercial product, and once it is determined that they don’t have value as a racer at a track, their days are numbered.

- Do not attend greyhound racing and never bet on a greyhound race. Better still, boycott bookmakers altogether as many greyhounds tracks are owned by the betting industry.

- Write to your T.D. and newspaper letter’s pages to express your disgust at this so called sport. Ask newspaper not to cover greyhound racing on their sport’s pages.

- Educate your friends, family and co-workers about the realities

of greyhound racing, and encourage them to boycott greyhound racing and betting.

- Consider volunteering your time or expertise to a local greyhound protection organization.

- Collect signatures for our petition to abolish greyhound racing.

- Adopt a greyhound. They make wonderful companion animals. Just ask any of the thousands of people who have adopted retired racers. These dogs are affectionate, gentle and loyal. It might take some dogs a little longer to trust people because they simply haven’t had as much human contact as some other breeds of dogs have.
Contact 088-2166922 for Sanctuary Details.

- Greyhounds are the oldest pure bred dog, dating back to the Pharoahs in ancient Egypt. Paintings inside the tombs of the Great Pyramids depict greyhounds.

- A law passed during the reign of King Canute stated “No mean person can keep any greyhounds”. It also stated that the destruction of a greyhound should carry the same capital punishment as the murder of a man.

- Many people who are allergic to dogs

are not allergic to greyhounds, due to their short sleek coat and skin type, which has more oil to it, thus less dandruff.

- Greyhounds are NOT guard dogs. They are even-tempered and good-natured and are inherently well-socialised. They love everybody.

- A retired racing greyhound will more than return the love and affection you give them. Few things in life are quite as satisfying as adopting one of these lovely dogs.

More info at :




Greyhound Action Ireland

P O Box 4734,
County Dublin,
Republic of Ireland

Tel / Fax: +353 1 864 2394

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