Animal Circuses Banned in County Finglas

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the May 14th, 2008

Fingal County Council outlaws (Wild) Animal Circuses

Fingal County Council, in North Dublin, has voted to outlaw circuses performing with acts which include wild animals. This is the first motion of its kind in the Republic of Ireland and is a big step towards getting rid of animal abuse and cruelty from circuses in this country.

The motion was proposed by Councilor Clare Daly of the Socialist Party. While Councilor Daly “would have been happier if it was all animals” she stated that “Unfortunately the motion was also amended to insert “wild” before animals. I argued against this, calling for a ban on circuses that used any animals”

However the motion to ban wild animals in circuses was passed unanimously on the 8th of October by the Council. This motion stated:“That Fingal County Council supports the introduction of by-laws or other measures which would ensure that circuses which use wild animals are prohibited from performing in any part of the local authority area in light of the well-documented evidence of

suffering endured by the animals involved and the serious animal welfare issues raised.”

Using animals in circuses is cruel. Circuses cannot provide animals with basic needs.

Circuses never stay in any place for long and may move from town to town a number of times a week. The animals will be carted around and left in trailers for long periods of time. Circuses are businesses and any concerns about catering for needs of animals will always come second to making money.

Even the best intentioned circus cannot provide the necessary space, stimulation or facilities for animals. This will lead to the condition that is so often seen in Irish circuses call “Circus Madness”.

The “training” of animals in circuses can be violent and brutal and involves the “breaking” of the

individual animal.
This is done by beating, hooking, stabbing, scaring and shouting.This will usually happen in the hidden winter quarters when the circus is off the road. This ensures that only the smiling face of the circus is seen by the public when on the road.

As further evidence of the growing intolerance to circus cruelty in Ireland, Belfast City Council implemented their ban on animal circuses by telling Circus Sydney that they must not bring animals when they perform at the council-owned Andersonstown Leisure Centre in Northern Ireland next year. This was a few days earlier to the successful motion in Fingal.

Plus, on 10th October 2007, Newtownabbey council in Antrim voted to ban animal circuses on council land, this decision will be ratified at a council meeting later in the month.
Circuses profiting off animal cruelty is coming to an end and the sooner the better.

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