Elephant Protest, South African Embassy

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by Glô! on the April 29th, 2008

Elephant Emergency! Ban on Elephant Cull Lifted!

ALiberation Press Release.
Activists will demand South Africa reconsider Elephant extermination.

As of 1st May, despite widespread international protests, the ban on culling of elephants as a “management practice” in South Africa has been lifted.

South Africa claims this is a “cull” (an often used euphemism for extermination) to protect the bio diversity of the region. With no proof that the elephants are causing damage nor any will to use more scientific and humane methods for environmental control, South Africa is proving again her real intentions.

South Africa has for years tried to overturn the CITIES ban on the ivory trade and are now trying to covertly restart the industry that is the very reason that elephants are endanger of being extinct.

Instead of methods including relocation, expanding park spaces, contraceptives and creating corridors between parks to allow more even population distribution, South Africa prefers to lift the ban on “culling”, putting the elephants on a death row.

As part of an international campaign to save the elephants, animal action group ALiberation will demonstrate outside the South African Embassy. With posters, leaflets and megaphone, activists will demand that South Africa reconsider banning this atrocity.

Time: 1pm - 3pm

When: Friday, 2nd May

Where: South African Embassy
Alexandra House, 2nd Floor,
Earlsfort Centre,
Earlsfort Terrace,
Dublin 2
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