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Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the March 22nd, 2008

Donegal, Fur Farm Capital of Ireland!!

Donegal can be the county to stop fur farms throughout Ireland.

Fur Free Campaigners in Donegal Town will demand an end to Irish fur farms this Saturday. With Leaflets, Posters, Banners, and a display representing the fur trade, activists will highlight the horrible suffering found on fur farms.

The fur industry is one of the cruelest industries in the world. Unfortunately, Minister Mary Coughlan has allowed County Donegal to become known as the fur farm capital of Ireland.

Donegal has this reputation for three reasons:

Unbelievably, over 170,000 foxes and minks are locked up and killed each year in the Republic of Ireland. The animals are packed into small wire mesh cages for their entire lives, often there will be more than one animal to a cage. They will never be allowed outside for exercise. This unnatural caged life results in the animals developing “Stereotypies”, which is a polite way of saying insanity.

When the foxes and minks are finally taken out of the barren cages to be killed the methods chosen to kill the animals are selected so as not to damage the pelts rather than for animal welfare reasons. Foxes are killed by anal electrocution, by placing an electrode in their mouth and another in their anus and then their internal organs are fried alive.
Minks are suffocated to death by Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide.

They are crammed 50 to 70 minks into a gassing box.
A veterinarian is not needed to kill the animals and does not have to be present when the animals are killed.

The fur farms in Ireland are not farms but instead factories and all of them are run by limited companies.

Spokesperson for ALiberation, Edmund Long said “There are few industries crueler or more useless than the fur industry. Nobody needs to wear fur except the animal the fur belonged to” “At present there is an Animal Welfare Bill being drafted by Minister Mary Coughlan’s own department, the Department of Agriculture. This bill has the power to end fur farming in Ireland. We would urge everyone to write to Minister Coughlan and the other TD’s in their own constituencies asking for an end to this mindless cruelty.”

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