Duffies Circus Protests, 14th to 22nd July 2012

Posted in General news, ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the July 29th, 2012

A Week of Action at Duffy’s Circus.

Tom Duffy’s Circus were in Clontarf , Dublin, recently boasting “more animals than ever,” even on their lorries.

Over a week of twice-a-day demonstrations ensued from 14th - 22nd July organised by ALiberation but which owed so much to every person who came out and showed their support.

The reaction from the public was heartwarming. People in cars beeped their horns in support and pedestrians stopped and asked questions. One highlight was a bus driver parking up on the side of the busy road, crossing the road to offer a donation to the campaigners.

Animals should not be in circuses and these demonstrations wanted to make this point and highlight the reasons.
Every time the circus used animals in their show demonstrators outside it were talking to people explaining what circuses like Duffy’s do to animals. The process of producing “animal performers” is truly brutal and involves four stages, taming, training, rehearsal, and public

performance. The paying public only ever see the last part of this process and remain ignorant of the brutality needed to make animals do unnatural tricks and movements. From an animal rights view, this means that the tigers, lions, dogs, horses, llamas, alpacas, donkey and a snake all have their rights violated.
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