Submission to ban fur farming.

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Send in Submission to ban fur farms in Ireland

Please send in a submission asking to ban fur farms in Ireland before the 31/12/2011.

The Dept of Agriculture are currently looking for submissions. Send it into the email address or by post to Animal Health and Welfare (Ref: Fur Farming Submissions), Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, 4 Centre, Agriculture House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
The submission may be as basic as asking for a ban or as detailed as you wish.

Notice from the Dept of Agriculture:

“Fur Farming Review
The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, has established a Review Group in his Department to review all aspects of fur farming. The Terms of Reference are:

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Fur Farming, Timeline.

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Timeline of Incidents - Fur Farm Ban 2011.

ALiberation have compiled a series of incidents that has happened in relation to the proposed ban of fur farming since the current government has come into office. Each incident raises serious question marks about the intentions of the decision makers.

May 2011:
The current government stated in relation to the Animal Health and Welfare Bill that the “purpose of the bill” was “to consolidate and update existing legislation in the areas of animal health and welfare, including the repeal of several extant statutes, the responsibility for the welfare of all animals within the Department and to ban fur farming”.

This statement is included at the “Bills in respect of which heads have been agreed and texts are being drafted” stage of the “Government Legislation Programme” This stage is also referred to as “Section B” [1].

June 2nd 2011:
Any questions about banning fur farms are now met with a vague statement about “fur farming is being examined in the context of the ongoing drafting of the Bill.”

This becomes the standard response to any queries about fur farms “It is my intention to publish the Animal Health & Welfare Bill this year. However, as the Deputy will be aware the Bill is a complex one and will require extensive work in conjunction with the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel to complete the required legal drafting. Once a complete draft is available I intend to publish the Bill. The issue of fur farming is being examined in the context of the ongoing drafting of the Bill“. [2].


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Fur Farms, Press Release 20/12/2011.

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Fur Farming Ban,
U-Turn by Stealth?

Since the current government has taken office a series of incidents regarding the fur farm ban have occurred which the Ministers responsible have not explained despite requested to do so. Each incident casts a question mark over the intentions of this government.

Spokesperson for the group, Jim Walsh said “Looking at the trend of events, the only conclusion we can draw is that there is an attempt to block the ban of fur farming. Basic questions are not being answered by the Minister about what has happened since he has come to office. Why have these questions gone unanswered?”

Jim Walsh further said “There is a trend of events that drives a wedge between the Fur Farming Ban and the Animal Health and Welfare Bill. First, the wording is dropped; Secondly Minister McEntee wants to give guarantees to the fur farmers in person; Thirdly, the incompatible dates of the submissions with the expected publication of the Bill; And Finally the lack of any answers about why all of these things have happened.

Is this government about to perform a U-Turn and try to block the fur farming ban by stealth?”

He continued “Fur farming is a symptom of how we view other animals. Fur farming is a symptom of speciesism. Nobody needs to wear animal fur. The fur industry involves caging animals for their whole miserable existence until they are then killed for their skins.”

Right now it’s legal to have fur farms in Ireland. What that incorrectly suggests is that the people of Ireland think it’s more important to have a fashion item than bother about the lives and pain of all these animals. But that’s not what the public thinks. We expect that elected public representatives will represent the public in this matter. Fur farming is an animal rights violation, it is cruel and the majority of people want it to stop.


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Vegan Christmas Bingo, Sunday 11th December 2011

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Bingo Vegan Christmas

Bingo, Vegan Food, Prizes, Board Games, Poker, Christmas decorations, great fireplace and of course absolutely great company. “Vegan Ireland” are hosting another great event. This time it’s “Christmas Bingo” and it will take place on Sunday December 11th at 6.30pm

When:Sunday, 11th December
Time: 6.30pm.
Price: 5euros.
Contact: Vegan Ireland, .
Where: Central Hotel, 1 Exchequer St, Dublin 2

The event will be hosted in the function room of the Central Hotel (first floor) and the night will kick off with an hour of Bingo and prizes for the winners before moving on to a delicious vegan snack and then winding down with board-games and poker (depending on your choice) or just relaxing and chatting with the bingo happy crowd.

It is Christmas so wear a Christmas themed vegan item. So Elf it up or chill with a Snowman!!!

Entrance fee will include a vegan snack and 1 Bingo Card per game. More bingo cards will be available for sale. Any money left over will go towards material for Vegan Ireland.
It is essential to RSVP either to this email address or through Facebook so we have an idea of

the numbers attending and can organize the catering accordingly. The event is open to everyone interested in veganism.
For any specific dietary requirements, please contact us and we will try our very best to accommodate you.
Start getting ready and spread the word for what will be the funniest and most coloured vegan Christmas event of the year!!!! Until then, 66….Clickety Click.

Bunch of useful links: | Vegan Ireland Facebook.

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