Banner drop, O’Connell St, 27/09/11

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Fur Factory Farming in Ireland – Still not Banned!

ALibertion held a giant banner stating “Ban Irish Fur Farms!” over the O’Connell Bridge in Dublin on 27/09/2011.

Most if not all the animals used in Ireland are exploited for our pleasure, convenience or tradition. In other words there is no good reason why we use animals. Fur factory farms are one of the more obvious symptoms of this.

Why is it still not banned?

Ask your government why 200,000 more Minks, Red Foxes and Arctic Foxes will be killed by poisonous gas and anal electrocution over the next few months in Ireland. Why these animals are caged for their entire

life suffering deprivation. Or simply ask “When will fur factory farming become banned in Ireland?”
Please also send any replies you receive to .

For a full list of contact details of TD’s, Senators and MEP’s please see here:

Sample letter:
Dear Deputy/Senator/MEP,
When will fur factory farming become banned in Ireland?
Yours Sincerely,
Your Name Here.

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