ALiberation News of the Week, April 2010

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News of the Week

Please read articles below:

Video: Hare Dying in Hare Coursing!
A video shows behind the scenes footage of a hare dying in the Hare Coursing Finals in Clonmel, Co Tipperary 2010. The material released by the Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS) shows a hare struggling for life. This once again is a case of the crucial interests of many animals ignored for the amusement of humans.
Article 1.

The Ban Irish Fur Farms Campaign reaches 10,000 letters!
Senator Dan Boyle received letters to ban fur factory farming on behalf of the Green Party. This is 10,000 more letters voicing the support to end this industry in Ireland.
Article 2.

A Shock of Reality.
French TV have broadcast a show that is part reality TV show and part experiment. It involves unsuspecting contestants giving an electric shock to a person strapped to a chair. The voltage rises each time till it rises to 460V. Only 19% of the contestants refuse. What does this say about the things we do to non human animals?
Article 4.

3 Court Cases, 3 Vindications. Part 1
3 Court Cases, 3 Vindications. Robert Å evcik has had been arrested and dragged through the courts 3 times when he was educating the public about animal exploitation and in particular the fur trade outside of Barnardo Furriers. He broke no laws and each time he has walked free.
Article 5.

A Camera that Saw too much.
A Camera that saw too much. Robert had a camcorder on the day he was arrested. He filmed more on the day of his arrest than some may have wished he filmed. In particular, a Garda Inspector!
Article 7.

ALiberation now on facebook!
ALiberation is now on Facebook. If you’d like to follow the latest Vegan and Animal Rights news in Ireland then sign up.
Article 6.

Upcoming events

Fur Free Event.
Every Saturday afternoon, from 2pm.
Information Table on the Fur Industry and Veganism.
Beside the Molly Malone statue, Dublin 2.

Stop Greyhound Racing Event.
Shelbourne Greyhound Track.
Every Thursday and Saturday.
7.10pm till 8.10pm.

The links provided in this email do not necessarily share the views of ALiberation but are instead provided for educational purposes.

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Become a fan of ALiberation

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ALiberation now on facebook!

Are you one of the 350 million Facebook members ?
Become a fan and get the latest Vegan & Animal Rights news in Ireland!
ALiberation is a Dublin based Animal Rights group.


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Video: Hare Dying in Hare Coursing! A.O.H.S

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Video: Hare Dying in Hare Coursing!

A video showing what happens behind the scenes at the flagship event of “Hare Coursing” at Clonmel, Co Tipperary 2010, was released by the Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS). The video shows a dying hare.

The video also shows hares chased and hounded by 2 greyhounds for the amusement of spectators. The second part of the video shows a hare in his final moments. The hare lies on his side dying in a pen with other hares; then the hare convulses his body into the most awful retching ways. In between this he flips himself 360 degrees before lying down on his side again to die. What this hare must have endured is anybody’s guess.

This hares last moments are spasms. He was kidnapped from the wild where he lived his life and placed into an alien environment so he could be used as bait for 2 greyhounds. This happens each year at coursing tracks up and down the country. Why do we value other animals so little? Hare coursing is a rights

The reason why coursing continues is for mindless entertainment. The coursers will argue also that it is a tradition. In Spain they use the same arguments for Bull fighting and no doubt the Coursing industry would be happy to support Bull fighting if the Bull fighting industry will support them.


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Barnardo Furriers court case fails again. Part 2.

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A Camera that Saw
too much.

Read Part 1: 3 Court Cases, 3 Vindications.

So what did Robert catch on his walkabout on the 15th of November? After the demonstration had ended and Barnardo Furriers was closed, Robert pointed his camera at a man who was plainly dressed and standing in front of the shutters of the closed shop. This man was facing to where the activists were now tidying up their posters. This man was facing the activists with a video camera of his own and recording each of them in turn. This man was Inspector McMenamin of Pearse St Garda station and he was collecting intelligence undercover on the activists. By his own admission he was the senior Garda there that day over Sgt Lynch and at least 2 other Gardai.

When Robert was approached by Sgt Lynch, the Sergeant told Robert he didn’t ask for permission to photograph. In court however, Sgt Lynch ignores this and sticks to the line that he hopes will convict Robert. This is that he had allegedly received a complaint from Marie Corbett that Robert had screamed into her face. The Sgt claims he went over to Robert and allegedly

explained this complaint to Robert. The Sergeant also claimed that he quoted section 6 (the law he alleges the complaint fell under) of the Public Orders Act to Robert, and also the immigration act (Identification), along with the penalties attached.

The Sgt. also said that Marie Corbett had identified Robert and the Sgt. then walked over to Robert before arresting him. Robert however had filmed these two together and also filmed the Sgt. leave and walk away from Robert. Marie Corbett swore she saw the Sgt. go over and talk to Robert. Robert’s camera says differently. Robert had recorded this interaction between Marie Corbett and Sgt Lynch and this showed the Sgt. walk away from Robert not towards him.


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Barnardo Furriers court case fails again. Part 1

Posted in General news by ALib on the April 2nd, 2010

3 Court Cases, 3 Vindications. Part 1

Robert Å evcik, an animal rights activist, has previously attended and still does attend the weekly ALiberation supported demonstration to inform the public about animal rights and speciesism (discrimination against animals), to end the fur trade and to end Barnardo Furriers exploitation of animals. It is a fundamental right to protest and this is recognized by the Irish Constitution and European Convention of Human Rights.

On the 15th of November 2008 Robert walked about the area of this event without taking part. He did so with a camera. A camera that recorded a lot more that day than some may have liked.

On that day Robert was pulled to the ground by 3 Gardai, handcuffed, arrested and hauled down to Pearse St Garda station. Sergeant Eamon Lynch, badge no. B8, claims that Robert failed to identify himself under 2 different laws. Two separate laws to do essentially the same thing.

This was not the first time this has happened to Robert at this demonstration (see links attached at bottom of article). When the hearing that followed from this arrest appeared in court, the charges were dismissed, just like all of the other times.
The court case that followed this arrest involved 7 days in court over 15 months before it was concluded on the 3rd of February 2010. It has been noted by many how an arrest, court dates and general harassment is used as a way to discourage activists from campaigning.

These things never exist in a vacuum and will spread out beyond the day of the demonstration into the life of the activists. Jobs are affected, tensions arise in relationships and good names are smeared. This is a stressful thing to happen to anyone.

When Robert was arrested once more, his rights were again systematically stripped from him. Not only was his freedom taken from him; not only was his dignity stolen in a public spectacle for all to see as Gardai kneed him into the pavement, but Sgt. Lynch also deprived Robert of access to a 600 metre diametre area of Dublin City Centre for nearly 6 months.


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