The Ban Irish Fur Farms Campaign reaches 10,000 letters!

Posted in Fur News by Cif on the March 31st, 2010

1200 letters were signed last month at the ALiberation information stall (every saturday, from 2pm to 5pm).

600 of them (for John Gormley, Minister for Environment), were given to Senator Dan Boyle, at the Green party Annual Convention, Waterford on Saturday 27th March 2010.

Senator Dan Boyle was the man who proposed the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill 2004 which was sadly defeated by the government at the time despite the vast majority of people supporting a ban. All opposition parties also supported this bill.

The letters urge that legislation be passed to ban fur factory farms in Ireland as soon as possible as promised in the Programme for Government agreed by the present government of the Green Party and Fianna Fail and some independents.

It brings the amount of letters recorded to a total of 10,050 letters since June 08. Many more were sent in without being counted.

Thank you for taking the time to sign the letters on saturday!


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The Milgram Experiment & our treatment of nonhuman animals.

Posted in General news by ALib on the March 26th, 2010

A Shock of Reality.

The idea is simple but the results disturbing…

On French TV channel France 2, 80 people who believed they were contestants in a reality TV show are directed to give electric shocks to a man strapped into a chair because he gives wrong answers. The voltage continues to rise till it gets to 460V. The man in the electric chair’s reactions also rises in intensity from a whimper, to screams of agony until finally total silence. Only 16 of the 80 people refuse. The results help to understand why humans do what we do to other humans and also why we do what we do to non humans.

Filmed like any game show, with a host, an audience, stage, film crew, lights and of course the contestants, the one difference is that it is more experiment than show. The person who is believed to be receiving shocks is in fact an actor. The purpose is to see how far the people who believe they are giving shocks will go.

The show was inspired by the Stanley Milgram experiments in

Yale University in the 1960’s where people were tested to see what they would do under the direction of a person dressed in a white coat.

Just like the French show “Le jeu de la mort” (The Game of Death), the people involved in the Milgram Experiment were directed to give electric shocks to another person, progressively increasing the shock level until they reached 450V.
In Milgram’s experiment the result was that 65% of the people would continue giving shocks. On the French TV show, this figure rises to 81%.


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Human Rights Scandal in Austria, Support Demo.

Posted in General news by ALib on the March 3rd, 2010

Austrian Activists Case begins on 2nd of March.

Activists in Ireland joined activists worldwide in supporting those in Austria and asking that those arrested are vindicated.
Both ALiberation and AFAR supported the event in Dublin highlighting this human rights scandal in Austria by holding posters and banners. A letter was also sent to the Austrian Ambassador.
View the pictures of the event: Vegaplanet Gallery.

In May 2008, 23 houses of Animal campaigners were stormed by armed Austrian Police wearing hoods, breaking down doors at 6am forcing people out of bed.

This broke the search warrant on many occasions. For example, the Austrian courts say that search warrants must name the wanted objects and give the occupants the chance to give them over. A house search must also have concrete suspicions of illegal activity.

Four Animal organizations had their offices and storehouses raided. These organisations were brought to a standstill. One organization, the Verein Gegen Tierfabriken (VGT), had 10 years of work gathering information about animal exploitation taken despite the leading prosecutor saying that the VGT are accused of nothing. The Austrian police

took computers, photos, video material.
No Animal organization was mentioned on the search warrant. The raided organizations all worked peacefully but very effectively.


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Simon O’Dwyer, Kilkenny, charged with animal cruelty. Part 2.

Posted in General news by ALib on the March 3rd, 2010

Breeder Jailed for “Animal Cruelty”. Part 2.

Read Part 1.

The so called Animal Welfare laws are terrible in Ireland and enforcing them is equally difficult. But more than this these laws depend on viewing all non human animals as property. This results in a situation whereby the offenders, the O’Dwyers, are viewed as property owners and their victims, the horses, cows and dogs, are viewed as property. Property holders have rights to protect them but property has no meaningful rights to protect their crucial interests. This is the law of the land.

The horses and cattle are also viewed as a means to an end. A human end. These animals are not valued as having worth to themselves but instead are valued according to what benefit they can give humans or their property owners. For example, the horses who were seized from the O’Dwyers were more than likely “retrained” for other human uses.

The IHWT, who was responsible for rehoming most of the horses, talks openly about the “reschooling” of the horses for other human benefits. The

Independent ran a feature about how one of the seized horses is now a show horse entering competitions. The cows were destined to end up as somebody else’s meal.

This is the backdrop that we expect justice for non human animals. Unlike human cases of rights violations, the courts do not recognize non human animals as rights holders. Our society views the O’Dwyers as members of our society but views the horses and cattle as a “thing” to be ridden or eaten. Why would there ever be justice?

On Simon O’Dwyer’s farms the unfortunate animals were found starved, neglected, injured and dead.


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Simon O’Dwyer, Kilkenny, charged with animal cruelty. Part 1.

Posted in General news by ALib on the March 3rd, 2010

Breeder Jailed for “Animal Cruelty”. Part 1.

Simon O’Dwyer from Kilkenny, a horse breeder (including Thorough-bred or inbred horses) and cattle breeder, was jailed for 23 months and ordered to pay costs of €5,300 after pleading guilty to 4 counts of animal cruelty and 3 counts of failure to remove the bodies of dead animals between January – December 2009. He was also banned from owning any animals when the sentence was passed on the 6th of Feb 2010.

The Irish Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) said “this is one of the worst cases of equine neglect and cruelty the ISPCA has dealt with in recent years” and they described the guilty pleas as a landmark. The Judge described it as an appalling case of animal cruelty.

Is this justice at work? No and for a number of reasons but predominantly because the rights of these animals are ignored and they are instead seen as property. This is highlighted below but first we will see what happened on the O’Dwyer farms and when.

This was the second time that Simon O’Dwyer was convicted under Animal Welfare laws for animal cruelty and failure to remove bodies of dead animals. In the first case Simon O’Dwyer was fined €22,500 and given a 4 month suspended prison sentence which was to be invoked if he reoffended. This sentence was passed on the 4th of October 2007. His son who was also

charged in the latter case but decided to flee the country was given a similar sentence for the first case. Simon O’Dwyer also attempted to flee before being arrested.

28 horses were found starving and neglected along with the dead bodies of a further 4 horses on the 23rd of December 2006 on lands rented by the O’Dwyers. On this day and the next 3 days more horses were killed by the attending Veterinary Surgeon when the horses were unable to move from the ground. The surviving horses were then taken into care by the Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT).


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Finnish Fur Farm Investigation, Action Alert

Posted in Fur News by ALib on the March 3rd, 2010

Finnish Fur Farms, Action Alert

On Friday 26th of February 2010, activists held a demonstration outside of the Embassy of Finland in Dublin Ireland calling for in particular the end to Finnish fur factory farms but also highlighting speciesism and animal rights.
View the pictures of the event: Vegaplanet Gallery.

A representative from the Finnish embassy came out to meet the activists and agreed to pass on a letter addressed to Ambassador Pertti Majanen from the animal rights group ALiberation. This gentleman chatted for some time with the activists as they explained their position to him.

Recent undercover footage (Click on left list to view each fur factory farm) released from inside Finnish fur factory farms have revealed once more the reality of animals exploited for their fur. This investigation was carried out by the animal advocacy groups Oikeutta Eläimille and Animal Defenders International (ADI) in over 7 months in 2009.

Over 1500 pictures and 7 hours of video footage taken on 30 fur factory farms captured the existence foxes and minks are forced to endure for this repressive industry. Foxes and minks are also exploited on Irish fur factory farms.

The fur industry is built upon animal exploitation and upon ignoring their crucial rights and crucial interests. Nobody needs to wear the skin of an animal to live except the animal who was born with this skin.

Animals are caged for life without escaping for exercise and will never feel the earth beneath their paws. Their imprisoned world is seen through wire mesh. This results in psychotic behaviour from constant repression of their basic behavioural needs, cannibalism, self mutilation and disease. This is the same in fur factory farms across the world. Ireland is the same as Finland where over 3million non human animals are murdered each year for the frivolous desires of humans.

Please send a letter to the Finnish Ambassador to Ireland (Sample letter) and the Irish Minister of Agriculture (Sample letter) demanding a ban to the fur trade in their respective countries. Details are on the sample letters. Please see the video footage and report from the undercover Finnish investigation. (See links).


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