Barnardos Furriers Court Case dismissed, Part 2.

Posted in General news by ALib on the January 29th, 2010

Witnesses who swear to tell the truth should do so!

Animal Rights asks for the rights of all animals to be respected including humans.
Robert Å evcik was arrested when he highlighted the rights violations within the fur industry to the passing public, he then needed to highlight the rights violations he himself endured to a judge of court.

Read Part 1: Unlawful Arrest.

On Roberts first appearance in court, this case was not listed and Robert was assured by his solicitor at the time that this case was now done and dusted.

This case then does not reappear until another allegation is brought to court on the 18/03/2009, over 5 months after the date of this cases arrest. This on its own should have seen the end of this case.

After this point both cases travel together until the first day of this hearing on the 13/11/2009 at which point they are given separate hearing dates. This is not the only thing that links both of these cases together. A mysterious Garda Inspector appears in both and is very prominent in Robert’s next court case.

The Garda who claimed the arrest is Garda David Walsh, badge number B577. Officially, he was one of three witnesses on the side of the prosecution whereby one of them did not show up at the hearing. This witness was Sergeant Costello and he had pushed another protester that day and was in fact the arresting Garda, both points accepted by the judge.

One third of the evidence presented by the prosecution to Robert prior to the hearing was a sworn statement from this Sergeant. This sworn statement held major contradictions to the stories of the witnesses who did appear for the prosecution. But because the Sergeant did not appear, the judge could not allow the sworn statement to be used, thus maiming Robert in his defense.

The other witness at the hearing was Caroline Barnardo, proprietor of Barnardo Furriers.

When Caroline Barnardo took to the witness box, she swore that she would do anything to protect her staff and customers. This campaign has held events weekly for over 3 years at Barnardo Furriers, they are always attended by Gardai except for very rare occasions.


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Barnardos Furriers Court Case dismissed, Part 1.

Posted in General news by ALib on the January 29th, 2010

Unlawful Arrest.

Animal Rights asks for the rights of all animals to be respected including humans.
Robert Å evcik was arrested when he highlighted the rights violations within the fur industry to the passing public, he then needed to highlight the rights violations he himself endured to a judge of court.

As part of the ALiberation supported animal rights fur campaign, Robert Å evcik helped to educate the public about animal rights and the exploitation of animals by our society on the 11th of November 2008. Part of this included a focus to end the fur trade and fur factory farming within Ireland where animals’ crucial interests and rights are continuously overlooked in favour of fickle fashion desires and profits for shops just like the fur shop, Barnardo Furiers at 108 Grafton St in Dublin, where Robert campaigned. Minks and foxes on fur factory farms are caged for life, psychically mutilate themselves, develop psychotic conditions and are then killed. On a day that Robert called for these animals rights to be respected, he bizarrely had his own stripped away.
Robert was arrested and taken to Pearse Garda station by An Garda Siochana. Robert broke no law and committed no crime.
On the 7th of December 2009, Robert had all charges against him dismissed in the Richmond court in Dublin on a hearing that lasted over 7 hours and went into a second day.
This is the second time Robert has had charges against him dismissed; both times from protests at the same shop.


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Hare Coursing Protest, 3rd Feb 2010

Posted in Events by ALib on the January 29th, 2010

Hare Coursing Protest

The Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AHOS) and the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS) have organized a demonstration to highlight what Hare Coursing in Ireland is really about and to have it banned.

The event will take place at the Hare Coursing’s main event in Clonmel.
There is a bus organized, so if you are interested please see the contacts below.
If attending please highlight the violation of rights and the exploitation of both hares and greyhounds who are both victims of hare coursing.

Hares are kidnapped from their homes in the wild and are held captive in a pen with other non solitary hares for about a month before they are used for hare coursing. They are then “trained” and used as prey for 2 speeding greyhounds who hunt them down. They will be forced to endure stress, mauling, being tossed into the air, severe injuries and/or death among other things.

Greyhounds are used to hunt down the hapless hares. They

compete with each other to catch the hare. All this for the cheap trills of humans.

When the greyhounds become too old or slow, they become “disposable”. The greyhounds are subject to many of the same exploitations as the dogs in the greyhound racing industry.


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“Sweet” Vegan Home Bakery.

Posted in Vegan stuff by Glô! on the January 29th, 2010

Sweet… Cupcakes

“Sweet” is a Vegan Home based made to order cupcake and cake bakery in Dublin, Ireland.

We have made a few changes to the interview we had with Glauce, who runs Sweet.

Their cupcakes are no longer available in Govindas.
From now on, if you want to taste these absolutely amazing cakes, any order can be made by contacting directly Sweet.

Sweet also bake big orders, for birthday parties, wedding parties, etc.

For more info on Sweet, read our interview with Glauce.

Contact Details:


Phones: 01 865 1951 | 087 930 3766
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The life of a horse in Ireland

Posted in General news by ALib on the January 29th, 2010

Horses drowned, starved and abandoned.

When an animal is viewed as a piece of property like a car or a table it’s easier to get rid of them especially when this so called property costs money to keep.
Five separate examples involving horses over ten days made the news and shocked their readers.

In Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland a pony was forced out onto a frozen canal where he crashed through the ice and drowned. The pony was one of a number of ponies who were led out by youths onto the Grand Canal at the Nangor Road, just under the M50 flyover at Parkwest.
The pony had a broken leg which DSPCA inspectors cannot say if it broke during the pony’s final moments or if this was in fact the reason the youths brought the pony onto the ice as a cheap way to kill the pony.

A second case found at least four horses starved to death and another ten ponies or horses have been found abandoned without food or shelter at the former Blarney Golf course, Cork in conditions described as “emaciated”. Emaciation means very thin and is the expected look of a starving animal; it is caused by starvation or disease.

A third case in Finglas, Dublin discovered a horse who had been moved by 6 men and covered in straw and left to die in a field. A group of teenagers came later and tried to set fire to the horse in broad daylight. In the same field and surrounding fields a further 12 horses were left with no evidence of food or water.

2 dead horses were located in Fonthill, Dublin, again totally “emaciated” on the 12th of January. 86 other horses were in the same field “in various states of distress”.

And the final example of another emaciated horse was put down by the DSPCA on the 21st of January. This horse was from Damastown, Dublin.

Before Christmas a dead Shetland pony and a dead foal were found at two separate sites in BallyBeg, Waterford.
And also before Christmas, 16 horses (some in foal) and 46 cows were killed due to conditions in 2 farms at Mullinavat and Mullinabeg in Kilkenny. Both owned by the same farmer, Simon O’Dwyer.

The DSPCA is reported in the Hearld as saying they expect 1,000 horses to die this winter, with 100 “abandoned” in Dunsink alone. 6 had died the week before and just before Christmas there was a dead horse in the canal at Blackhorse. The DSPCA only operates in Dublin.

The lack of food and shelter and the cost of keeping a horse alive are reasons suggested for this ruthless behaviour.


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