News of the Week, Nov 09, week 4

Posted in Dossier / News of the Week by ALib on the November 25th, 2009

News of the Week

Please read articles below:

What is the difference between Legal and Illegal Cruelty?
A dog is burned alive in Dublin and the newspapers rightly condemn this act of cruelty; A cow is barbecued but nothing is said. Both were done for amusement. How many steps would our society need to take to deem it acceptable to burn a dog for pleasure?
Article 1.

A Direct Affront.
Interview with Patty Mark re Open Rescue.
Patty Mark is often credited with being one of the first activists to Rescue animals without concealing their identities. So why do it? And what is to be gained? An interview by Abolitionist On-Line with Patty Mark
Article 3.

Shoes made from Cork.
Wooden Shoes and they’re not from the Netherlands but instead from the respected Vegetarian Shoes in England. Made from Cork, this is another example of materials used for footwear that do not use animals products.
Article 2.

Mislabeling of Fur Continues…
More shops have been caught selling animal fur but mislabeling it as something else. A lot of the time the shops don’t even realize it till it’s pointed out to them. Another sneaky trick by the fur industry…
Article 4.

Upcoming events
Fur Free Event.
Every Saturday afternoon.
Information Table on the Fur Industry and Veganism.
Protest outside Barnardos Furrier.
Beside the Molly Malone statue, Dublin 2.

Stop Greyhound Racing Event.
Shelbourne Greyhound Track.
Every Thursday and Saturday.
7.10pm till 8.10pm.

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Animal Cruelty Case

Posted in General news by Glô! on the November 17th, 2009

What is the difference between legal and illegal cruelty?

A dog was doused in petrol, set on fire and then tossed over a wall two weekends ago in Finglas, Dublin. The dog shrieked in agony while in flames before running across a road where a local man used a shovel to kill him.

The DSPCA Ambulance driver Gillian Duffy said “this is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that we have ever had the misfortune to see”.

What kind of personality could do this to a fellow animal? To deliberately inflict physically pain, to deliberately inflict psychological pain, to consciously ignore what this dog would have to endure, to disregard totally what is in the interests of this dog and to explicitly violate his rights.

What could possibly motivate someone to do this? To go out of their way to catch a dog, to get petrol, to put that petrol on this dog, ignite the petrol and finally throw the dog over a wall? This can only be guessed at, but it

would appear that it was for a few moments of sick entertainment. A sick pleasure.

As an insight into the personality of the person who set fire to the dog, Orla Aungier from the DSPCA implies that whoever did this violence to this dog may one day commit violence to humans.


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Cork Shoes from Vegetarian Shoes

Posted in Vegan stuff by ALib on the November 17th, 2009

Shoes made from Cork

Vegetarian Shoes have launched a new line of shoes made from Cork; proving once again the variety of shoes out there that do not depend on animal products.

This must be the shoe for every Corkonian who has county pride. You can take the Shoe out of Cork but you can’t take the Cork out of the Shoe.

The shoe is described as “Innovative, finely sliced, real cork, backed onto a breathable fabric backer made into a unisex casual lace-up shoe. Made on a good fitting last, with padded insole, tongue, and collar for comfort. Lined throughout.Very grippy sole pattern with cork particles moulded into the ‘caramel’ rubber.”

Each pair has a slightly different design, due to the nature of Cork.

The innovative shoe comes from the highly respected shoe manufacturers Vegetarian Shoes. A company who was established in England in 1990 and has come a long way since. They are often credited as being “the original animal friendly footware”.

The factories where Vegetarian Shoes are manufactured all operate within EU employment laws. As Vegetarian Shoes say “It is our company practice that the shoes be as people-friendly, as well as [non human] animal-friendly as possible.”

If you’re not interested in wooden shoes, then don’t despair, check out their wide collection on the links below; from shoes, boots, jackets, hiking boots, belts and more for both men and women this company has something for all tastes.

More Info:

  • Ariel Shoe (Cork): Vegetarian Shoes.
  • Website: Vegetarian Shoes.
  • Info on leather: Nonhuman Skin.
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    Ban Irish Fur Factory Farms Campaign

    Posted in Fur News by Cif on the November 12th, 2009

    1500 Letters Sent
    This week

    1500 letters were signed last 6 months at the ALiberation information stall (every saturday, from 2pm to 5.30pm).

    Letters were sent by registered post to the Department of Agriculture and other Parties this week, to support a ban on Irish Fur Farms.

    It brings us to a total of 7650 letters since June 08.

    Thank you for taking the time to sign the letters on saturday!


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    News of the Week, Nov 09, week 2

    Posted in Dossier / News of the Week by ALib on the November 11th, 2009

    News of the Week

    Please read articles below:

    7,000 Badgers killed in 2008 (Action Alert).
    In 2008, 7,000 Badgers were killed for “scientific research”. Badger Watch Ireland are calling on the Minister of the Envirnment to stop this immediately. Please send a letter or email to the contacts in the article below.
    Article 1.

    Interview with Donald Watson.
    Donald Watson and some friends founded the Vegan Society in 1944. In 2002, Donald Watson was interviewed by the Vegan Society. Sadly Donald Watson recently passed away in 2005 at the age of 95. This was one of the last interviews he conducted.
    Article 2.

    Being Vegan in 1944.
    What would it be like to be a vegan in 1944?
    In 1944, the first edition of Vegan News was published by the then recently launched Vegan Society. Below is a link to this newsletter.
    Article 3.

    Swansea Greyhound Racing Track closed.
    Another Greyhound Track closes in Britain. It’s owner pleaded guilty to keeping greyhounds in poor conditions. This was the second last Greyhound Track in Wales.

    Vegan Week Sat 31st Oct 2009.
    AFAR held a vegan information table and distributed leaflets on Earl St in Dublin City Centre to celebrate the 4th annual World Go Vegan Week.

    Turkeys and PR stunt confusion.
    The newpapers say live Turkeys were going to be thrown from a 100ft tower by a hotel owner called Joe Mahon. Mr. Mahon says he was using toy Turkeys. But many including AFAR believe Mr. Mahon backed down under pressure.

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    Use of Turkeys for publicity Stunt

    Posted in General news by ALib on the November 11th, 2009

    Turkeys and PR stunt confusion

    A hotel owner was reported by multiple newspapers as planning to throw 50 live turkeys from a 100ft tower as part of a publicity stunt.

    When confronted about this, Joe Mahon the owner of Mahon Hotel in Fermanagh, said: “there was never any intention of throwing live turkeys off the tower, it doesn’t state anywhere in the original articles that the turkeys are Live, the turkeys that we were using for the stunt are in fact toy turkeys (not Live).”

    However what Mr. Mahon means by “original articles” is confusing as the phrase “live turkeys” is used in the Impartial Reporter and the Belfast Telegraph.

    In fact the newspaper reports quote Mr. Mahon further as saying “We’re going to march the turkeys up the steps of the town clock and throw them off the top to see if they can fly. It’s not

    cruel because turkeys are supposed to be able to fly like all birds, so if they can then what’s the problem?”
    And “I’ll be throwing some of the turkeys off the tower myself, no bother, and Santa Claus will be at the bottom holding a safety blanket and will be ready to catch the turkeys if they don’t fly.”


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    Badger killing, Contact the Green Party

    Posted in General news by ALib on the November 11th, 2009

    7000 badgers killed
    in 2008

    The conservation group Badger Watch Ireland is calling on the Minister of the Environment John Gormley to stop immediately the killing of badgers for their alledged role in the spread of bovine TB.

    7,000 badgers were killed in 2008 under the guise of “scientific research” by the Government.

    Badgers are often blamed for spreading the disease Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) without concrete evidence. In fact the opposite is the case here. Although 7,000 badgers were killed in 2008, probably the highest figure ever in Ireland, the amount of cattle who tested positive for Bovine TB rose to 30,000, an increase over the previous six years according to Badger Watch Ireland.

    This is an all too familiar case of animals living in their natural habitat, being blamed and killed when they are alleged to interfere with how ourselves as humans wish to kill other animals for economic reasons. Cows are

    the other animals here. Whether or not the badgers are killed, one thing will remain certain; the cows will be killed until we can stop looking upon them as resources for pleasing our taste buds.

    Killing badgers is the knee jerk response to be expected from a society that doesn’t consider other animals seriously.


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    Mislabeling of Fur

    Posted in Fur News by ALib on the November 10th, 2009

    Mislabeling of Fur continues…

    Mislabeling of animal fur is a real problem. The fur industry has a habit of misinforming the general public through various practices and techniques to disguise that the trim on a coat or fur on a purse is not synthetic but is actual animal fur.

    For example, the Fur Industry will dye the colour of the fur, or cut the shape of the fur to fool people into believing that the product they think is synthetic when it is really animal fur.

    But the Fur Industry does not stop there. They have been caught time and time again selling animal fur while labeling it as fake or faux fur. They will change the name of the species of animal, or they will use a foreign word to describe the fur or they just won’t label it at all.

    Popular brand names like the now fur free Tommy Hilfiger have been duped into selling real dog fur. They advertised it as “fake fur”.

    Bloomingsdale’s and Macy’s were also found to be mislabeling to name a few. In one study conducted, it was found that 24 out of 25 real animal fur items tested were in fact mislabled or misadvertised.


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    Swansea Greyhound Racing Track

    Posted in General news by ALib on the November 10th, 2009

    Swansea Greyhound Racing Track Closed.

    Another Greyhound Stadium in Britain closed on Saturday 7th of November 2009. The owner of Swansea Greyhound Stadium, Francis Eric Short, pleaded guilty to an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 for keeping greyhounds in poor conditions.

    When inspectors from the City and Council of Swansea visited the track, they found the kennels that the dogs were kept in to be in a “very poor standard” (BBC). One dog had a week old open wound according to a vet and the dogs blood was smeared across the wall. As well as soiled bedding and general disrepair, some of the kennels were kept in “complete darkness” (BBC)

    This is the latest Greyhound track to shut down in Britain following closely behind Walthamstow track in London, Smallmead track in Reading, and The Boulevard track in Hull.

    After Swansea Greyhound Stadium closed there is now one Greyhound racing track left in Wales; Bedwellty Greyhound Stadium having closed in 2007.

    Swansea Greyhound Track vainly promoted itself as the “Home of the ‘Welsh Derby’. Swansea Greyhound Stadium is “Simply The Best”.

    It forgets to mention that it is also the home of exploitation and rights violations. What they mean by “Simply the Best” is left up to the imagination of the reader. It was certainly not the best for the Greyhounds who were forced to endure it.


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    Vegan Week in Dublin, organised by AFAR

    Posted in Events by ALib on the November 7th, 2009

    Vegan Week,
    Sat 31st Oct 09

    The 4th annual World GO VEGAN Week took place this year from October 25 through 31.

    To celebrate vegan week, AFAR held a vegan information table and handed out leaflets to members of the public on North Earl street, in Dublin city centre. AFAR were joined by members of ALiberation and other vegan activists.
    The table attracted many people who were curious about veganism.

    Veganism is the starting point for animal rights advocacy. A vegan lifestyle is free from animal use in food, dress, entertainment, health care and any other purpose.

    Veganism doesn’t require a PHD in nutrition and philosophy. Veganism is easy, with a wide range of animal free products to chose from.

    As well as taking no part in nonhuman animal exploitation and slavery, veganism also has the added benefits of being healthy

    and environmentally friendly.

    AFAR and ALiberation members regularly have info tables on veganism and Animal Rights in Dublin city centre during the week and week ends. If you want to help, please contact AFAR or ALiberation. An info table is also held every saturday from 3pm to 5.30 outside Barnardos Furriers, beside Molly Mallone statue, on the fur trade and veganism.

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