Donald Watson Interview, Dec 2002

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Interview with Donald Watson

In 1944 Donald Watson and some friends founded the Vegan Society in England.

He and his wife Dorothy coined the term “Vegan” by taking the first three and last two letters of “vegetarian,” - “because veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.”

In the interview, Donald speaks about veganism, growing up in a world that did not know the idea of vegetarianism let alone veganism, the founding of the vegan society, whilst relating it to the past and the present.

In 2002, Donald Watson was

interviewed by the Vegan Society. Sadly Donald Watson recently passed away in 2005 at the age of 95. This was one of the last interviews he conducted.

Interview: Donald Watson| 15 Dec 2002.

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The Vegan News No1, 1944

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Being Vegan in 1944

What would it be like to be a vegan in 1944?
In 1944, the first edition of Vegan News was published by the then recently launched Vegan Society. Below is a link to this newsletter.

The newsletter gives an indication of many things such as the thoughts for forming this new movement back then:

“We can see quite plainly that our present civilisation is built on the exploitation of animals, just as past civilisations were built on the exploitation of slaves…”

Of the expected criticism for what then was considered a radical way of thinking:

“We may be sure that should anything so much as a pimple ever appear to marr the beauty of our physical form, it will be entirely due in the eyes of the world to our own silly fault for not eating ‘proper food’. Against such a pimple the great plagues of diseases now ravaging nearly all members of civilised society (who live on ‘proper food’) will pass unnoticed.”

And a search for a new name for this movement is asked for, with

emphasis on the practicalities of a short name:
“The virtue of having a short title is best known to those of us who, as secretaries of vegetarian societies have to type or write the word vegetarian thousands of times a year!”

Full Newsletter:

Full Newsletter in Scanned PDF form:

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News of the Week, Oct 09, week 3

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News of the Week

Please read articles below:

Lush’s Fabulous Mrs. Fox challenges Fox Hunting.
The Cosmetic store Lush has teamed up with the Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS) to help end fox hunting in Ireland. Lush, who are known for their anti-vivisection stance and for their support of other animal and eco campaigns, will sell a Bubble Bar known with the proceeds going to the AOHS.
Article 1.

Llamas and Goats released onto M50 from circus (Circus Part 1).
Five Llamas and 3 Goats were released onto the M50 in Dublin from Circus Sydney. This put the non human at great risk as well as humans in the passing traffic. The animals were eventually captured with the help of 20 Gardai and Council staff after an hour, an 8 kilometre traffic jam.
Article 2.

Why does no-one believe Circus Sydney? (Circus Part 2).
Circuses are known to release non humans into well populated areas to get free publicity. Circus Sydney claims it’s not a stunt. But nobody seems to believe them not even other circuses?
Article 3.

Somebody steals the Llamas and Goats (Circus Part 3).
Circus Sydney blames Animal Rights for taking the animals. This may sound plausible until the benefits to the circus are examined. Who really stole the animals?

Animal Rights and “Pets”.
“Petless Society” is a common claim that animal exploiters throw at the animal rights movement when they want to divert attention for what they are doing to non humans.

Many people within Animal Rights care for non humans who have been dumped. So where does Animal Rights stand on Pets?
Article 5.

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Circus Sydney, Part 3

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Somebody steals the Llamas and Goats,
Part 3

Who took the Llamas and the Goats who were impounded by the County Council after they had been released/escaped from Circus Sydney? Well the obvious suspects are either animal rights/welfare people or people from the circus.

The reason animal right/welfare people would do so is to remove these animals from the fate of constant transportation over thousands of miles each year from site to make shift site, to allow them the freedom to express their natural needs instead of the deprived existence of the back of a trailer or in tiny pens, to remove them from the threat of physical and mental violence when the animals fail the tricks they are required to do for the 5 minutes that they are in the circus, to stop the violation of the animals rights. As Charles O’Brien from Fossetts Circus said on Liveline regarding Fossetts policy to stop using animals in their circus “Fossetts Ireland circus made a decision to not to tour animals on humane reasons”

But is it likely that animal rights activists did take the animals? If they took these animals, the circus would replace them with more animals, which is good for the animals who were there but

not so good for the animals who would be bought as replacement. Plus at short notice a trailer would be needed as well as a number of people. All of which the circus had nearby and ready to go.

The reason the circus would steal the animals is about the money. For one, they had already negotiated a lower charge than the €5,500 quoted. Alexander says on RTE news that he had reduced the amount down to half already. With the loss of the animals, it must strengthen his position to reduce this amount even further as the county council may be embarrassed by the theft of the animals.


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Circus Sydney, Part 2

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Why does no-one believe Circus Sydney? Part 2

Alexander Scholl of circus Sydney claims that Tougher Oil opened the gate when they delivered diesel to his circus and left it open when they left and the llamas and goats escaped because of this. Why does no one seem to believe Alexander?

Circus Sydney have lost a Kangaroo in Cork in 2006 (children left the gate open this time claimed the circus) and a young elephant who died in 2007 from a heart attack when harassed by dogs in Co Down had previously escaped in Banbridge according to the Irish Sunday Mirror (In the Liveline link below, Alexander Scholl denies the part about the dogs in contradiction to what the circus was reported to have said at the time).

The previous owners of Circus Sydney and Alexander Scholl’s former employers, the Courtney Brothers, have lost Camels outside Tullamore on the busy N80 in 2002 with Planet Circus (name has now changed); they lost a Camel in Castlebar in 2003 with the Daredevil Circus (name has now changed); they lost Camels on the busy dual carriageway between Limerick and Ennis in 2004 with the Daredevil Circus (name has now changed); they lost elephants to

a 10 foot drain near Youghal in Cork with the Royal Russian Circus where the elephants almost drowned; they lost an elephant in Corkagh Park in Dublin in 2006, (which incidentally is close to where the llamas ended up this time, coinincidence?); and the Independent reports that “the ‘Dare Devil’ elephant also gave Wexford motorists a scare when she was recently(2003) spotted in the town of New Ross…. that taste of freedom was short-lived and she was quickly recaptured by her handlers and gardai.” (Independent) This is far from a complete list.


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Circus Sydney, Part 1

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Llamas and Goats released onto M50
from circus, Part 1

Five Llamas and three goats escaped onto the busy dual carriage junction of the M50 and the Naas Road (N7) known as the Red Cow Roundabout in Dublin on the 1st of October 2009. They escaped from Circus Sydney which is also known as the Australian Super Circus, the Australian Circus and Circus Ozzz. This one circus is owned by Alexander and Yvette Scholl.

What disasters could have happened to these eight non human animals or to humans in passing traffic is astonishing as there is hardly a busier road in the country. As one motorist said “I was lucky not to hit a couple of them (llamas/goats) because even though I hit the brakes fairly hard, one of them got spooked, like a deer, just when I was going by him and he was obviously very frightened and scared.”(Irish Trucker)

They “were eventually captured an hour later but only after they caused the closure of the Red Cow roundabout underpass.” (Irish Times) The capture of the animals involved “20 Gardai and council staff” (RTE), caused “eight-kilometre traffic jams” (MSN) at lunch time traffic.

So why did it happen?
Alexander Scholl claims that when the company Tougher Oil delivered diesel to his circus that when Tougher Oil left “they didn’t close the gate” (Liveline); everyone else it appears disagrees. And it’s not hard to see why. (See link to part 2)


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Dean Food acquires Alpro

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Alpro sold to Dairy Giant

ALPRO, the EU market leader in soya-based foods and which is also a division of Vandemoortele N.V., Belgium’s largest privately-held food company, was acquired by Dairy Giants Dean Foods Company in June 2009.

Dean Foods is the largest processor and distributor of cow milk and other dairy products in the United States. They also own Silk Soy which is the leading brand of soymilk in the U.S.
The acquisition of the European company ALPRO, which owns the brands Alpro and Provamel will make DEAN Foods the global leader in soy products.

Gregg Engles, chairman and chief executive of Dean Foods, said soymilk could be one of the fastest growing lines in the food and beverage industry: “This is one of the most strategic assets

we could have acquired. We see significant opportunities to leverage the collective strengths of both businesses across a global soy platform to accelerate growth.”


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Press Release from LUSH shops Dublin.

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LUSH’S Fabulous Mrs Fox Challenges Fox Hunting

From Lush.
Sean Gifford (Lush press office) | 13 October 2009.

Lush Cosmetics Launches Campaign Against Fox Hunting; in Support of the Association of Hunt Saboteurs.

Ireland—This week Lush Cosmetics is launching an in-store campaign to highlight that hunting with hounds continues throughout Ireland.
Although hunting foxes with hounds has been banned in Scotland since 2002 and England and Wales since 2005, this blood sport remains legal in Ireland.

During the week of October 12th the windows of Lush’s four Irish shops will be emblazoned with the words ‘THE HUNTS ARE STILL AT IT’. Customers will be encouraged to sign petitions asking for hunting with hounds to be made a criminal act. Lush’s Irish shops are located in Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

For the campaign Lush Cosmetics has joined forces with the Association of Hunt Saboteurs

The AOHS, run by unpaid volunteers, bravely go out into the countryside and use peaceful means to protect hunted animals.


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The Cove, Documentary

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Japanese Fishermen Restart Dolphin Murder

Every September Japanese Fishermen hunt and murder about 26,000 Dolphins, Porpoises and Small Whales. The massacre usually begins on Sept 1st but this year it was disrupted by journalists, Dolphin activist Ric O’Barry and the release of the documentary The Cove.

Directed by Louie Psihoyos, “The Cove” investigates the practice of murdering the cetaceans, a practice which has been covered up for so long. This massacre is probably the world’s largest cetacean hunt.
The Documentary focuses on a small town in Japan called Taiji where over 2,000 sea mammals are murdered each year. This year’s quota is 2,300.

The reason for this massacre is varied; they are killed for food consumption, for so called “pest”

control and also for tradition. Some Dolphins are also captured and sold to Dolphinariums.
None of these reasons are justified.


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Lush Supports The Hunt Saboteurs Association

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The fabulous Mrs Fox!

Please join us on Wednesday 14th of October, outside LUSH at 12 noon in Grafton St, for the opening of their new campaign against fox hunting.

LUSH will be launching a bubble bath called Fabulous Mrs Fox Bubble Bar. All proceeds will go to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.
This product is a limited edition and will be sold until Boxing day, a traditional day for fox hunts.

Lush have previously supported other campaigns such as the Sea Shepherd, by creating a soap bar called Shark Fin Soap, they have also donated to Sumatran orangutans organizations and created a palm free soap, the “Jungle Soap”.

Mark Constantine, founder of LUSH, said that he uses both his

own personal money as well as some of the profits from Lush to contribute to charitable organisations and pressure groups.


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Fur Factory Farms included in Program for Gov.

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Program for Gov includes fur farm ban

The phasing out of fur factory farms is included within the Green Party’s Program for Government which was voted upon yesterday the 10th of October.

This is welcome news and credit must go to the Green Party for including these issues.

This is a big step but is far from a final step. The hard work doubles from here on.

The Program for Government set out the conditions which the Green Party will stay in a coalition government with Fianna Fail and some independent TD’s.

However, what is in the Program for Government does not mean it is legislation.
For example if the government collapses in the next 6 months, as many analysts believe, then the Program for Government will follow the Green Party out of


The Green Party has lived up to their word so far on these issues by including them in the Program for Government and importantly the Greens will be needed to push this through as quickly as possibly.


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