News of the Week, May 09, week 4

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News of the Week

Please read articles below:

Racing Greyhounds killed for €10 (Wexford):
There are figures for a lot of things within Greyhound racing that the industry is happy to spread around. How much money they make, how many races they have etc. But for some reason their accountants conveniently forget their calculators when adding up how many dogs are killed. For their information, the cost of killing a greyhound in Wexford is €10.
Article 1.

Human and Nonhuman Rights Together:
By Roger Yates.
Article 2.

“The Vegan News”:
A New Video News Show.
Article 3.

Another Shareholder dumps Vivisectors HLS:
SHAC have persuaded the 2nd

largest shareholder to dump their shares in HLS. Please see article or upcoming events for details of Mad Science May – Week of Action.
Article 4.

Video of Swine Flu killing of pigs in Egypt
Very disturbing video footage showing pigs killed because of Swine Flu. Speciesism at work.
Article 5.

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The Vegan News Show

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the May 22nd, 2009

New Video News Show.

The Vegan News is a new video news show hosted by Adam Kochanowicz about all things vegan.

So if you like your news to be in motion turn click the link below. And enjoy the recipes.

Adam Kochanowicz is a writer of the Omaha Vegan Examiner.
Please read his articles online at

The Vegan news
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Shac Ireland Event, 26th of May 2009

Posted in Events by ALib on the May 22nd, 2009

Another Shareholder dumps Vivisectors HLS

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) 2nd largest shareholder, Highbridge Capital has sold most of their shares and will be disposing of the remainder soon.

Huntingdon Life Science, who are the largest animal testing contractor in Europe, killing 500 animals every day for vivisection will come under more pressure this week as the SHAC’s Mad Science May – Week of Action starts on Monday 25th May.

SHAC Ireland will be protesting at AstraZeneca, one of HLS’s most significant customers. Last year AstraZeneca used 376,000 dogs, rats, primates, fish, mice, ferrets, pigs, sheep, ferrets, amphibians and rabbits to test their products.

AstraZenca are currently being sued for “”spinning, skewing and concealing” information on the drug’s potential side-effects, including diabetes and weight

gain” for their drug Seroquel.

AstraZeneca are located in College Park House, 20 Nassau Street, Dublin 2. The event will take place between 1-2pm on Tuesday the 26th May.

More info:

  • :
    Mad Science: Article.

  • :
    Highbridge Capital sells most of their shares: Article.

  • :
    AstraZeneca ‘pushed drug for untested uses’: Article.

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  • Human and nonhuman Rights Article, By Roger Yates

    Posted in General news by ALib on the May 22nd, 2009

    Human and Nonhuman Rights Together.

    By Roger Yates

    […] “Gary Francione, US law professor, animal rights philosopher and founder of Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach explains why human and nonhuman rights are perfect together”.[…]

    […] “As long as humans regard it as normal to slaughter animals for food for which there is no justification other than the trivial pleasure we get from eating or using animals, they will regard it as normal to use violence when they think that something more important is at stake”.[…]

    Read the full article.

    Related Link:

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    Pigs murdered for Swine Flu

    Posted in General news by ALib on the May 22nd, 2009

    Video of Swine Flu killing of pigs in Egypt

    Video footage of the pig “cull” in Egypt of 300,000 pigs shows “men skewering squealing piglets with large kitchen knives and hitting others with crowbars.” The video shows men tipping pigs into a bulldozer bucket before unloading them into a trailer.

    The pigs are killed because of the Swine Flu. Some are reported to be buried alive and others were “sprayed with chemicals to paralyze and kill them before being buried.”

    The Egyptian government decided to kill all of the pigs in their country to restrict the risk of human fatalities from the Swine Flu.
    There have been no reported cases of Swine Flu in Egypt, however there was an outbreak of Bird Flu recently which Egypt were criticized for not acting quickly enough. In recent outbreaks of non human animal diseases such as Bird Flu, Foot and Mouth Disease, Mad Cow Disease etc, the standard response from international governments is to kill first, maybe ask questions later. When non-

    humans are considered property, this makes the decision very easy. Property doesn’t get a say, they get to be exploited.

    The images in the video show no consideration for the pigs. They are treated as things.
    But while this may be in Egypt, the Republic of Ireland will continuously kill this number of pigs in less than 45 days, for no better reason than we like the taste of their flesh.


  • (Very Disturbing images)
    Murdering pigs in Egypt:Video.

  • (Very Disturbing images)
    Mass grave for Egypt’s pigs:Video.


    Egypt criticized for ‘inhumane’ killing of pigs:Article.

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  • A Slow dog is a Dead dog

    Posted in General news by ALib on the May 22nd, 2009

    Racing Greyhounds killed for €10

    Greyhounds are being killed for being “too old or slow to race” by Larry Earle from Camolin in Wexford. For €10, “owners are paying him less than a night at the dogs to have off-the-pace greyhounds gunned down”. A dog is considered too old between 3 to 5yrs of age.

    This is hardly the first case of the greyhound industry taking care of business. In probably the most famous recent case, David Smith in the UK killed over 10,000 greyhounds in 15 years. In the past year two cases of greyhounds dumped in the River Foyle in Donegal has come to light. In one case the ears were cut off the dog so the owners couldn’t be identified through his ear tattoo and in the other case the greyhound was still alive when dumped.

    Earle himself indicated that there were others in the country doing the same as he. Hardly a surprise as it is estimated that about 40,000 greyhounds are disposed of each year between the UK and Ireland with most of them born in Ireland.

    Earle claims he is doing society a favour with scores of unwanted dogs around. “Something has to be done with them when they get old” he said.
    If Earle questioned why there are so many greyhounds he might stumble on the fact that the

    greyhound racing industry breeds so many knowing that most will not meet the industry’s standard for running. They’re bred to be murdered.

    Each year the greyhound racing industry is given millions in taxpayers money to prop up this industry yet only a small amount of greyhounds are ever rehomed, each of these dogs taking a place that may have gone to one of the 10,069 dogs that were killed in Irish dog pound last year.


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    News of the Week, May 09, week 3

    Posted in Dossier / News of the Week by ALib on the May 15th, 2009

    News of the Week

    Please read articles below:

    Six Horses Raced to Death in Killarney:
    It would be curious to know if there were any bets placed on 6 horses to be killed by racing in Killarney last week. The horses whether they come first, last or dead never end up winning.
    Article 1.

    Vegan Toothpaste:
    Clean teeth, Clean conscience. All brands available in Ireland.
    Getting your teeth into ethics is now easier.
    Article 2.

    Belgian City goes Vegetarian:
    Ghent will become vegetarian every Thursday to help combat the effects of Climate change. It may help but a vegan diet helps much more and also recognizes the exploitation involved in the dairy, honey and egg industries.
    Article 3.

    Understanding the Anti-Animal Rights Viewpoint:
    From Unpopular Vegan Essays (By Dan Cudahy).
    Article 4.

    Visualise the Death Toll figures :
    A motion graphic representation of how many cows, sheep and hens are killed in the blink of an eye in the USA for food. Just how many is over 10 billion a year?
    Article 5.

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    Horse Racing Victims

    Posted in General news by ALib on the May 15th, 2009

    Six Horses Raced to Death in Killarney

    “The Sport of Kings” raced six horses to death on the 10th May 2009 at Killarney racecourse. A further 4 horses were injured. Senior course official Brendan Sheridan dismissed the death toll as “just the law of averages”.

    Horse racing is a “sport” where not all the “competitors” take part willing. In fact, half will never be given the option. It’s this half who are drugged up to “compete”, impregnated/put out to stud, inbred, whipped, killed on the track, killed in training or disposed of when they are no longer wanted by the horse racing industry. This half is of course the horses.

    It’s estimated that 420 horses are raced to death every year in the UK. About 38 per cent die on racecourses, while the others are killed as a result of training injuries, or are killed because they are no longer commercially viable.

    With about 18000 horses bred for racing between the closely linked racing industries of Ireland and the UK, only about 40% will ever go on to race. About 6000 British horses leave racing every year, yet very few are properly provided for when racing ends.


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    Climate Change? Go Vegan!

    Posted in General news by ALib on the May 15th, 2009

    Belgian City Goes Vegetarian

    The Belgian city of Ghent will become vegetarian for one day a week. It is a statement of intent to combat climate change that is linked to the use of animals in agriculture.

    In cooperation with EVA, Belgium’s national vegetarian organisation, EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) Thursday is the day chosen that will apply to Ghent’s officials, and from September for the city’s schoolchildren too.This is a first city in the world to do so.

    There will be free veggie lunch snacks, vegetarian cooking demonstrations, and general information about healthy eating.
    About 90,000 free veggie street maps will distributed to help people find Ghent’s vegetarian eateries. Other Belgian cities have shown interest in following suit.

    According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), animals are responsible for 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

    The unfortunate thing here is that vegetarianism may now be seen as the end goal for environmentalists as it is often confused with the end goal for campaigners for animal interests.

    Climate change is also affected

    by animals who are not immediately killed for their flesh but that are nevertheless used to supplement a vegetarian diet. A more serious statement for the environment would be a vegan diet.

    A Vegan diet is better for the planet, better for non human animals and better for human animals than vegetarianism. It’s as easy to follow a vegan diet as it is to become vegetarian. It also shatters the notion that humans need to eat some animal related product to live.


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    Vegan Essay, By Dan Cudahy

    Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the May 15th, 2009

    Understanding the Anti-Animal Rights Viewpoint

    From Unpopular Vegan Essays |By Dan Cudahy

    “ […] So it is not difficult to see the world from the exploitation advocates’ viewpoint, or the violent criminal’s viewpoint, or the tyrant’s viewpoint.

    All we need to do is place our self-interest at the center of our criteria for “determining” truth and reality to the exclusion of others’ interest, contradictory evidence, and intellectual honesty, and we’ve arrived at the essence of the exploitation advocates’ viewpoint. […]”

    Read Full article.

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    Animal Visuals

    Posted in General news by ALib on the May 15th, 2009

    Visualise the Death
    Toll figures

    A motion graphic representation of how many cows, sheep and hens are killed in the blink of an eye in the USA for food.

    Just how many is over 10 billion a year?

    Created by Mark Middleton, artist, web developer and animal advocate, provides compelling visuals and interactive media to empower animal advocates, educate the public, and expose the injustices of animal exploitation.
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    AlmaWin Brand : Vegan Shopping

    Posted in Vegan stuff by Glô! on the May 8th, 2009

    New Cleaning Brand
    for Vegans!

    AlmaWin now joins the growing list of household cleaning products suitable for vegans.

    AlmaWin does not contain any optical brighteners, petrochemicals, phosphates, chlorine, bulking agents, colour-additives or genetically modified enzymes.

    They do operate on a Fixed Cut off Date (1998), so no animal testing is done on their products and ingredients.

    They can be found in all the FRESH stores around the country and also ECOSHOP, at

    Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

    List of Cleaning products suitable for Vegans!

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