Film Screening, the Ireland Institute, March 09

Posted in Events by Aga on the February 27th, 2009

The Ireland Institute
3 Movies!

ALiberation is pleased to announce upcoming Animal Rights movie events!

March Schedule:
5th of March - Earthlings
12th of March - Peaceable Kingdom
19th of March – Behind the Mask

4.00 EUR

19:30- doors open
20:00- Roger Yates!- introduction to AR theory
20:30- movie projection..
+ discussion afterwards

Special features:
- Vegan Bar!
- Education table :petitions to sign; books & videos for sale;

free leaflets; free advices on how to go Vegan!
- Interesting people!

Please help us to advertise the events!
Leaflets and posters available to download


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Dogs used for Exhibition - Action Alert

Posted in General news by Glô! on the February 25th, 2009

Dog Use Exhibition
Action Alert

The two stray dogs will be caged 8 hours a day, for a month and then will be returned to the dog “Death Row”.

The Alliance For Animal Rights have issued an appeal for emails to those involved in the project. Bernie Wright, AFAR spokesperson, declared:
“We ask you to help us not have this type of exhibition, one that involves the display of two unfortunate animals who were incarcerated in Louth dog Pound.

One if not two of these dogs had offers of permanent homes by people visiting the dog pound but they were refused as these dogs were ‘held’ to be used in this stunt. This invariably means that they will be dumped back in the pound at the end of their display period in the cages.
The dogs are already 2 weeks caged and with their pound time and the remaining time it will be about 3 months on display in

total, then back to the dog pound”.

[1] Please, send an email to the following people who allowed this exhibition (click on more to see the sample letter).

[2] Click on the megaphone to sign the petition against the exhibition.


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Dogs used for Exhibition, Feb 09

Posted in General news by Glô! on the February 25th, 2009

If Rights Violations Could Save Your Life

Seamus Nolan will hold an exhibition at the Drogheda Arts Centre from Wednesday 25th Feb to Friday 20th of March. The subjects of this exhibition will be two dogs taken from the dog pound and caged for the entire duration of the event.

The aim of his exhibition is to “explore how we manage and relate to our immediate environment and at the structures which dictate this relationship”.
Nolan will use the dogs as “objects” that the system no longer considers of value.

For this purpose, two dogs were taken from the dog “death row”, fostered by the Drogheda Arts Centre and labeled “public property”.

Bernie Wright, AFAR Spokesperson, declared “To us in AFAR this is totally unacceptable, Seamus Nolan refers to the dogs as the waste of man, or public property, this is outrageous. They are unfortunate sentient beings with a right to life and they do not deserve to be treated as objects especially as it could mean they risk death if put back in the dog pound.”

In a system built on speciesism and rights violations, it is unfortunately true that dogs, like all nonhumans are regarded by the law and other institutions as pieces of property, to be bought, used and discarded. In a way, this exhibition questions the property status of nonhumans in our society, by allowing the dogs to be caged and displayed like objects to an apathetic public. But it does so by violating the rights of these two dogs, and therefore should certainly not be tolerated.

For more info:

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Animal Circus at the Vatican

Posted in General news by Glô! on the February 25th, 2009

The Vatican Supports Animal Exploitation.

On Wednesday 28th of Jan09, Pope Benedict XVI attended a show performed by the Medrano Circus at the Vatican.
A lion cub was presented to the Pope by a performer from the circus…a scene that the audience must have found amusing as they laughed at the lion roaring in answer to the pope’s pat.

Instead, the audience should question what is so amusing about animal exploitation. Approved by the Vatican, this Circus profits from the exploitation of nonhuman animals, and violates their rights, the right to freedom, and the right not to

be considered property.

Performing silly acts that are not part of their natural behaviour is not only tragic but should also be highly condemned by any religion preaching nonviolence.


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Earthling at the Shed, Report

Posted in Events by Aga on the February 25th, 2009

Earthlings Screening Report

Despite some technical problems with the equipment, Earthlings screening on the 18th of feb’09 was quite a success!

The show gathered over 20 viewers. Before watching Earthlings, people could try some tasty vegan food and talk to activists about different issues.

An information table was also set up so people could pick up some leaflets to learn about Animal Rights or sign petitions.
Those who were interested in veganism could also buy the ‘Easy vegan cook book’ and “Grime and Nourishment” or other books different from mainstream ones.

After the projection many people stayed ‘a bit’ longer to share their

arguments or their feelings about the documentary.

The event ended at around midnight… surely leaving many questions in people’s minds.
Hopefully- the answer for all of them will be Veganism…

  • View pictures of the Event.
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    Dogs Saved From the Pound

    Posted in General news by ALib on the February 25th, 2009

    AFAR saves dogs from Death Row

    Last week the Alliance For Animal Rights (AFAR) saved 19 dogs from certain death in the Kilkenny County Council (KCC) dog pound.

    The news broke last week that 27 dogs were taken from the St. Catherine’s Halting Site where it is reported that over 100 dogs are kept by the traveling community. Some horses were also taken and are being cared for.

    The KCC took the dogs following complaints from the public and for the safety of the people on the site and in the immediate area and animal overcrowding.

    The KCC were reported to be about to kill the dogs but members of the public phoned and emailed offering places

    to look after the dogs. AFAR was about to hold a demonstration when the decision was reversed.

    One of the dogs died and 7 of the dogs were later returned. But for the other 19 dogs a new home has been found.


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    Undercover Video of Irish F. F. Farms

    Posted in Fur News by ALib on the February 25th, 2009

    Fur Factory Farms Revealed

    Undercover video and photographic footage from an anonymous source taken from inside all of the known fur factory farms in Ireland was released by ALiberation.

    The footage shows stereotypical behaviour on all factory farms. This is a sign of extreme stress and frustration by the minks of having their essential needs forever suppressed.
    Minks need to swim, climb, hunt, to be alone, to run and freedom. All of these needs are never met by fur factory farms.

    The footage also highlights how the fur factory farmers can’t even meet the ridiculously low standards of laws that apply here.

    Fur factory farms are built on animal exploitation and rights violations. Over 170,000 animals are killed each year in this country and will never be seen as anything more than a thing that grows fur by the fur factory farmers responsible.

    ALiberation called again for the outlawing of fur factory farming in the Republic which would follow other countries like our closest neighbours Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

    It was also pointed out that the Minister of Agriculture Brendan Smith is not fulfilling his duties by ignoring scientific reports.
    Under the EC SI 127/2000 Regulations 2000 the minister is obliged to refer to Scientific reports such as the SCAHAW report.

    Please visit ALiberation website to view the footage of the Irish fur factory farms


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    Hunt Sabs Demo Report, 19th Feb 09

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by ALib on the February 22nd, 2009

    Killer Kids Hunt Ball

    From Association of Hunt Saboteurs | 20th Feb 2009.

    30 activists from the Association of Hunt Saboteurs held a demonstration against stag hunting at the Coolquay lodge last night.
    The WARD UNION JUNIOR HUNT BALL was on, a soda bar for those children who are already integrated into the cruel world of hunting. Carted Stag hunting is cruel and unnecessary and many of the underage revellers boasted of being out on hunts their entire short lives.

    Many appeared to already have drink on them as they stumbled

    into the Coolquay Lodge on the N2.

    Local teenagers and children from Finglas were horrified that Stag hunting still took place so near Finglas where they lived and came to support our demo. Many had their own home made signs. We say why would you want your child to be an animal abuser. See for graphic footage of bloody staghunting.
    Press Officer.
    Bernie Wright.

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    Film Screening at The Shed.(Part 2)

    Posted in Events by Glô! on the February 22nd, 2009

    Peaceable Kingdom Screening

    ALiberation presents a screening of Peaceable Kingdom.

    When : Wednesday 25 Feb, 2009.

    Where : the SHED.
    8a Henrietta Lane, Dublin 1.

    Time : 8.00pm

    Admission : €4 (For use of The SHED)

    All are welcome to attend! Bring friends!!
    We will have a short introduction, screening of the movie (95min) and a discussion about the movie and Animal Rights after.

    Peaceable Kingdom is a film of stark contrasts. It juxtaposes what animals on farms endure on their way to becoming food with

    deeply touching stories of individual animals given a new lease on life at a rural sanctuary in upstate New York.

    More info on the documentary:
    Read our article on Peaceable Kingdom in Vegaplanet.

    Click on the picture to view the leaflet!

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    Flairline Fashions Fur Free Campaign

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the February 22nd, 2009

    Pamela Scott suspended for a week

    Last Friday ALiberation continued the Flairline Fashions Group Fur Free Campaign at the Pamela Scott Ski store on Sth. William Street, Dublin 2.

    Activists held placards, distributed leaflets and collected signatures from the passing public who wished to express their opinion.

    During this campaign’s event, a representative of ALiberation was asked to speak with Mr. Robert Barron by phone within the store.
    In respect of a promise made by Mr. Robert Barron that the

    Flairline Fashions Group will send back a signed ALiberation Fur Free Shopping Program, ALiberation have agreed to suspend this campaign for one week.

    Please visit ALiberation website for more info on the Campaign
    Flairline Fashions: go Fur Free!

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    Ban Irish Fur Factory Farms Campaign

    Posted in Fur News by Glô! on the February 18th, 2009

    800 Letters Sent
    This week

    800 more letters were signed last 2 weeks at the ALiberation information stall (every saturday, from 2pm to 5.30pm).

    Letters were sent by registered post to the Department of Agriculture and The Labour Party today, to support a ban on Irish Fur Farms.

    It brings us to a total of 5000 letters since June 08.

    Thank you for taking the time to sign the letters on saturday!


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    Film Screening at the SHED. (Part 1)

    Posted in Events by Glô! on the February 18th, 2009

    Earthlings Screening

    ALiberation presents a screening of Earthlings.

    When : Wednesday 18 feb, 2009.

    Where : the SHED.
    8a Henrietta Lane, Dublin 1.

    Time : 8.00pm

    All are welcome to attend! Bring friends!!
    We will have a short introduction, screening of the movie (95min) and a discussion about the movie and Animal Rights.

    Earthlings uses hidden cameras and never before seen footage to chronicle the day to day practices of some of the largest industries in the world.

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