Ban Irish Fur Factory Farms Campaign

Posted in Fur News by Cif on the December 22nd, 2008

800 Letters Sent
this Week

800 more letters were signed last two weeks at the ALiberation information stall (every saturday, from 2pm to 5.30pm).

Letters were sent by registered post to the Department of Agriculture and The Labour Party on Monday 15th of December, to support a ban on Irish Fur Farms. (click on more to see the receipts)

It brings us to a total of 3800 letters since June 08.

Thank you for taking the time to sign the letters on saturday!


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Association of Hunt Saboteurs Protest, 19th Dec 08

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the December 17th, 2008

Hunters Kill The Spirit
Of Christmas

From the Association of Hunt Saboteurs.
Anti-Blood sports Demo with life-size Stag visual…and Open air Book Launch outside the Office of the Taoiseach!

The AOHS is protesting outside the office of the Taoiseach Mr. Brian Cowen on Friday 19th of December.

The purpose of the demo is to remind the Fianna Fail-Green government that the horrific so-called “sports” of hare coursing, carted stag hunting, and fox hunting will continue over the Christmas Season, making an absolute mockery of the “season of peace and goodwill”.

The protest venue was chosen because the Taoiseach is a known fervent supporter of live hare coursing and other blood sports. We believe this sends out a very disturbing message, namely that cruelty to

animals is OK!
Press Officer
Bernie Wright
087 2651720
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Animal Exploiter Naomi Comes to Dublin

Posted in Events by ALib on the December 17th, 2008

Fur Free Activists
Face Naomi

Fur Free Activists asked Naomi Campbell some choice questions about her questionable choices in Dublin on Wednesday. She didn’t comment.
She did look briefly at the poster of a mutilated fox with the words “Ban Irish Fur Farms”.

Ireland currently has at least 5 fur factory farms that cage over 170,000 animals for their entire lives in wire mesh. These animals are denied their rights, suffer greatly and are killed in gross fashion just for gross fashion. Worldwide this happens to hundreds of millions of animals. Self mutilation, Cannibalism and Stereotypies are just some of the symptoms that these animals exhibit. Animals who are killed by trapping can await days to die. Animals are also rounded up off the streets to be killed for this industry.

Naomi didn’t appear to care. Naomi has made a career out of following one camera flashbulb to the next. She is famous for being part in an anti fur photo shoot in the mid nineties, before deciding to wear fur on the catwalks shortly after. She seems to confuse moral value with monetary value.

On Wednesday, she entered the Westbury Hotel off Grafton St

wearing a white fur coat. When she came out again she had taken it off but the fur coat was part of her luggage.

With Naomi was Ali Hewson, wife of Paul David Hewson (Bono). Ali is known to be part of the noble work in Chernobyl, is a patron of the Chernobyl Children’s Project International and has protested against Sellafield. It can only be assumed that Ali has never invited Naomi to partake in any of these causes because to date Naomi is not listed as a Nuclear Power Plant owner.

More info:

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    The “Ban Irish fur factory farms” table

    Posted in Fur News by Cif on the December 14th, 2008

    Those of you who have already walked down through Grafton Street on a Saturday afternoon will have probably noticed the ALiberation Education table. If you’ve missed it, don’t panic, we set up this table every Saturday outside Barnado Furriers (famous for animal exploitation since 1812), at 108 Grafton Street (Opposite Trinity College) from 2pm to 5:30/6pm.

    There, you’ll have the opportunity to meet us, get information about the fur industry in Ireland, and voice your opinion by signing official letters that will be sent to a number of key Irish politicians. The collected letters are then regularly sent by registered post to these politicians in order to support the ban of fur factory farming in Ireland.

    So far, more than 3000 letters were sent since June 2008, so we must thank you for your time and your support of this campaign. Therefore, if the government politely acknowledged your effort to make this cruel practice from another age illegal, it seems they still need to be reminded how important this ban is for a vast and growing majority of the public.

    In order to keep you informed of this campaign’s progress, an article will be published each time letters are sent, showing the post office receipt as well as the total amount of letters received by our political leaders.

    If you also wish to outlaw fur factory farms in Ireland, we invite you to sign a letter at our table, every Saturday afternoon. it only takes a minute of your time.

    The receipts (more…)

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    Mink Fur Farms 2008

    Posted in Fur News by ALib on the December 3rd, 2008

    10% Less Minks
    Killed in 2008!!

    Over 6 million less minks were killed on fur factory farms worldwide in 2008 compared to 2007, according to fur industry sources.

    The media polished fur industry are always adept at avoiding the truth where possible and hate revealing news that puts them in a bad light. Which make the decrease in the “world mink production” (fur industry terminology) all the more interesting.

    After rabbits, minks are most used and abused animal within the fur trade. Rabbits aren’t deemed important enough to keep figures on how many are murdered but it is estimated anywhere from 300 million to 1 billion are skinned each year for their fur.

    The fur industry is largely propped up by a handful of countries. China (25.3%) and Denmark (27.2%) account for over half the minks killed on fur

    factory farms.
    China has no animal welfare laws (Countries like Denmark and the Republic of Ireland like to talk about having welfare laws in regard to fur factory farming, even if these welfare laws are useless.)


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    Fur Free Friday

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the December 3rd, 2008

    Fur Free Friday,
    The Irish Way

    On November 28th 2008, as part of the international Fur Free Friday, members of Aliberation and AFAR held a public education outside Barnado Furriers shop, in Dublin.

    Barnado Furriers are notorious for profiting from animal exploitation since 1812 and they show no remorse whatsoever for dealing with such a barbaric trade. For Barnado Furriers, the life of a mink equals a soft handbag, the life of a fox equals a fluffy scarf, the life of a Persian lamb equals a shiny coat.

    From 4.30pm until closure of the shop, facts on the fur trade were chanted as loud as we could to alert the public to the monstrosity of such an industry.

    Those who couldn’t join us on Friday were able to participate the following day in the public education on the fur trade, outside the same fur shop, an event that we hold every

    Saturday for the whole afternoon.

    From 2pm to 6pm, activists held an info table on the fur trade, while other activists were engaged in a public education. The public were made aware of the facts and could then go to the stall to sign the petition to close Irish fur farms.

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    Cat and Dog Fur - Dossier

    Posted in Dossier / News of the Week by Glô! on the December 2nd, 2008

    The Cat And Dog
    Fur Trade

    This dossier will focus on the cat and dog fur trade, which is responsible for the killing of more than two million cats and dogs worldwide each year.

    Although the following articles in the dossier focus on Dog and Cat fur it should be noted that all animals used for fur or otherwise do suffer and do have their rights violated on a daily basis for human use.

    Non-human animals who are considered as “pets” or used for companionship invoke a strong reaction from many human animals but this does not mean that species who are not used for companionship should receive no

    Members of all species should not be considered the property of humans or commodified.

    Please read articles below:

  • A bit of fur for a big business, Part 1
  • EU Ban on Cat and Fur Trade, Part 2
  • Switzerland’s Cat and Fur Trade, Part 3
  • 4034 Cat and Dog fur seized, France, Part 4
  • HSUS undercover Investigation, Part 5
  • Fake / Real Fur Test, Leaflet, Part 6
  • Fur Trims Leaflet to Download, Part 7
  • EU Ban Enters into Force, Part 8
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    Cat and Dog Fur, Part 1

    Posted in Fur News by Glô! on the December 2nd, 2008

    A bit of fur for a big business

    More than two million dogs and cats are murdered worldwide to have their fur ripped off and used as a trimmed jacket, the lining of a pair of gloves, a hat or handbag, and small toys and figurines.

    This number comes largely from China and South Asia, although Switzerland and Eastern European countries such as Croatia are also involved in the cat and fur trade.

    Some dogs and cats are bred on fur factory farms. Others are rounded up off the streets and killed for their skins.
    An estimated 500,000 cats are raised only for their pelts. German Shepherds are the most commonly killed dogs in China as their fur resembles that of wild animals such as coyote or raccoon.
    Cats are strangled, hanged, or hung from a wire while water is poured down their throats until they eventually drown. Dogs are beaten up or bled to death. Both dogs and cats are often skinned alive.

    The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) did an undercover investigation in China in 1998, which lasted about 18 months where they were able to film the whole network, from the killing of the animals to the labeling of the fur.

    Approximately 24 cats and 10 to 12 dogs are used to make a fur coat (More if kittens and puppies are used), although their fur is usually used to trim jackets, gloves, hats, handbags and cat and dog figurines.

    With few exceptions, products from dog and cat fur are never labeled as such. Cat fur is sold as rabbit and dog fur is sold as “asian jackal”, “sobaki”, “gae wolf”, “Asian Wolf”. These products can also be labeled as fake fur to trick the consumer into buying something they would not normally do.

    Only DNA testing can reveal the true identity of what animal was used for that fur.

    Go back to the Dossier.

    More info

  • HSUS: fur investigation
  • HSUS: fur Labelling
  • CAFT: cat and dog fur factsheet
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    Cat and Dog Fur, part 2

    Posted in Fur News by Glô! on the December 2nd, 2008

    EU Ban on
    Cat and Dog Fur

    The US (1) was the first country to ban the import, export, sale and production of cat and dog fur in the US in 2000, after dog and cat fur was discovered on sale in stores across the country. Australia also introduced a ban shortly after.
    With the loss of the US market, cat and dog fur sales massively shifted to the EU and Russia.

    Following the US ban and the HSI’s (2) investigation of cat and dog fur which was readily on sale in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Belgium, 15 EU countries set some sort of legislation in place regarding cat and dog fur.
    These are: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

    However, as these countries realized that they could not prevent cat and dog fur from moving across their borders, it was decided that only a full EU ban would be effective in stopping the whole trade from entering Europe.

    On November 20th 2006, The European Commission adopted a proposal to ban the import, export and sale of cat and dog fur in the EU, in response to public pressure.

    On June 19th 2007, the European Parliament voted unanimously to ban the import and export of Cat and Dog fur into the European

    Union by December 31st 2008. (3)

    Right now, it is difficult to quantify the amount of cat and dog fur that is entering the EU market as this fur is not openly declared and marketed for what it is.

    Cat and dog fur is fraudulently labeled, often dyed to look like fake fur, and may be used in small quantities in products such as cat and dog toys.

    (1) Beware of the Loophole in the US law :Because items costing less than $150 do not have to be labeled, unscrupulous manufacturers can use this loophole to import and sell cat and dog fur with total impunity.

    (2) HSI: international branch of HSUS

    (3) 800 MEP’S were present and voted to ban cat and dog fur.

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    Cat and Dog Fur, Part 3

    Posted in Fur News by Glô! on the December 2nd, 2008

    Switzerland’s Cat Fur Trade

    China and Far East Asia are not the only producers of cat fur. Currently, although Switzerland banned all cat fur imports in 2006 because of concern about cruel methods used by the exporting countries, their laws allow domestic production and sale of cat fur.
    Switzerland is thus the last country in Western Europe in which it is still legal to hunt cats for their fur.

    Hunters and licensed farmers are allowed to kill feral cats and stray cats who are more than 200 metres from their homes. However, the Swiss have come under intense pressure to start an investigation after hundreds of domestic cats vanished over the French border.

    Tomi Tomek, animal rights campaigner and co-founder of SOS Chats, said that the cat fur trade was responsible for the killing of more than 10 thousand cats in Switzerland in 2007.

    To uncover the real extent of the domestic cat fur trade, Tomek went undercover with Swiss television and the French program “30 millions d’amis (04/11/07)”and discovered 22 Swiss tanneries producing cat hides as well as fur shops selling cat fur as a remedy

    to rheumatism.

    A worldwide petition was launched by the Swiss association SOS Chat to ban the production and sale of cat fur products in Switzerland. (…)


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