Cat and Dog Fur, Part 4

Posted in Fur News by Glô! on the November 25th, 2008

4034 Cat and Dog Fur Seized, France

On the 13th of November 2008, French Customs from Villepinte, a Parisian Suburb, seized 3034 jackets and coats trimmed with cat and dog fur during the inspection of a warehouse storing clothes imported from China.

Although these clothes were labeled as synthetic fur, the strong animal smell coming from the fur trims quickly alerted the agents who sent the garments to a lab for an expertise analysis on the type of fur used.

The results of the analysis revealed that the garments contained cat and dog fur.
“This seizure reveal once again that consumers need to be vigilant”, says Olivier Rafin, director of Fourrure Torture.

In France, a decree from January 2006 prohibits the importation and commercialization of cat

and dog fur.

Unfortunately, the market is subject to a fast growing traffic of cat and dog fur, most of the time falsely labeled as fake fur, rabbit or far fetched words such as “asian jackal” and “sobaki” fur.

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More info

  • Fourrure Torture
  • HSUS: fur investigation
  • cat and dog fur factsheet
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    Cat and Dog Fur, Part 6

    Posted in Material by Glô! on the November 24th, 2008

    Real / Fake Fur Test

    As mentioned in the cat and dog fur Dossier, real fur can be sold as “faux” or with no labels at all.

    Because real fur is often dyed and sheared to look fake, you might be purchasing animal fur, thinking you are getting a jacket trimmed with fake fur.

    If you chose to buy a garment trimmed with fake fur, the leaflet below will help you to make sure you are not tricked into buying

    something you do not want to support.

    It can be downloaded from the Vegaplanet Resources and comes in pocket size and pdf. Each A4 sheet contains 4 leaflets.

    To view the pdf, click on the picture.

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    Cat and Dog Fur, Part 5

    Posted in Fur News by Glô! on the November 24th, 2008

    HSUS Undercover Investigation

    To sum up this dossier on the cat and dog fur trade, please watch the video of the undercover investigation done by the HSUS in 1998. Although the investigation is now 10 years old, the situation still remains unchanged.

    The campaign started when the HSI (international branch of the HSUS) were informed of dogs and cats being killed for their fur.

    With the help of Manfred Karremann, a German independent journalist, Rick Swain, HSUS investigator and his team, infiltrated the fur trade as fur dealers in China for 18 months, and exposed the whole trade with the shocking videotape footage and photographs obtained during that period.

    People worldwide could witness the horrific death of a German shepherd being skinned alive under the eyes of an indifferent public or cats being strangled in front of their cagemates.

    Click on the image to watch the video.
    It contains graphic images, so please read the HSUS report (Link below) if you cannot watch the footage.

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    More Info:

  • HSUS Fur Investigation, PDF
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    Bad Hare Days, by John Fitzgerald

    Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the November 23rd, 2008

    Bad Hare Days

    Written by John Fitzgerald, one of Ireland’s most vocal and dedicated anti coursing campaigners, “Bad Hare Days” is about the blood “sport” of live hare coursing that he has been trying to abolish for 30 years.

    Although the book focuses mainly on a deadly period for hares, the 1980s, it is also a campaigner’s story and his ups and downs in his fight against this blood “sport”.

    Between September 1986 and March 1990, John Fitzgerald was arrested eleven times, mainly under the Anti-terrorist Offences Against the State Act, in relation to activities directed against hare coursing such as damage to coursing fields, illegal releasing of hares from captivity but he has never been convicted of any offence in a court of law.

    As a superficial welfarist concession, greyhounds used for coursing had to be muzzled from 1993. This removed the bloodiest part of the “sport” but not the cruelty.
    Hares can still be mauled,

    injured, and tossed about like a rag doll on the coursing field.

    This brillant book can be purchased from

    More info:
    Kilkenny Advertiser

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    Shops Selling Fur in Dublin

    Posted in General news by Glô! on the November 5th, 2008

    The Hat Shop, Dublin

    On the 13th of October, after spotting some hats made from rabbit fur, as mentioned in the label, ALiberation sent a letter as well as a fur information pack to the shop, which is situated in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, ground floor.

    On the 15th of October, a representative of the shop contacted ALiberation by phone. She said she had made an honest mistake and that they will not sell fur again.

    On the Sunday 2nd of November, 3 fur hats were still visible on the top shelf. The shop may be selling on the last fur items that they had in stock.
    In the absence of a Fur Free Policy, ALiberation will continue to monitor this store.

    A note on rabbit fur: Many garments labeled as rabbit fur are not always made from rabbit.

    Cat fur is often labeled as “rabbit fur”.
    Only a DNA test can show what kind of animal fur was used for the garment.
  • View pictures of the The Hat Shop.
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    Scary Science Week of Action

    Posted in General news by Glô! on the November 4th, 2008

    Novartis, Misery in a Pill!

    As part of the Scary Science Week of Action, SHAC Ireland paid a visit to Novartis on Friday 31st of Oct and stayed outside their premises for a few hours.
    Megaphone, placards, leaflets and a strong voice were all we needed to alert the street of Novartis’ dirty secrets.

    And to all the people who didn’t feel concerned about the exploitation and murder of non human animals by these sick companies, we also didn’t forget to mention all the human deaths related to Novartis drug side effects. Ritalin, Exjade, Lamisil, Zelnorm, etc, all guarantee you even more pain and misery than you ever wished for! All that in a pill!

    [1] View pictures of the Demo.

    [2]Want to join Shac Ireland ?
    Contact : brian_cass_dropdead[at]

    [3] To Subscribe to SHAC for email alerts:

    [4] Global Campaign against HLS

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