Anti Fur Rally, London, 27 Sept 08

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the October 10th, 2008

London Marches
Against Fur

On the 27th of Sept 08, the streets of London were filled with loud anti fur slogans as over 400 activists marched against companies who sell animal fur in the city.
Brands like Gucci, Escada, Versace, Fendi, Joseph and Armani were made aware that compassion beats fashion.

As impressive as the demo itself was the amount of “yellow” jackets which added extra color to the march.
The march was not only surrounded by the police on both sides, and several police vans, but also watched from the air by a police helicopter.

The only department store in the UK to still sell animal fur, Harrods, also saw that abusing animals’ rights will not go unchallenged.

The demo was organised by CAFT UK. Pictures above are from CAFT.

Watch the video !

Full CAFT UK report:


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NYSE Global Day of Action Demo Report

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by ALib on the October 10th, 2008


SHAC Ireland joined the global day of action against the New York Stock Exchange Group (NYSE) on Monday 29th of September 2008.

The NYSE allows Huntingdon Life Science to trade shares anonymously on the all electronic trading platform NYSE Arca.

By allowing this, by being the only stock exchange in the world that allows HLS to trade its shares, the NYSE gives a glimmer of a financial hope to HLS.

HLS kills 500 animals on an average day. 70,000 animals are trapped on HLS sites, who have and will have pain inflicted upon them for pointless research. These animals are destined to be murdered for no benefit to themselves or others.
In a multitude of ways, these animals will have their rights, their bodies and their minds destroyed simply for the profits

of HLS.

SHAC Ireland demanded that both Goldman Sachs Management (Ireland) Limited and Brown Brothers Harriman & Co as members of the NYSE to use their influence to drop HLS from the NYSE listings.
Activists called to both businesses on Upper Hatch St, D2 between 12.30 and 1.30pm.

[1] View pictures of the Demo.

[2]Want to join Shac Ireland ?
Contact : brian_cass_dropdead[at]

[3] To Subscribe to SHAC for email alerts:

[4] Global Campaign against HLS

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Diesel &Miss Sixty Go Fur Free

Posted in Fur News by ALib on the October 10th, 2008

Diesel and Miss Sixty
drop animal fur.

The Sixty Group and Diesel have confirmed to Attacca I’industria della Pelliccia (AIP) that they will be implementing Fur Free Policies.

The Sixty Group includes brand names such as “Miss Sixty” “Energie”, “Refrigiwear”, Murphy & Nye” amongst others. The Sixty Group has stores worldwide on all continents. They sell through 7000 points of sale and have over 500 stores.

All brand names will adhere to the fur free policy immediately except for Refrigiwear who will comply with the group’s policy from the upcoming collections.

Diesel has over 500 stores in 55 countries globally. They sell in thousands of outlets on all continents. But after the 09/10 collections they will no longer sell animal fur.
Diesel confirmed to AIP that their Spring / Summer collection 2010 will be free from any animal fur.

Both companies have a huge standing in the fashion world.
This follows quickly in the footsteps of other large fashion brand names and shops who have

given fur free policies recently; stores such as Stefanel, Overstock, H&M and Bellstaff to name just a few.

This is a strong statement from both fashion leaders and very much welcome. However we would still encourage a boycott of their stores till their fur free policies are fully implemented.

More info:
Statement from AIP (Italian)

  • Miss Sixty
  • Diesel
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    Greyhound Derby Demo Report

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by ALib on the October 10th, 2008

    Brian Cowen Goes
    to the Dogs

    On the night that Greyhound Action Ireland held an event to coincide with Dog Tracks Lack of Underage Betting Limit/ Gambling Awareness Week”, Mr. Cowen was busy presenting a trophy at Shelbourne Park to the winner of the derby.

    This event is one of the lowlights of the greyhound racing industries calendar. If you would have asked the hardcore punters on the night why 40,000 greyhounds are disposed of every year between the UK and Ireland, this race held on the 13th of Sept would have been included in most of their answers.

    So if you’ve ever asked yourself what does An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, do when he’s not saving the world; What does he do when his party Fianna Fail, are not busy steering the country into a recession; What does Brian do when he isn’t fearlessly leading a political party, a political party that has squandered 105million since 2001 of taxpayer’s money into the Greyhound Racing Industry?

    Well, it seems that Brian likes to rub elbows with the worst hardcore punters (activists from Greyhound Action Ireland were cursed at, physically confronted and insulted by people who admitted they were involved in greyhound racing on the night).

    He also likes to stand side by side

    to children as they are encouraged to gamble, as they are surrounded late at night by alcohol and as they are urged to unwittingly support animal cruelty.

    Every week, children are seen going into Shelbourne Park at an astonishing rate. Please see the undercover investigation carried out earlier this year.

    Take a look at the photos in the links below. Activists from Greyhound Action Ireland saw scores of children making up a considerable portion of the crowd who entered Shelbourne Park on the night and many were a lot younger than the ones posing with An Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

    View pictures of the Demo.

    More info:

  • School Day Out at Shelbourne Park?
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