The Austrian Repression - Dossier

Posted in Dossier / News of the Week by Glô! on the August 29th, 2008

The Austrian Situation,

If you’ve ever tried to explain the wave of repression on the Austrian Animal Protection Movement to the people around you, you might have found yourself in a very frustrating situation. The whole situation is quite complex and difficult to understand.
After several attempted explanations, the person you are talking to keeps asking you why they are in jail.

Please, find below articles that will sum up the situation.

Click on each one to read the whole article.
  • Police raid on The Austrian Welfare Movement. Part 1.
  • Breaking the Rights of Activists. Part 2.
  • Criticism of the Austrian Authorities. Part 3.
  • A.F.A.R Protests Outside Austrian Embassy, Dublin.
  • Irish Support continues on Austrian Prisoners.
  • Austrian prisoners Released!
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    The Austrian Repression - Protest in Dublin

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the August 29th, 2008

    Irish Support Continues on Austrian Prisoners
    Part 4

    On the 22nd of July, AFAR and ALiberation gathered outside the Austrian National Tourist Office in Merrion Center, Dublin, to protest against the violation of rights that Animal protectionists from Austria have been enduring for nearly 4 months and to express their shock and dismay that government officials in Austria should act in such an utterly arbitrary and despotic manner.

    3 activists dressed as chained prisoners and with their mouths taped shut symbolised the innocent animal protectionists being held by the Austrian authorities, while other concerned activists and members of the public came to lend their support.
    Most passers-by were sympathetic to their plight after taking and reading a leaflet, although they found it hard to believe this was happening not so far away, in Austria. This is a country where human rights are
    assumed to be respected.
    The activists’ rights continue to be violated as their remand in custody was extended on the grounds that once out of jail, they might continue perpetuating “criminal offences”!

    Aliberation believes that regardless of one’s opinions about Animal Rights, what is happening is an attempt to obstruct and criminalise social activism. The way the law is interpreted and used makes every activist an easy target.

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    The Austrian Repression - Part 3 Prisoners Support

    Posted in General news by Glô! on the August 29th, 2008

    Criticism of the Austrian Authorities
    Part 3

    The human rights violations against these animal protectionists has caused outrage and strong criticism towards Austrian authorities from the international community and concerned Austrians.

    Brigid Weinzinger, from the Austrian Green Party demanded the release of the activists: “To hold people in custody for two weeks without specific evidence and without charging them is a scandal pure and simple.”
    She added that it was illegal to imprison a person on remand as an attempt to discredit legal animal welfare campaigning or because their campaigns caused some politicians discomfort.

    Amnesty International also made a statement on the illegal detention of the campaigners. They declared that political and social activism as a freedom of expression is a protected human right.

    They also stated that the term “organised crime” defines the intent to maximize one’s profit, such as drug, weapon, human trafficking, etc, not campaigners who unselfishly take political action to improve the situation

    with regard to animal protection.

    Mr Hannes Jarolim, from the Social Democrat Party criticized the course of action taken by the police and questioned the validity of the grounds for detention. “The house searches and remand in custody of individuals gave the impression of being an attempt to make an example”, he says.

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    The Austrian Repression - Part 2 Extention of Remand in Custody

    Posted in General news by Glô! on the August 29th, 2008

    Breaking the Rights of Activists
    Part 2

    On the 08 of July 08, because the suspects refused to renounce animal protection, their remand in custody was extended to 2 more months on the grounds that there remains the risk they will perpetrate criminal offences!

    Even though not one single charge was brought against the detainees, Martin Balluch’s case was demolished as he refused to leave his position as chairman of VGT.
    On the other hand, Christian Moser, one of the 10 detainees, was released from remand as the judge believed he suffered so much from the separation from his family that he would renounce taking part in animal rights activities.

    However, the public prosecutor appealed against the release order, which means that Moser could be brought back to prison awaiting trial.

    Harald Balluch, managing director of the Association against Animal Factories (VGT) and brother of Martin, said, “I am thoroughly horror-stricken that people can be locked up arbitrarily for weeks in Austria without a specific accusation or proven risk of collusion or flight.

    These are individuals who have never once in their lives held a weapon in their hands – to brand them as terrorists and state enemy number one is a scandal without compare. Animal protection has been successful and business interests find that inconvenient.

    This disastrous paragraph 278a gives the authorities a real field day – it lets them just dispose of people who make use of their freedom of opinion and their freedom to demonstrate.”

    Go back to the File on the Austrian Repression.

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    Animal Rights Repression In Austria, Part 1 Police Raid

    Posted in General news by Glô! on the August 29th, 2008

    Police Raids the Austrian Welfare Movement
    Part 1

    On the 21st of May, the police raided the Animal Welfare Movement all across Austria, by storming into the homes and offices of activists and organisations at 6.15am.
    Activists were brutally woken up at gunpoint. A total of twenty-three (23) apartments, houses and offices were searches in Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria and Tirol.
    7 organisations were targeted and 10 people were taken into custody without any specific charges made against them.

    The police justified their act by claiming that the activists were suspected of belonging to a criminal organisation under the code 278a of the Austrian Criminal Code.
    After a week of custody, as no charges were being made against them, the activists’ lawyers issued formal complaints against the police for human rights violations (detention of the activists without being charged, unnecessary force used by the police during the house raids, DNA samples taken from 2 of the activists against their will, using force).

    Seven of the detainees started a hunger strike in protest of this injustice, with the support of several solidarity protests around the world outside Austrian Embassies.

    After 10 days of hunger strike, the authorities still refused to announce the charges which would be brought against them, although we learn from the Office of Public Prosecutor that the police had been investigating the detainees for years, by having their phones bugged, emails cited, etc.


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    Dolphin Leaflet Available Online

    Posted in Material by Glô! on the August 26th, 2008

    DOLPHIN Leaflet to Download

    Leaflets can be downloaded on the Vegaplanet Resources.

    They come in both pocket size and pdf. Each A4 sheet contains 3 leaflets.

    Simply print the front by selecting the pdf marked front, then reverse the page in the printer and print the back by selecting the pdf marked back, and then cut the A4 sheet in three.

    For people outside of Ireland, you can use the “psd” document and change the contact details if you have photoshop.
    If you don’t, drop us an email and we will change the details for your convenience.

    To view the pdf, click on the picture.
    To view the back of the leaflet, click here.

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    Japan Dolphin Day, ALiberation Protest

    Posted in Events by Glô! on the August 26th, 2008

    Japan Dolphin Day,
    3rd of Sept 08

    An international day of protest will be held on Sept 3rd to call on the Japanese authorities to ban the brutal slaughter of dolphins, porpoises and other small whales.

    This slaughter takes place every year from October through March, and fishermen kill more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises in the most brutal way imaginable. The dolphins are either killed for the meat trade, or sent to dolphinariums around the world.
    ALiberation will once again participate in this global protest. Please join us outside the Japanese Embassy.
    Posters and leaflets will be available but feel free to bring your own material!

    More info:

  • Japan, Stop the Dolphin Slaughter:Vegaplanet Article.
  • Japan Dolphin Day 2008
  • Write to the Japanese Embassy.
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    Radio Show on Animal Abusers United Seminar, 08-08-08

    Posted in Events by Glô! on the August 20th, 2008

    We Love Foxes… To Death!

    On the 8th of August, the “Today with Pat Kenny” radio show featured Animal Rights activists versus Animal Abusers, following the Breakfast seminar on the Irish AR movement, organised by Gavin Duffy, from HAI (Hunting Association of Ireland).

    Listen to Gavin Duffy talk about his discreet meeting being intercepted by an allegedly “organised and dangerous” AR movement.

    Listen to Gavin Duffy talk about his love of animals, even foxes that he doesn’t want to see poisoned or snared, but mercilessly chased and ripped apart by a pack of hounds.

    Listen to Gavin Duffy talk about his support of animal welfare and animal charities such as the ISPCA. But wait a second, according to Lt Col Dennis Foster,

    the ISPCA is a “dangerous organization”!

    That was a good show, we loved every bit of it!

    1. Click here to hear the show.
    2. Read ALiberation’s article on the Seminar.

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    Animal Abusers United, 08-08-08

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by ALib on the August 20th, 2008

    Conspiracy of Animal Abusers

    An attempt to start a Conspiracy of Animal Abusers was held in the Ballsbrige Court Hotel (Previously known as the Berkley Court Hotel) on Friday last.

    Although the organizer, spokesperson for the Hunting Association of Ireland, Gavin Duffy, admitted that invitations were sent out to over 80 organisations, only about 20 to 25 persons (not organizations) attended. Businesses such as the fur shop Barnardo Furriers were seen to have 3 people attend the hotel for example.

    One of the most publicized invitees, President of the Irish Farmers Association, Padraig Walshe (his face was one of three that appeared on the invitation brochure), said this was a “hunting agenda” according to the Today With Pat Kenny Show. Hunters organized it and they held their own meeting the night before. The conspiracy was top heavy with hunters and the key speaker is regarded as one of the most powerful people in the international hunting scene.

    Padraig Walshe declined the invitation by stating “I am very dissatisfied about this. The

    organisers have used my name in a totally inappropriate way to promote their own agenda. I will not allow my name or the IFA to be hijacked in this way. There will be no IFA participation in this event.”

    The hunting lobby’s idea was to collect as many businesses as possible who promote, sell, trade or pay for animal abuse in the one room and discuss how best they may counter the Animal Rights movement. The Animal Rights movement is a compassionate movement and is founded on according rights to animals based on their interests.


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    International Hunting Seminar Protest , 07/08/08

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by ALib on the August 20th, 2008

    International Hunting Seminar

    The Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS) organised two events to coincide with 2 meetings that hunters tried to secretly arrange. The hunters first met on Thursday night on 7th August at the Ballsbridge Court Hotel.
    The second meeting was a Conspiracy of Animal Abusers in the same place on the following morning.

    Hunting is regarded as a “blood sport”. Sport should involve a contest between the contestants, but hunting only ever has one winner. This is due to only one side ever contesting (the hunter), the other side (eg the fox) is fighting for his life. The winner, unsurprisingly is always the hunter and never the killed animal.

    So whereas the euphemism “sport” should be replaced with a word more appropriate such as “massacre” or simply “murder”, the other word “blood” is entirely suitable. Other names could be “unnecessary”, “animal cruelty”, “cold hearted premeditated stupidity in the pursuit of pleasure”
    A fight to live versus a game to kill is not a contest.

    The hunters who booked into the Ballsbridge Court Hotel will surely have had sillier things to discuss than an apt name for what they do or even to discuss the rights of the animals they violate.
    The struggle with words would be

    a better contest for these hunters than the routine killing of a defenseless animal. Some other words that creep unashamedly into their vocabulary are “conservation”, “biodiversity”, “cull”, “harvest”, “population management” etc.

    Now if these hunters bought a dictionary (book that explains what words mean) they may be able to finally apply the correct name to what they are trying to say. This may not be an easy competition for them but at least the losing streak that they are on may result in a win ever so often.

    With “blood sports” there is only ever one outcome. The outcome of a coward.

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    ARAN Rally 05-10-2008

    Posted in Events by Glô! on the August 15th, 2008

    Cruelty to Animals Must Stop -
    Join The Rally

    Aliberation will be supporting our friends at Animal Rights Action Network in a national rally against cruelty to animals.

    On October 5th hundreds of people will descend on Dublin’s O’Connell Street in a united show of support for stronger laws in the new upcoming Irish animal welfare bill.

    Please mark your diaries for this not to be missed event:-
    Date: Sunday, October 5th 2008
    Time: 1.30pm Sharp
    Place: Garden of Remembrance,

    O’Connell Street, Dublin
    (Please meet outside here)
    For more information on this please visit their website at and be sure to bring along some family members and friends, the more the merrier!
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