ALF Ireland Action, 21 June 08

Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the July 1st, 2008

More ALF Actions against Circuses and Hunting Shop

From BiteBack.

“the Irish ALF struck again on the night of 21st June ‘08′ targeting a well known animal circus ‘Tom Duffy’s circus’ posters. this particular circus tours Ireland with 6 Bengal tigers, horses, dogs, llamas and advertises on it’s posters a zoo that is held after each show.

Roughly 30 posters were either spray painted or slashed apart with a knife for every animal suffering inside duffys circus.

Until next time,
Irish Alf”

More info on Irish Ciruses:

  • The Animal Abuse of Circuses.
  • Duffy’s Circus Factsheet.
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    Human Rights Scandal in Austria

    Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the July 1st, 2008

    Press Release - Human Rights Scandal in Austria

    Non-governmental organisations express concern about what may be a case of state repression of social activism.

    On 21st May 2008 at 6 a.m., heavily armed police officers from an elite unit stormed 21 homes and the offices of a number of non-governmental organisations in Austria.
    Breaking their way in, the masked police surrounded frightened civilians in their beds at gun point. Ten people were arrested and have been held in custody without specific charge since that day. Despite the statement by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior that “The measures taken by the police (.) were in no way directed against animal welfare or animal welfare organisations”, the removal of computers, documents and other assets has effectively crippled some of the organisations involved.
    Those asking the media to look at

    this case draw attention to the fact that Amnesty International (1) and the Austrian Green Party have reacted strongly, questioning police methods and the treatment of detainees, particularly the absence of actionable evidence justifying “strong suspicion” (dringender Tatverdacht) or the “reason (or grounds)” (Haftgrund) for the arrests.

    Detainee accounts of what has happened are alarming: see, for example, this appeal sent out by Martin Balluch on June 9 (2).


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