Bad Medicine, Antivivisection DVD

Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the June 24th, 2008

Bad Medicine : the Human Cost of Animal Experiments

Bad Medicine is the first UK made film exposing the true human cost of animal experimentation and destroying the myth that animal research has anything to do with health.

It was made following all the propaganda manufactured and widely spread by the vivisection industry and the biased media over the past several decades.
This statement particularly aims at the BBC who has been only too eager to take up without question the cause of those whose task it is to convince us that vivisection ‘works.

The DVD is 45 min long and contains interviews with several doctors such as Dr Monheim FADALI, Director of DLRM

(Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine), Dr Tony PAGE, author of Vivisection Unveiled, Mat Fraser, actor, etc.

[1] To order the DVD : Bad Medicine.
[2] To download the documentary : Vivisectionfraud videos.


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Elephant Cull, Press Release

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the June 22nd, 2008

South African Ambassador Comments on Elephant Cull Strategy.

Little was resolved at an amicable meeting last week between animal action group ALiberation and the South African Ambassador to Ireland, HEMs DPS Jana, about South Africa’s lifting of the ban to kill elephants.

In what now must be seen as part of the long term strategy of South Africa to restart the ivory trade, South Africa lifted the ban to kill elephants on the 1st of May of this year.

The South African government has constantly opposed the decision by CITIES to stop the trade of ivory in 1989 and has since tried to reopen the trade through covert means. In the decade before the moratorium, over half the population of elephants was wiped out.
Nonetheless elephants in South

Africa continued to be killed until 1995.

The South African government has supported proposals time and again to inch open the door of the ivory trade. A door that once opened will be almost impossible to close.

In the early 1900’s the African continent had an estimated 10 million elephants, today there is only about 600,000.


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Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the June 22nd, 2008

Earthlings, Make The Connection

Earthlings is a thought provoking documentary, exposing exposing mankind’s unnecessary and cruel dependence on non-human animals as food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation.

Using hidden cameras, it exposes the practices of some of the largest animal-dependent industries in the world, such as factory farms, animal shelters, fur farms, animal research facilities, etc.

Earthlings is not an easy documentary to watch, so bring lots of tissue, because you’ll need them.
If you don’t go vegan after watching this movie, you should definitely ask yourself some serious questions.

Please consider buying the DVD instead of downloading it, as it’s not a Hollywood movie. This film, which took 5 years to make, did not finance nor direct itself.

More info:

  • Earthlings.
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    Vivisection Or Science? Pietro Croce

    Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the June 22nd, 2008

    Vivisection, the Danger To Human Health

    An investigation into testing drugs and safeguarding health.

    Many books have been written concerning the ethical issue and cruelty to vivisection. But there are also books that deal with the scientific errors resulting from the speculation of results from non-human to human animals, especially when healthy but deliberately injured animals are taken as models for diseases occurring naturally in humans.

    Written by an ex-vivisector, this book condemns animal experiments on purely scientific and methodological grounds and shows with great conviction that vivisection has nothing to do with good science.

    Pietro Croce performed animal experiments for a long time until he eventually recognized the harmful consequences this method had on human health.

    According to Pietro Croce, a truly human medical science cannot include vivisection. Methods for humane scientific enquiry already exist that are perfectly adequate

    for human need.

    This book contains two big chapters:

    1. Vivisection : the dangers to human health.
    2. Scientific methods of biomedical research.


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    WWF’s ties with Animal Testing

    Posted in Animal Testing by Glô! on the June 18th, 2008

    W.W.F. & Vivisection
    A big love story

    WWF is an environmental organisation set up in 1961. Their goal : “we’re in the business of saving our one and only planet.”
    Certainly. But this will not apply to the ones who live in it: elephants, seals, whales (1), and especially the million of animals who die each year from toxicity tests, thanks to the generous help of WWF.

    Thousands of species are affected each year by toxic chemicals, which lead to deformities, reproductive problems, etc. These encocrine Disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are synthetic chemicals that interfere with naturally produced hormones.
    Many everyday products contain EDCs such as pesticides, phthalates used in plastic, bisphenol A used in the lining of tin cans, etc.

    To rid the world of serious chemical threats to wildlife and people - remember, WWF is here to save the planet - WWF thinks that the best way is to call for an increase in toxicity testing.

    How ironical is that, when we know that all these chemicals had already been tested on animals in the past and “supposedly” proven safe by the fraudulent vivisection community.

    Indeed, WWF has invested on EPA (environmental Protection Agency)’s Endoctrine Disruptor Screening program (EDSP) which goal is to evaluate the effects of industrial chemicals on the human hormonal (or endoctrine) system by looking at the reproductive organs of animals.


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    Iceland Resumes Whaling, May 2008

    Posted in General news by Glô! on the June 17th, 2008

    Iceland on the Killing Road Again

    Without any warning, Iceland has once again defied the global moratorium on commercial whaling by resuming the killing of minke whales this year.

    Joining the other whale killing nations along with japan and Norway, Iceland have set their self appointed quota of 40 minke whales to kill over the next few months.
    Iceland, which stopped whaling last year due to poor demand for whale meat started the killing on May 20th 2008.

    “We hope that we will finish the 40-whale quota in the beginning of July if the market responds

    well to the meat, as we believe it will,” said Gunnar Bergmann Jonsson, head of a minke whaling association.

    “The Icelandic whaling industry is a criminal operation supported by government lies and corruption. The civilized world needs to boycott all things Icelandic including tourism, Icelandic sweaters and Icelandic vodka. It’s appropriate that Icelandic vodka is labeled “black death.” This is a nation that inflicts suffering and death illegally on defenseless sentient beings.”
    Captain Paul Watson.

    Commercial whaling has been banned globally under the International Whaling Commission (IWC) regulations since 1986, but Japan, Iceland, and Norway have continued to kill endangered whales in direct violation of international regulations that prohibit commercial whaling.

    The global trade in whale meat is also prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).


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    AntiVivisection Book, Hans Ruesch

    Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the June 13th, 2008

    Slaughter of the innocent, by Hans Ruesch

    Awakening the world to the scientific fraud of vivisection

    Written in 1978 by Hans Ruesch and banned from many stores at its publication, this book will make you question the myths, spin and downright lies that have been promoted so effectively by the medical and pharmaceutical industries for decades.

    Slaughter of the innocent provides irrefutable proof of the harm caused to humans through vivisection; it validates the point that animal research is nothing but scientific fraud.

    After this book appeared, many medical doctors joined the antivivisection movement in order to demand the abolition of such monstrous fraud. But the book also outraged some of the very people and institutions who might have been expected to welcome it—for it attacked some vested interests that have developed in some of the animal protection

    and antivivisection societies.

    Don’t even think about doing an antivivisection stall without having this book on display!

    More info:

    Where to get it:

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    SHAC Demo Report, 30 May 08

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the June 10th, 2008

    NoVartis, No Vivisection! Demo Report

    Novartis have two offices in Dublin. On Friday the 30th May, as part of the world week of action organized by SHAC, activists from ALiberation campaigned at both the Harcourt Rd office from 1pm to 2.40pm and their Clonskeagh office from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

    In Harcourt Rd, once again people were informed about the cruelty that Novartis pay for when firstly they experiment on animals and secondly when they hire

    Huntingdon Life Science to do this for them.

    Again we received a good reaction from people on the street. A lot of who can’t understand why Novartis continue to pretend that vivisection is anything but a lie. Novatis cause casual cruelty so they can sell defective drugs and get away with it; they rob both money and lives in what they think is the perfect crime.

    In 2006, Novartis used nearly 800,000 animals in animal experimentations but yet still produce and sell drugs that have lethal side affects to the very patients that these drugs were designed to help.

    In Clonskeagh, the doors to their shared office were locked, as they were in Harcourt Rd. When we buzzed the reception on the intercom, we were told “I don’t think so, we know who you are”. Looks like the SHAC campaign is famous!

    The office in Clonskeagh is in a business park. Every car parked in that business park and the adjoining car park received a leaflet under their wiper about Novartis and HLS. Every car or person coming in and out of the business park was informed about Novartis’s and HLS’s .secrets. Every car driving up and down by the park saw all about Novartis’s and HLS’s dirty laundry. Its dirty laundry we hung out especially for them and we’ll do so again until they clean up their act.

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    Austrian Repression - Dublin Protest

    Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the June 4th, 2008

    Protest at Austrian embassy, 04 June 08

    Despite very heavy rain, a few activists staged a protest at our Dublin Austrian embassy on Global solidarity Day for the arrested activists. Windows were closed and no one appeared so we left some flyers for them.

    We know they were in there so our placards made it clear why we were there.

    We send our support to Martin and the others.
    Bernie Wright,

    Go back to the File on the Austrian Repression.

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