The Green Scare

Posted in General news by ALib on the January 29th, 2008

When Freedom of Speech is a Crime

From the late 1940s through the mid-1950s, The Red scare was the the fear of communist infiltration into U.S. government and society. These fears spurred aggressive investigation and jailing or deportation of persons associated with communist and socialist ideology or political movements.
Now think Red Scare, with a green twist.

Government officials have pinned the label “terrorist” on anyone that is effectively campaigning against injustice. As government repression in general increases, so does the pressure on the animal rights, environmental justice, anti-war and anarchist movements.
Since then, the FBI has mercilessly harassed numerous environmental activists by conducting paramilitary-style raids on their homes; seizing computers, papers, photos and
other personal effects; engaging in electronic surveillance; dispatching informants to demonstrations, and even in activists homes.


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Greyhound Racing

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the January 27th, 2008

Every year in Britain and Ireland 40,000 greyhounds enter racing and a similar number end their racing lives.
Tens of thousands of greyhounds are disposed of by the greyhound racing industry every year.

Throughout their racing career, the dogs routinely endure inhumane conditions and have little human contact. Many greyhound farms are barely getting by financially, so the dogs are kept caged most of the time in crates or pens or in fenced enclosures and fed low quality foods. Each dog is a major expense, which is why so many are killed when they are deemed unfit to race.

Many of them end up like this. Tied to a lump of concrete and drowned.

The thousands of greyhounds that are surplus to the racing industry are more likely to end their days, not in front of a warm fire, but drowned, poisoned, beaten to death, starved, dumped on the streets or impounded and destroyed.


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ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 27/01/2008

Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the January 27th, 2008

ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 27/01/2008

The sham of Japanese whaling and Dolphin killing was highlighted again last Wednesday between 2pm to 4pm by activists at the Japanese Embassy. Scientific research is the excuse for killing whales and suffering tradition and economy is the reason put forward for killing Dolphins.

The Japanese Government say research is needed to see how much fish the Whales are eating (Whales not Humans, according to Japan, are the real reason for the depleted fish stocks in the oceans) and to find out how many Whales are left (so Japan can kill them if there are enough).

Despite more advanced, used and recommended methods of ascertaining this information, Japan uses the kill them, cut them open, and sell them for a profit method.

Even the research the Japanese fishermen/scientists/traders

collect is sometimes not published due to fear of international ridicule or when it is published adds very little to serious research. See link below.

The Dolphins are slaughtered for meat or sold to dolphin parks under the guise of helping out local communities who are economically deflated. Dolphin meat is sold in these villages and the rest of Japan to create a market for Dolphin meat.

What the helpful Japanese government doesn’t want known is the poisonous levels of mercury in this meat or the horrible cruelty used to acquire this meat.

More Info :

  • The Japan Times Online
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    Novartis & Astra Zeneca Demos in Dublin 25/01/08

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Elin on the January 26th, 2008

    SHAC Demo
    Report 25/01/08

    On Friday the 25th, 1pm, 5 activists met up outside Novartis City Centre Office in Dublin with our banner, posters and a megaphone. Shortly after we started the demo a lady passing by got herself a poster and so we were 6.

    Lunch time, as it was, alot of people were around and came up to us asking about HLS and we explained the relationship between Novartis and HLS. The house where Novartis has its office locked their doors and the receptionist had to run her legs off opening for everyone coming back from lunch.

    Standing right outside the main entrance no one could ignore us.
    The Gardai showed up for a short visit but left again. After one hour we headed on to an even more central spot, the Astra Zeneca office located right next to Trinity University and Grafton


    This time a Garda was waiting for us but didn’t make any trouble.

    Being one of the busiest areas in Dublin, crawling with students, tourists, office workers and commuters we handed out loads of leaflets and got alot of attention.

    We stayed here for about one hour and a half, and left with a promise to return soon. Except for the furious wind and some bad luck with our cameras everything went fine. See you next week!!!

    View the pictures of the demo.

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    Aliberation Campaigns Timetable Week 21/01/08 to 27/01/08

    Posted in ALiberation Noticeboard by Glô! on the January 22nd, 2008

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    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the January 22nd, 2008

    ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 20/01/2008

    In a very unusual week, the demo arranged for Wednesday at the Norway Embassy was rescheduled instead to a Friday at Japanese Embassy demo.

    During the week 2 crew members of a ship owned by Seashepard, the organization sworn to protect whales from whalers by any means, were taken hostage by Japanese whalers. Fortunately, they were released before Friday. So the demo was solely to highlight the cruelty that Japanese whalers inflict on the earth’s largest animals.

    A letter was delivered to the new Japanese ambassador to Ireland Ambassador Toshinao Urabe via his secretary who met members of the protest group in the ambassador’s place. After this meeting a demo was held outside of the embassy from 2pm to 3.30pm.
    More Info :

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    Aliberation Campaigns Timetable Friday 18/01/07

    Posted in ALiberation Noticeboard by Glô! on the January 16th, 2008

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    Sea Shepherd Activists Detained by Whalers - Dublin Protest

    Posted in Events by Glô! on the January 16th, 2008

    Solidarity Demo
    At Japanese Embassy

    Right now, 2 activists from the Sea Shepherd are being held by Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters. Paul Watson is calling on the Australian and British Government to demand their release.

    Australian Benjamin Potts and British man Giles Lane were detained by japanese whalers as they boarded the Yushin Maru No 2, a whaling ship on the 15th of January.

    Their intention was to hand them a letter telling them that they were whaling in a protected zone.
    According to the Sea Shepherd, the crew members were assaulted and tied to railings and a radar mast.
    Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research denies they were tied

    up and says the protesters threw bottles of acid onto the ship’s deck.


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    ALiberation’s Demo Report 13/01/2008

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the January 16th, 2008

    ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 13/01/2008

    The Norwegian Embassy in Dublin was again asked by mega phone to give up killing whales last Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm. Leaflets were handed out by activists holding a banner of a murdered whale. See the link and video below to see why whaling should be stopped.

    Norway is one of 3 countries, along with Iceland and Japan, that have exploited loopholes in the IWC (International Whaling Commission) worldwide ban on whaling.

    Despite condemnation from countries globally, Norway continues to self appoint a

    quota of whales to kill each year.

    They mainly use an explosive harpoon. The idea is that a moving largely submerged whale has to be hit from a distance from a sea rocking ship with a harpoon loaded with a grenade. Some whales can take hours to die.
    More Info :

  • Norway, Stop killing whales!
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    ALiberation’s Demo Report 06/01/2008

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the January 16th, 2008

    ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 06/01/2008

    A Barnardo’s Furriers Genealogy study is rumoured to have traced the family’s heritage all the way back to the cave man era.
    Back to the time when humans were of lesser intelligence, dragged their knuckles on the ground and wore fur. It’s true what they say then, somethings really do never change.

    Another rumour was that scientists who were trying to make a Jurassic Park type clone involving ancient man asked the Barnardo’s for a DNA sample.
    Unfortunately, this story has an unhappy ending as the scientists could not use the DNA sample as the period of man they were looking to clone was from a much later period than the sample provided.

    Last Saturday between 1.30pm and 4.00pm and again at the end of the day activists campaigned
    outside of Barnardo’s Furriers to outlaw the prehistoric practice of furfarming in Ireland.

    More Info:

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    Aliberation Campaigns Timetable Saturday 12/01/07

    Posted in ALiberation Noticeboard by Glô! on the January 11th, 2008

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    Badger Culling in Ireland :What You Can Do

    Posted in General news by Willie on the January 11th, 2008

    Ireland’s badger - culling shame

    Have you ever wondered why sightings of badgers in the Irish countryside are so rare? This important Irish mammal should be a prominent member of Irish wildlife, yet it seems the only time a badger can be seen is as roadkill at the side of roads and motorways. The reason for this is very simple but is not publicised often. The Department of Agriculture has paid employees who set up to 6,000 wire snares every night that target badgers.

    It is claimed that badgers act as carriers for bovine tuberculosis (bTB), and they are culled

    in an effort to reduce the incidence of this disease in Irish cattle herds. However, this vicious cull,
    a project which began in the 1980’s, is not an effective way to control bovine TB.

    Badgers are blamed for the presence of bTB in Irish herds, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. At present, badger culling is not carried out in the UK, yet bTB is twice as prevalent in Irish herds compared with those in Britain.

    This clearly suggests that this practice is not effective. Powerful farming lobbies are strongly in favour of the badger cull, as it is easier to place the blame on wild

    animals than to take responsibility for this problem.
    The real reasons why bTB afflicts cattle herds relate to current farming practices. Farm animals are often transported without effective controls.

    Testing of cattle prior to transportation was discontinued in Ireland in 1996.

    Bovine tuberculosis, along with a host of other infectious diseases such as BSE and Foot and Mouth, are becoming increasingly common on today’s farms.


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