ALiberation and AFAR Celebrate Fur Free Day

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Fur Free Day,
Dublin, 15/12/2007

On Saturday 15/12, activists took part in a series of anti-fur demos in Dublin, from 11am to 4pm. This day, along with Brown Thomas’s fur free policy, was intended to send a clear message to stores like Pamela Scott, Richard Alan, Barnardo’s Furriers, Sydney Vards and Donnelly Leathers to listen to the large majority of the Irish public and to give up selling fur.

First on our list was Barnardo Furriers.
We stood outside this shop with petitions and leaflets on the fur farms in Ireland for an hour. Although it has been much publicised, a lot of people still don’t know that there are 6 fur farms in Ireland.

Next on the list were two shops owned by the Flairline Fashions Group : Pamela Scott and Richard Alan. There are two Pamela Scott stores in Dublin, one in Grafton St, and another one, Pamela Ski, specialised in ski outwear close to Grafton st. Although Pamela Ski is full of fur trimmed garments from rabbits

to raccoon dogs, we decided to stand outside Pamela Scott in grafton st as it’s a few stores down Richard Alan and this street is also one of the busiest places in Dublin. Pamela Scott stocks labels such as Michel Ambers, Olsen, Gerry Weber, Bianca, Apanage and Betty Barclay.

Richard Alan stocks brands such as Armani, Versace, Louis Feraud, etc, all famous for selling fur.
The Flairline Fashions Group also opened an Escada outlet in their Richard Alan store.

View pictures of the demo FUR FREE DAY.

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ALiberation Press Release on Brown Thomas

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Brown Thomas and BT2 turn their back on cruel fur trade.

Brown Thomas has been criticized for many years for its commitment to the sale of real fur. A concerned public and a number of animal rights groups had requested that Brown Thomas stop selling fur.

This long running campaign by animal rights groups AFAR, ARAN, ALiberation and CAFT Ireland reached a new level of intensity in recent months with members of ALiberation demonstrating during peak shopping hours weekly up to 4 days a week outside the main entrance to Brown Thomas on Grafton St in Dublin.

Tens of thousands of people signed the petition to boycott Brown Thomas until they went fur free.

Last week, Stephen Sealey, the Brown Thomas Group Buying Director declared by email that his store’s policy from February 2008 will be to stock no real fur products.

Mr. Sealey confirmed that Brown Thomas will have a Fur Free policy; “from February 2008, Brown Thomas do not intend to stock any fur products.

We work with a number of concession partners, and we have communicated this policy to them.” “to confirm we have told all concession partners they cannot sell rabbit fur, or other real fur in Brown Thomas and BT2″.

Furthermore, Mr. Sealey added that “the only fur type product that will be acceptable in Brown Thomas is synthetic fur, or leather/suede/sheepskin/shearling.”

Brown Thomas had specialized in Rabbit fur and had initially taken the view that the sale of Rabbit fur was not part of the fur industry. However, when the facts were viewed by Brown Thomas they agreed to change their fur policy as “Brown Thomas has no desire to support businesses which profit from animal cruelty.”


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Aliberation Demos Report 26/11 to 02/12

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ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 02/12/2007

Bad Taste Brown Thomas

A change of approach brought much attention outside Brown Thomas on Grafton St last Thursday.

Between 6pm and 9pm, we held a banner with a picture asking “Brown Thomas, stop selling fur!”. Simple but effective. Thanks to the maker.
A change does a body good as the man says, and it did.

This is Brown Thomas’s busy period;they will sell more in the next 2 months than at any other time of the year. This campaign will be stepped up if Brown Thomas

allows the sale of any type of fur

in their store.
PS, there was an unbelievable story about last Thursday night but if you didn’t see it, you just wouldn’t believe it.

Barnardo’s Furriers, sell, sell, souled!!

This shop must be one of the most hated shops in Ireland if not the most hated.

Among the other things they have in their display windows are
tails!! Tails for sale, not even bothering to disguise what they are selling….
This family will sell anything. In the same way a hypnotised person will carry out actions to the click of a finger, this family will help kill to the sound of the till. No questions asked.

From 1pm to 3.30pm activists looked hard for the Barnardo’s family conscience, it was eventually found on Ebay in pristine condition, unused and still in its original box.

More info:


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