Aliberation Demos Report 19/11 to 25/11

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ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 25/11/2007

Dolphin Slaughter by Japanese Fishermen

“Shame on Japan, Stop killing Dolphins” was shouted through megaphones on Wednesday, from 12pm to 2pm, at the Japanese Embassy by members of ALiberation, ARAN and AFAR. Some people believe that Indymedia is not read but the 8 Gardai who attended the protest would surely disagree (they reduced it to 3 when they realized it was all peaceful, as usual).

Japanese fishermen kill 23 thousand dolphins and many small whales in their annual slaughter.
Why? Well, like Barnardo’s, Brown Thomas and Shelbourne Park, they don’t mind selling alot of cruelty for a little bit of money.

How? Well, the Japanese fishermen drive them into coves where the dolphins will be encouraged to stay by placing some netting around the Dolphins and also by wounding and drawing blood from some of the dolphins so the rest of the dolphins will not leave. Dolphins will not abandon a wounded fellow. So, an act that most people would recognize as a virtue is exploited to condemn these animals to a cruel death.

What happened? Well about 70% of the passing cars took a leaflet as did the pedestrians.

Some of the public had already heard about Japan’s cruelty through television and this is important, as up till recently the Japanese Government and Japanese fishermen got away scot free due to public ignorance of the brutality.

What now? Now it’s time for the Japanese Government to take note that killing Whales and Dolphins for cash comes with the snag of international public condemnation.

This won’t be the last demo at this at this embassy.
Sign the petition:
More info:


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Aliberation Campaigns 26/11 to the 02/12

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Irish Independant article against Anti-fur activists

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by Willie on the November 26th, 2007

Answer to Martina Devlin

Aliberation answers to Miss Devlin who wrote an article for the Irish Independent relating to the anti-fur activists who escorted Sophie Dahl in Dublin.
Read Ms Devin’s article.

Miss Devlin,

I write in response to your article in the Irish Independent of 8 november. Your article suggests that animal rights activist throw an argument in your face rather than a “paint can”. I would not like to throw anything in your face but I would like to present you with some facts.

Firstly, you describe animal rights activists as “zealots”, “judgemental” and “crusaders”. Judging by the stereotypical nature of your description of anti-fur protesters, I must conclude that you have not actually spoken to many.

An image has been created through the media of people involved in animal rights campaigns. This is often a deliberate attempt to discredit

animal rights ideas and has nothing to do with the reality of those involved. The animal rights movement confronts the appalling exploitation of many powerful industries and corporations and it is clear which side the corporate media is backing. The problem, of course, with this media driven image is that people believe it is true.

It then is reinforced constantly, something which is evident in your article.

You begin with a fictitious version of animal rights activists and then you add further layers of illusion to this image as you go. To suggest that there is a “storm trooper wing” is bizarre, even allowing that you presumably were intending to add some humour to your article.


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Remember to Write to the Japanese Embassy

Posted in General news by Glô! on the November 26th, 2007

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Dolphin Slaughter : Write to the Japanese Embassy

Posted in General news by Glô! on the November 26th, 2007

Japan, Stop The Dolphin Slaughter

Every year, from October to March, 20,000 dolphins are brutally murdered in small towns of Japan.
These dolphins are killed and sold for their flesh or sent to dolphinariums (read dolphin prisons), aquariums (read aquaprisons) and “swim-with” programs.

Before sunrise, the fishermen in villages like Taiji go out in small boats to known dolphin migratory routes. Positioning their boats strategically, they space out to form a line and wait for the dolphins. When the dolphins arrive, the fishermen lower stainless steel poles into the water, and by banging on the poles they create a wall of sound underwater. The sound interferes with the dolphins’ ability to navigate - it disorients and panics them. The dolphins swim away from the sound and the fisherman herd them into a small hidden bay. Once in the bay, nets are drawn across the mouth of the bay to keep them penned in. They panic as nets close in, forcing them to remain trapped in a confined space.
In the morning, they are stabbed and bled to death, staining the

water blood red and dragged out of the water with ropes around their tails.

A few dolphins will be kept alive, to be sent to dolphinariums around the world. The rest of the cetaceans will be sold as “meat” (which is highly contaminated with mercury and other toxins) in restaurants and stores.


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National March against HLS, 10th Nov 07

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the November 22nd, 2007

Welcome to The Dark Ages

For the first time in 4 years, a protest of more than 50 people was allowed outside the gates of Huntingdon Life Science, on Sat 1oth of Nov.

Around 700 protesters gathered outside of Huntingdon Village, England, to participate to the National march against HLS, organised by SHAC.
It was an intense day, starting with a march to the village and followed by a visit to the back gates of the village’s hell hole, HLS.
Most animal enslavers hide their dirty business in the middle of nowhere (slaughter houses, factory farms, etc) so they can be forgotten by the public. HLS

did not fail that rule. Situated outside the village, one needs a car and a good map to go there.


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Aliberation Demos Report 10/11 to 17/11

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ALiberation’s Weekend of Sunday 12/11/2007

The best of times and the worst of times would be the best way to describe last weekend. Mixed feelings were the order of the day. Great to hear and meet so many great activists but emotionally hard to know so much cruelty goes on. Great to hear that Barnardos had company while we were away, but sad to have missed other things.


A number of regular activists went to Huntingdon in England where one of the largest crapholes in the world is built. It is also the largest vivisection lab in Europe. Its name is Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). It has something to do with Huntingdon, but has nothing to do with Life or Science.

It is a barren hellhole and should be the shame of England and the English Government. Unfortunately, when big business and cash are involved this is not the case. HLS has been bailed out of bankruptcy a number of times by the English government and has imposed laws against activists that disregard civil liberties. Thankfully, HLS is dying. They are now 100million in debt and can’t hold onto their customers as firmly as they hold on to the necks of the 500 animals killed there daily.
This was the first large demonstration in 4 years to obscene laws. Another sign that HLS’ days are numbered; their manipulations of the legal system are not what it once was, as it seems they may only restrain free speech for so long.

700 people marched through Huntingdon village and then went out to the lab. The noise was deafening and constant. Brian Cass, the BBC and anyone involved in the raid this year on activists will have their work cut out convincing anyone that this campaign is over. A raid designed to remove well known activists and unstable others in true fascist style failed. And HLS know it.

There were also a number of talks. Mel Broughton from SPEAK, Tom Harris from SHAC and John Curtin stood out. It is hard to describe these speeches without being there in person. Removed from the bullshit that popular media pump out, anyone who could have heard these three speak in this place would never again buy a bottle of Lucozade from GlaxoSmithKline, a hugh backer of HLS.
For more info, see :


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Go Vegan! Stall for World Vegan Day

Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the November 22nd, 2007

World Vegan Day in Dublin!

World Vegan Day is an international vegan holiday, celebrated since 1994 on the 1st of November.

Becoming vegan is the most important step a person can take to make this world a better place. And it’s something that everyone can do. It’s good for the humans and nonhumans, good for our health, and good for the environment.

According to a report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent – 18 percent – than transport.

In Dublin we decided to celebrate this day by handing out free

vegan cakes. This is always a good way to get peoples attention and also inform them about the fact that you don’t need any eggs to make a wonderful muffin.


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Sophie Dhal Meets Anti-fur Activists, Part 2

Posted in Events by Ed on the November 22nd, 2007

A Walk with Fur loving Sophie Dahl

Surprisingly, the picture of Sophie Dahl’s encounter with two anti fur activists was published in numerous fashion magasines.

If Sophie Dahl was to meet the Ghost of Christmas Past, he would have other ways to highlight that fur is cruel than the anti fur activists who greeted her on Sunday the 5 th Nov in Dublin City Centre. This Ghost would, like the activists, show her the errors of her way.

He would point out that the fashion industry is awash with information on the cruelty of fur acquired from animals and that promoting fur is wrong. Not even Sophie should try to plead innocence to what goes on;
she was a high profile model for years.
The ghost may ask “why did you wear clothes with fur from minks, foxes and seals?” and “why did you wear fur when you knew the worlds camera were watching?”

Poor Sophie might become very quite about this time and may try to pretend that the ghost was misinformed, just like she tried to pretend 9 days ago. However she didn’t try this for long on that day after the facts were laid out in front of her so she might think twice about doing so again.

About 170,000 Animals are now being killed in fur farms across Ireland. The models who front the fashion industry know what goes on in these fur farms, Animal Rights groups would have sent them what they need to know. The models may be able to put their consciences on hold with the help of large bank balances supplied by the fur industry.
After all, the main stream media doesn’t ask impolite questions about a celebrity’s fur choices.


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