Follow up on the ban of the 11 dog breeds.

Posted in General news by Ed on the August 22nd, 2007

Dublin City Council’s definition of Logic

You may by now be aware of the fate reserved for the 11 breed dogs in Dublin and maybe soon all around Ireland. The ban which started on the 01 of July 07 was introduced - or should we say imposed - by the Dublin City Council.

A number of people have being bitten by dogs this year, this is a fact. However, instead of dealing with the problem Dublin City Corporation decided to not think but instead act impulsively. No consultations were made with any expert groups.

If there were, Dublin City Corporation may have learned that any dog may be trained to

be dangerous, so to remove 11 breeds of dogs from the hands of people who would train them to be vicious will only lead them to be replaced by another number of breeds of dog who will be trained likewise.

If people want a vicious dog, then they only need to train them to be vicious. The breed of dog is not important.


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Breaking news

Posted in General news by Ed on the August 22nd, 2007

Irish Daily Mirror,
Get your info right!

On Saturday 4th of August, the article referenced below appeared in the Irish Daily Mirror. The article related to the ban on 11 breeds of dogs from city council houses and flats.
Hype and misinformation were used by the Irish Mirror newspaper to gain support for the Dublin City Corporation’s latest knee jerk reaction law.

The media in Ireland has for a long time being taken with a pinch of salt. But every so often a story like the one run by the Mirror makes the eyebrows rise. Most of the Article is a picture of a fierce barking dog and a caption “Barking Mad”.

The subtitle follows “Animal Lovers try to stop ban on dangerous dogs”. The illusion created by the Irish Mirror is that every dog who belongs to any one of the eleven breeds of dog listed as “restricted” is a vicious monster. Futher more, anyone who says anything to the contrary is a lunatic or a fluffy animal lover.
This article in the Mirror newspaper is a disgrace. No journalism standards were applied and no research was undertaken. Tacky tabloid tricks tossed out to sell terror tales. Responsible media lives elsewhere.

The Irish Mirror needs to cop on and realise that articles like this will quickly erode rights of both dogs and humans. A large number of dogs are going to be killed because of this ban. After all where will they be rehomed?

16546 dogs were killed in pounds in Ireland in the latest figures released for 2005.
If a dog from a council house is rehomed it just means one less home for a dog in the pounds.
One more dead dog, what does the Irish Mirror paper care? One more sale? Right? One less right for anyone who lives in a certain demographic group of the country? Does it matter that they didn’t breed or rear a vicious dog? Nope? One more sale?

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Tasteless Brown Thomas sells fur again!!

Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the August 21st, 2007

Brown Thomas,
sells fur again.

No need to introduce Brown Thomas, everybody knows who they are. No, we’re not talking about the shop which sells fashionable designer clothes. We’re talking about the shop that makes profit from the exploitation and murder of nonhuman animals for their fur.

Brown Thomas is notorious for supporting the fur trade. They have been given literature on the fur industry numerous times by several Animal Advocacy groups, but so far have remained quite indifferent to the exploitation of these animals.

As a fashion store, they are well aware of synthetic fur, but for some strange reasons, they have decided to continue selling animal fur.

This week, fur was back on display for their winter collection. Several coats were labeled as Rabbit fur made in China, while another fur coat didn’t even have a label to state whose animal the fur belonged to.

Until they go fur free, ALiberation members will continue to stand outside their store to collect petitions from the public.

For more information on the fur industry, read :
An Introduction to the fur industry:

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Stag Hunt Demo, Dublin, 25th July 2007

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the August 5th, 2007

Bloodbath At
The G.P.O !

On Wednesday 25th of July, a protest calling for a ban on blood sports was staged outside the GPO, O’Connell St, Dublin. This demo was organised by the Association of Hunt Saboteurs and the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports.

A woman dressed in a hunting outfit bathed in a large tub filled with “blood”.
The aim of the demo was to symbolize the barbarity of the hunting season, during which foxes, stags and hares are killed for sport.

The license which allows these hunts to go on is granted before

the end of the month (july) to Ireland’s only carted stag hunt, the Ward Union Hunt in County Meath. This licence is given by the Minister for the Environment, John Gormley.

Stag hunting is a rights violation. The deers are goaded out of horse-boxes and then forced to run across country chased by packs of hounds. A stag hunt continues until the stag collapses from exhaustion. Stags sustain severe injuries during the chase, getting caught up in barbed wire and thorn bushes along the way.

We are all appealing to the Minister for the Environment NOT to grant the stag hunt license this year.

View the pictures of the demo.

For more info, Read Carted Deer Hunting.

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