11 Dog Breeds banned in Dublin

Posted in General news by Glô! on the July 28th, 2007

Dublin City Council bans 11 dog breeds

Eleven breeds of dog have been banned from all Dublin City Council properties with immediate effect.

According to the executive manager of the council’s housing department Michael O’Neill
, tenants will be given an opportunity to rehouse the
dogs but if they fail to comply, the dogs will be taken away and killed. The council also plans to include public parks in the ban which started on the 01/07/07. In other words, anybody who has a dog belonging to the list of breed won’t be able to walk their dog to the park, even if they live in private housing.

The first casualties of the Dog Ban on so called dangerous breeds were dumped in Blessington on the 10/07. They are a Rothweiler and German Shepherd found in Blessington. (now in Dunboyne Pound at 087 6961116 bor 01 8026676) -this is only the start.


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Why Boycott TESCO

Posted in General news by Glô! on the July 28th, 2007

TESCO, Every Little Hurts

On the 14th of July, protests were organised by VIVA outside Tesco supermarkets in the UK to denounce the exploitation and killing of turtles and frogs by Tesco that is taking place in China.

Tesco which owns 39 stores in China, sells live turtles and frogs for food in their stores, in China.

A customer can chose to have the turtles they have bought killed in the supermarket or bring them home to kill them themselves.

Wild populations of red-eared terrapins and soft bellied turtles are being decapitated by Tesco staff and the head smashed with

a hammer (because of their slow metabolism and ability to live on very little oxygen, the head can live up to an hour). Frogs are skinned alive.

After much pressure from the public and VIVA, Tesco has agreed to stop selling red eared turtles because as their head retracts when terrified, they are difficult to behead. But they will continue selling soft bellies turtles under the excuse that it is only following local Chinese custom and providing what shoppers want.

This is what happens when nonhuman animals are considered property. If you take nonhumans’ interests seriously, then the only way to oppose animal exploitation is to go Vegan.

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