International Animal Rights Gathering 2007

Posted in General news by Glô! on the May 31st, 2007

AR Gathering 2007

This year, the Animal Rights Gathering will take place in the Netherlands, from Friday 10th of August till Monday 13th of August 2007.

This 4 day event’s goal is to gather all the AR activists from around the world and give
practical workshops on how to become an efficient activist.
This year, the main aim of the gathering is to start new global campaigns and revive existing ones. The gathering will focus more on circuses and fur.

Only vegan food is served, as well as lots of tee shirts, books, campaign material, etc.

It is a great opportunity for activists to meet other fellow activists and create a global network that is essential if we want to be effective in our fight for animal liberation.

For more info on how to get there and the list of workshops, check out their website AR 2007.

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Fur Demo Report 15/05/07

Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Ed on the May 30th, 2007

Fur Demo
Outside the Dept
For Agriculture

On the 15th of May, we held a demo outside of the Dept of Agriculture on Kildare St, Dublin. The demo highlighted the cruelty that occurs on Ireland’s fur farms and was a call to the Minister of

Agriculture to outlaw farming of animals for fur in the republic of Ireland.
The 15 activists handed out leaflets, took petitions, held a banner and posters and voiced facts about irish fur farms on a megaphone . For 2 hours, the public on Kildare St learned
about the horrible lives and deaths of the victimised minks and foxes on Ireland’s 6 fur farms.

At the end of the demo, we handed in petitions from the public asking the Minister of Agriculture to ban fur farms in Ireland. The Minister is the person responsible for issuing licences to the fur farmers.
The petition had 2650 signatures. Most of these were collected in the few weeks beforehand. This goes to show how much the public of Ireland doesnt want fur farming in Ireland.

We would like to thank AFAR who took the opportunity of this demo to hand in 250 signatures that they had collected, and also thank all the animal rights groups and people who supported us on the day.

View the pictures of the demo at Vegaplanet Gallery.

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