The Seal Hunt and Fur Industry

Posted in General news by Glô! on the March 28th, 2007

Why Does the
Seal Hunt Continue?

The government condones the hunt by making public claims that it is “humane” and “sustainable.” Regardless of their claims, however, no killing can ever be defended: Seals will have their basic rights to live free from suffering and exploitation violated.

The excuses the Canadian Government gives for this mass murder is :

1) the decline of the cod population due to an

“overpopulation” of seals ;
2) the hunt is essential to the livelihoods of Newfoundland fishermen.

But today, scientists agree that seals did not cause the collapse of the cod population but overfishing by humans did.
As well, the hunt brings in little more than 5% of the fishermen annual income.

To know why this mass murder of seal pups continue despite public opposition, visit our website


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The Corporation, DVD

Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the March 28th, 2007

Yesterday, Churches
Today, Corporations

This Canadian documentary, released in 2004 and directed by Marc Hachbar, Jennifer Abbot and Joel Bakan, is a groundbreaking and provocative look at the dominant institution of our time: THE CORPORATION.

Based on the book “The corpo-
ration : the pathological pursuit of profit and power”
, by Joel Bakan, it analyses the identity, as well as the economical, sociological and environmental impact these faceless but omnipresent institutions have on our lives and the planet.

Through case studies and

interviews, it denounces their exploitation on democracy, the environment, the health of individuals.
As the Corporation is legally an individual entity like a person, a psycho-analyse was done to know what kind of person a corporation would be.

The definition of a psychopath appears to be a perfect match for the corporation, with criteria ranging from callous unconcern for the welfare of others, inability to behave non-aggressively, unlawful behaviour, incapacity to experience guilt to an ingrained habit of lying for profit.


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