Premarin Mares in Need of Rescue

Posted in General news by Glô! on the January 28th, 2007

Horses exploited for a drug.

With few doctors prescribing Premarin, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, has shut down most of their ranches, imprisoning 17,500 mares and their foals. The drug company uses and exploits horses for the production of the hormone used in the drug.

The animal charity “the united Animal Nations” has launched an adoption appeal to save the mares from being murdered after a lifetime of exploitation and slavery.

Pemarin mares are confined to small stalls for months on end while their urine is collected and their foals are herded off to slaughter every year to be sold to European meat markets.
In addition to nonhuman rights violations, it was revealed in a 2002 study of Women’s Health

Initiative (WHI) that the hormone replacement drug, Prempro (Premarin plus progesterone) could potentially do more harm than good to the women who took it.


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