Fosset Circus, Leafleting, 29th Oct 2006

Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Ed on the October 29th, 2006

Fosset Circus
Demo Report 29/10

For 112 years Fossets Circus have been using, exploiting and violating the rights of nonhuman animals. Activists leafleted outside Fosset Circus.

Why Fossets feel their employees are not capable of making a living on the back of their own talents instead of on the back of nonhuman animals is a mystery.
To this puzzle, asked by the activists who protested outside the circus in Booterstown today, one of the Fosset family (5th generation) had a very weak reply. He said that people “would abuse him if they didn’t have animals”.

To be fair to this Fosset family member was much more polite than the Courtney Circus family and staff. But then the Courtney Circus’s were amiable at the start before they quickly and without provocation became violent. So we will keep an open mind about how Fosset Circus treat humans who denounce animal rights violations.

What we can’t keep an open mind about is that Fossets, like Courtneys, turn a blind eye to their appalling treatment of animals. Fosset (5th Generation) told us that it’s not fair what happens to nonhumans in horse racing and zoos while at the same time implying that the nonhumans in his circus were “well treated”.


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Appearance of Section 8 of Public Order Act, 28 of Oct 06

Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Ed on the October 29th, 2006

Barnados Fur Shop
Demo Report 28/09

Leafleting, petitioning and holding a banner were not the only Order of the day in the demo outside Barnardo’s this afternoon. Public Order Act Section 8 also made an appearance.

This came courtesy of Garda B175 and Garda B437. Section 8 of the Public Order Act may result in arrest for failing to comply with a Garda direction (which seems a nice way for The Gardai to say “clear off” without a reason).
One activist was standing “too close” to Barnardos’ shop, but was still very much on the footpath, when the Garda arrived. The two Garda informed the Activist that there had been a complaint (was that you
Caroline Barnardo??) and to move three metres from the fur shop. When asked if a law is being broke and which one, the Gardai replied with Section 8 of the Public Order Act. Unfortunately there were no solicitors about to point out what Section 8 really meant and that the Gardai were avoiding answering the question.
Again hundreds of leaflets were handed out and pages of petitions were gathered by the seven Activists from between 12 and 4pm.
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Greyhound racing demo

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Ed on the October 20th, 2006

Greyhound racing
Demo Report

On the 19/10, 8 members of Greyhound Action decided to pay a visit to the notorious Shelbourne Park Greyhound Race Course. The Activists held posters of irish dogs mutilated by the Irish Greyhound industry. These posters are of only a few of the many greyhounds who suffer at the hands of these gambling organisations who receive State Aid. Banners were also held by the Activists and leaflets handed out for two hours. One Activist came all the way from Mullingar just to lend her support to the demo and then returned home when it was over. Most people took a leaflet and were shocked to find out the reality behind greyhound racing, particularly foreigners and tourists who thought the dogs were well treated and had a good life.
The majority of the people going to the races were from work night-outs and came with their workmates and although they were appalled at the posters showing dogs with their ears cut off, they felt they had to attend because their company had organised it.
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Demo success

Posted in General news by Glô! on the October 3rd, 2006

Seahorses removed from display
at Dublin Airport

By Bernie Wright | 2nd Oct 2006.

“The A.F.A.R is pleased to announce that the Seahorse tank at Dublin Airport has now been removed from the Departures wall (after one demonstration).
We had been in contact with both Estee Lauder in the UK who owns Creme de la Mer and the Retail Manager of Aer Rianta Paul Neeson.
The latter refused to remove the tank on our last conversation. However ONE demonstration (done on the 25 of sept) covering both roads into the Airport on Monday last must have showed them we were not giving in. We are delighted this tank is now gone and that no more Seahorses will be suffocated at Dublin Airport.

We will continue trying to stop these creatures being used as

displays in shops.
The company who gives these fish out is SEAHORSE IRELAND.Seahorse Ireland will still be lobbied to end this trade.
Thank you to everyone who contacted those concerned and especially the SHELLFISH NETWORK UK who worked hard on this issue. Your help is much appreciated.”

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