Creme de la Mer exploits Seahorses.

Posted in General news by Glô! on the September 29th, 2006

Seahorses die
for the 4th Time in Dublin Airport

Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR) are accusing cosmetic company Estee Lauders “Creme de la Mer” and Aer Rianta Retail of violating the rights of nonhumans, repetitive acts of cruelty and negligence to Seahorses and their young over the past year in Dublin Airport.

A.F.A.R and other Animal Adocacy groups were alerted by Staff at the airport and travelers who saw the seahorses in the tank at departures in Dublin Airport.
An AFAR spokesperson said that during their initial enquiry they were told by Airport staff that the first lot in the tank died in May 2006 as a result of pump failure. The Airport swiftly replaced the seahorses as they had suffocated. A further two or
possibly three lots of Seahorses were simultaneously purchased and put as replacements in the tank. The resulting deaths were also from suffocation due to pump failure.
However, the last lot of fishes died as a result of someone unplugging the tank and leaving them to die. One family of Seahorses had just given birth to young and these also lost their lives. Also the fish have gone unfed when staff reported in sick.


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Vivisection in Rio De Janeiro

Posted in Animal Testing by Glô! on the September 20th, 2006

Help Rio de Janeiro
outlaw vivisection

A law is being argued in Rio De Janeiro that would completely prohibit vivisection and experiments on animals.

This law (projeto de lei 325/2005 - authored by City Councillor Claudio Cavalcanti) was approved by the council in march, but then vetoed by the mayor Cesar Maia. The law will be voted again after the presidential election (october) . It will take 26 votes to overturn the veto.

Activists in Brazil are reaching out to the worldwide animal rights

movement for support.
Claudio Cavalcanti, from Defense of Animals adds: “In case the Mayor’s veto is overturned, this law will represent the liberation of animals from laboratories in the city of Rio de Janeiro and this will set a national and international precedent to end the systematic and continuous torture of millions of animals worldwide.”


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Glue Traps used to kill nonhuman animals.

Posted in General news by Glô! on the September 19th, 2006

Illegal Glue Traps Found In a Store, Co. Meath

Glue traps are prohibited in Ireland. However, a store in Co Meath has been seen displaying them and a constant supply is on sale there. Bernie Wright, AFAR Spokesperson, spoke to the shop staff about removing them.

Mr Dick Roche, T.D, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government believes that many retailers and members of the public may be unaware that to sell, import, possess and offer for sale an unauthorised trap is an offense under the Irish Law.

He added: “My department is actively pursuing the sale of these illegal traps and glue.

Prosecutions have been and will be taken where breaches of the law are detected.”


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Greyhound Fur

Posted in General news by Glô! on the September 19th, 2006

Bodhrans made
from dog skin sold to tourists

The Sunday Times | 09/17/2006.

A Leadig traditional- Irish music shop has admitted that some of the bodhrans it sells are made from greyhound skin.

Custy’s Traditional Music Shop in Ennis, Co Clare insists that Irish dogs have not been used in the making of the drums. Its manager also claims every Irish tourist shop sells bodhrans made from greyhound skin.

Top-quality bodhrans are still made by hand in Ireland but most of the cheaper ones bought by

tourists are imported from Pakistan.

More info: The Sunday Times.

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Remembering George, Oxford Lab Demo

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Ed on the September 19th, 2006

Remembering George -
Demo Report 09/09

The SPEAK demo of the 9th of Sept was held outside the offices of ISIS Innovations in Summertown, just outside Oxford City to end George Week (George was a monkey who was tortured and killed by vivisectors within Oxford University).

ISIS are a subsidiary of Oxford University set up in order to make as much money for the university as possible from the various types of research projects being carried out by Oxford University vivisectors.

Over 150 activists attended with banners, posters, megaphones and a drum. From 1pm till 4pm there was a non-stop use of the megaphones, the drum and activists vocal chords to let Oxford University, the Oxford Public and the UK government know why the proposed vivisection Lab should not be built.


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Circus Sydney

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Elephant “Max” sent to a Safari Park

From the Sunday Mirror 27-8-06

A circus Elephant with a deformed foot which had recently performed tricks before Irish audiences has now been sent to live in a Safari Park.

On the 26th of August, Animal rights activists claimed their campaign to force circus bosses to retire the elephant had suceeded.
Circus Sydney owners had denied claims that the male African Elephant- known as Max was ‘in agony’ while he performed.
They had agreed to get an x-ray to prove the Elephant was not in distress, but later decided just to ‘retire’ the animal.

More info on the ISPCA website.

Thanks to Bernie for her contribution

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Hunting Display in Tourism Shop, Galway.

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Irish Tourism Body withdraws
foxhunt promotion

By Bernie Wright | 23rd August 2006.
Press Officer, Association Of Hunt Saboteurs.

The Association of Hunt Saboteurs contacted Ireland West tourism in Foster Street, Galway following numerous complaints from the general public concerning a Galway Blazers hunting display in its window.This featured a large hunting picture and hunting attire and Horse and Hound magazines promoting the so-called sport. Following discussions with the Association of Hunt Saboteurs regarding the cruelty of blood sports and possibility of a protest at its offices, Ireland West promptly removed the offending display.
An assurance that any hunting promotion would not be displayed
again was given along with an apology to those offended by the content. We thank Ireland West tourism for their prompt closure on this issue.
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Vodafone funds vivisection, Protest 6th Sept 2006

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Ed on the September 12th, 2006

Remembering George
Dublin Demo

On the 6th of Sept, activists protested outside the Vodafone shop, in lower Grafton Street, Dublin City Centre. This protest was in support of the SPEAK campaign against the Oxford Vivisection Lab.

The demo lasted around 2 hours and hundreds of SPEAK leaflets were given to denounce the hideous collaboration that Vodafone has with the Oxford lab and to inform the public of the atrocities that are done in labs in the name of science.

Vodafone help to finance Oxford University where every year thousands of animals die at the hands of “academics” who

portray themselves as being at the cutting edge of scientific advancement.

This so-called scientific advancement is responsible for allowing drugs onto the market which are responsible for the death of millions of people worldwide from adverse drug reactions - the fourth largest killer in the western world.


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The life of a pheasant according to Madonna.

Posted in General news by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Madonna imports pheasants
for shooting

Once again, Madonna will show how much disregard and disrespect she has for nonhuman animals.

Madonna’s latest idea was to import 1,000 baby pheasants from factory farms in France for the shooting season that will start on the 1st of October.
She has penned 32000 birds on her estate who will be shot by celebrities such as Vinne Jones and Brad Pitt and other sad rich people who will pay up to £10,000 a day to shoot these baby pheasants.

The life of these nonhuman animals has been valued by these french exploiters at 70p each. This is what a life costs.

Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, says, “Shame on Madonna. This is not in harmony with nature. It is the production of factory birds to provide a live shooting gallery.”

It looks like the only thing yoga has taught her is how to stretch her muscles.

More info:: The Sunday Times.

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Juice Tested on Animals

Posted in Animal Testing by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Welch’s pledges to end Animal Tests

by the American Anti-Vivisection Society.

In the April 2004 issue of the Activate for Animals, we told our readers that Welch Food, Inc. was funding animal tests to study the possible health benefits of drinking grape juice. They later learned that these experiments included dogs who had their chests cut open and their stomachs filled with grape juice and rats who were poisoned and then fed grape juice, both done to study the effects of Welch’s products on the body. Monkeys and rabbits were also used in experiments. After receiving numerous letters from consumers asking Welch to stop experimenting on animals, and a threat of a boycott from animal protection organizations, Welch recently released a statement saying that it would no longer conduct animal tests.

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Irish Supermarkets support Greyhound racing.

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Centra, Musgraves & SuperValu
support Greyhound Racing

Centra, Musgrave’s & SuperValu (which are business partners) are launching a new promotion called “The Race is On” in which the prizes are tickets to Shelbourne Park Racing Stadium. 320 of their Centra outlets are taking part in this.

Anyone who makes a purchase in any of the participating stores can pick up a form to enter their draw. The winner gets 4 tickets which entitles them to

admission to the track and a meal. Greyhound racing is an industry which exploits and kills more than 40,000 greyhounds each year in Ireland.
Dogs are drowned, poisoned, starved, dumped or beaten to death at just 2 years of age just because they are no longer of any use or profit to their owners/trainers.

For more information, please visit:

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Waht is your favorite cup of tea made of?

Posted in Vegan stuff by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Bone China.

Are cups and plates carrying the label Bone China really made of bones?

Bone China is a product of a technique used in England which consists in adding bone ash of nonhuman animals to the clay.

Sometimes, it does not carry the label “bone china” but it can be easily recognised as it has more translucence and whiteness than normal porcelain.

How it’s made

Calcined bone ash makes up about 50% by weight of the final body recipe. It is produced from the bones of nonhumans, which are first processed to remove any adhering flesh which is generally sold as pet food.

The bone is then treated to remove any glue, which is processed and upgraded for use in normal applications where glue is used, and also for the sizing of expensive paper.

The raw bone which is left after the flesh and glue have been extracted, is then heated to about 1000 C, at which temperature any residual organic material is burned off and the structure of the bone is changed for the manufacture of bone china.
It is then finally ground with water before being added to clay.
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