Vegan Candles

Posted in Vegan stuff by Glô! on the August 25th, 2006

Are Candles Vegan?

Nearly all candles are made from Paraffin wax and animal fats, except for a small number that are made from Beeswax.

Very often, for a question of costs, beeswax is blended with paraffin to make candles.
Paraffin candle wax is made from the residue collected from gasoline refining.
When paraffin candles are burned, they release black petroleum carbon soot deposits. These are carcinogens known as petro-soot, and they are considered as harmful as secondhand tobacco smoke.

Candles made from pure plant waxes are becoming more readily

available, they can be found in Health food stores.
Vegetable-based candles are biodegradable and water soluble, and will not damage carpets or furniture.
They burn cooler, more uniformly, and last up to 50% longer than traditional candles.
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Fox Hunting Demo

Posted in Events by Glô! on the August 8th, 2006

LOUTH Hunt Ball Demonstration

By Bernie Wright, AOHS Press Officer.

Whilst the Horsey Set celebrate the Dublin Horse Show this week, the darker more sinister side of the coin, cub- hunting or cubbing as it is known commences.

Cub-hunting and fox-digging are shrouded in secrecy, for obvious reasons. There will be no outside witnesses. The object of cub hunting is to train young foxhounds in pack work and ultimately to give them a taste for fox blood! Another reason is to disperse the fox cubs over a wider area for better hunting.

Cub hunting takes place in the early morning usually at the Masters invitation and it starts now. If a cub is seen exiting, he/she will be frightened back by the mounted followers slapping their saddles with their crops. These fox cubs are

used as blooding tools by the bloodthirsty hunters.
Any misconceptions about foxhunting or the sordid issue of cub-hunting exists only in the minds of its apologists.

It is an odious activity that should have been consigned to the dustbins of history long ago.

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Circus Protest, 2nd Aug 2006

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by ALib on the August 7th, 2006

The Art Council Funds animal circuses.

On the 2nd of August, activists and concerned members of the public demonstrated outside the Arts Council to ask them to reconsider their decision to fund and sponsor animal circuses.

100,000 euros were granted this year by the Arts Council to circuses using nonhuman animals.
They have also given a grant of 35,000 euros to Tom Duffy’s Circus. This circus was as well given full permission to use the Arts Council logo on their publicity material and were given a grant to a trip to an International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo this January.

Bernie Wright, AFAR Spokesperson, said “ it is a sad

reflection on our society when we have to dress up animals in silly clothes, deprive them of their freedom and force them to perform tricks to amuse humans. Currently there are sick and sad animals being confined and shackled in Irish Circuses. They are just there to prop up circuses with no human talent.”

Protesters gathered today outside the City Arts Council to ask them to respect the rights of nonhuman animals.

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Circus Sydney

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the August 7th, 2006

Activists assaulted by Circus Sydney
on the 26th July, 26/07/07

In two seperate incidents this evening, members of Circus Sydney(a Courtney Circus / previously CIRCUS OZZ and CIRCUS NEW YORK) assaulted activists both inside and outside the circus.The first incident happened when some activists from The Alliance for Animal Rights were giving out flyers on the footpath outside the Circus now in Blackrock. A circus member attempted to get one by the neck and take their leaflets. The second incident happened when four people including two minors and a wild animal expert attended the actual show. A female was set upon by a circus member and had her digital camera snatched and batteries removed. She had to attend St Vincents Hospital for treatment to a possible joint fracture in her hand.she was also verbally threatened.Activists called for Gardai assistance.Gardai were notified on both occasions.

For more info, read the “Southside people“.
Thanks to Bernie for her contribution

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Circus Vegas assaults an Animal Advocate

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the August 7th, 2006

Another VEGAS Circus Attack
in Waterford

Monday 31st July early morning.Waterford.

A well known animal protection worker/rescue person was set upon on the New Ross Wellington bridge Rd by two Vegas Circus staff.
The lady is Seventy Six years old and was pasting anti circus flyers over the Circus posters to alert people to the cruely that performing animals endure. She was in the process of doing this when two men, an Italian and a tall fair haired man wresled
her to the ground and held her arm behind her back.They threatened her and proceeded to break up a bicycle she had with her .Gardai Reports are being made.Vegas are now at a site in Tramore.
We think this behavior is deplorable and although this is collectively the 4th attack by Circus people within a week on activists, the perpatrators are getting away with impunity.

“Irish Mirror”from Tuesday 1st of August.

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Circus Sydney Protest, 30th July 2006

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Ed on the August 7th, 2006

Circus Sydney Protest

At the start of the demo tonight at Sydney’s Circus (at least that’s the name they are using this week), Booterstown, other activists, who had arrived earlier, were waiting a good distance from the circus.

There had already being an incident with a man who was driving into the circus to get tickets. As the man drove in, circus workers with Stanley knives, started to attack his car with kicks. This man was not an Animal Rights Activist but a potential customer of the circus (maybe they mistook him for an Elephant!!!). The Activists who had arrived earlier had already phoned the Gardai and were waiting on a response. This was the situation in light of two

separate attacks by this circus on Activists already this week. Both of these attacks were reported to the Gardai and statements were taken. When the Gardai arrived over 20 Activists held banners, posters, gave out leaflets and took petitions outside the circus. At least 2 squad cars and 1 undercover police car came out, another squad car may also have driven into the circus.

While several passing cars gave support by honking their horns I counted 10 people going into the circus on one of their busiest shows of the week, 7.30pm of a Sunday night. The man who attacked the Activists earlier this week was also there and again looked livid.

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