George, Another Victim of Vivisection

Posted in Animal Testing by Glô! on the July 24th, 2006

The Story of Georges.

Kidnapped… Imprisoned… Blinded… Killed by Oxford University.

George was almost certainly kidnapped from his natural habitat. He could have come from a number of different countries; perhaps it was from the tundra of Tanzania or it could have been the sugar plantations of Mauritius or in the jungles of Indonesia and China.

The truth is however, George never got to see that homeland again.
Instead, he ended up inside the laboratories of Oxford University where he was to die after years of exploitation and physical/mental torture by a university vivisector.

The information about George comes from the Oxford University professor who was responsible for violating George’s basic rights. Interestingly, the same professor was investigated by the police in 2004 for cruelty to a monkey he was experimenting on.


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Pregnant Shark killed for Trivial interests

Posted in General news by Glô! on the July 5th, 2006

Shark Caught Had 55 Pups Set to be Born

In our speciesist society, fishes are often regarded as being not part of the animal kingdom, and are therefore denied basic rights, such as the right to life, freedom, body integrity, right to live free from human exploitation.

On the 23rd May 06, a hammerhead shark was captured and killed in boca Grande, fla.
Being pregnant with 55 pups, she was killed when the pups were nearly full-term and a few days from birth.
The scientists at Mote Marine laboratory today released results of the autopsy and said they wished the fishermen hadn’t kept the fish as she was heavily

This is a classic example of how the interests and rights of a nonhuman animal are ignored to satisfy the frivolous interests of humans.

Watch the video.

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Red Bull funds Animal Testing

Posted in Animal Testing by Glô! on the July 4th, 2006

Red Bull funds animal testing

An investigation done by the German organisation “Doctors Against Animal Experiments” has revealed that soft drink producer Red Bull has close ties with vivisection by regularly funding animal research projects.

At the university of Vienna, Austria ,during these experiments sponsored by Red Bull, rat babies were drowned. Other rat babies were held under water for 20 minutes to study the late effects of respiratory arrest and oxygen deficit at the time of birth.

The experiments were meant to test long-term damages after a lack of oxygen administration. Pregnant female rat mothers were killed by breaking their necks. The uterus - including the rat babies - was then held under water for 20 minutes. In former experiments, it was tested how long the babies would survive under water. After 21 minutes, 90% of the babies died. After 22 minutes, all died. Rat babies that survived suffered lifelong conduct disorders.

According to Dr. Corina Gericke, spokesperson of Doctors Against Animal Experiments, these experiments are cruel and useless as “the causes of respiratory distress in human infants, so called perinatal asphyxia, which is supposed to be mimicked here, are diverse and also totally different from the laboratory situation. Also the effects of this are already well-known”.

More info:

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