Oxford Lab Protest, Saturday 22/04/06

Posted in Animal Rights Demos by Glô! on the April 25th, 2006

Oxford Lab Protest,
April 2006

Approximately 1200 animal rights campaigners marched in Oxford city centre as a part of the ongoing and successful campaign against Oxford University’s planned animal torture lab, although the media had estimated that only 500 to 600 people would turn up.

As it turned out that number was easily doubled and far exceeded the march held by the pro-vivisectionists earlier on in the year, when no more than 600 people marched, many of them

in full hunting uniform, which clearly illustrated that the march was more anti animal rights in general than pro-vivisection (although vivisection itself is a rights violation of nonhuman animals).

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  • SPEAK, The voice for the rights of animals.
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