Duffies Circus Protests, 14th to 22nd July 2012

Posted in General news, ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the July 29th, 2012

A Week of Action at Duffy’s Circus.

Tom Duffy’s Circus were in Clontarf , Dublin, recently boasting “more animals than ever,” even on their lorries.

Over a week of twice-a-day demonstrations ensued from 14th - 22nd July organised by ALiberation but which owed so much to every person who came out and showed their support.

The reaction from the public was heartwarming. People in cars beeped their horns in support and pedestrians stopped and asked questions. One highlight was a bus driver parking up on the side of the busy road, crossing the road to offer a donation to the campaigners.

Animals should not be in circuses and these demonstrations wanted to make this point and highlight the reasons.
Every time the circus used animals in their show demonstrators outside it were talking to people explaining what circuses like Duffy’s do to animals. The process of producing “animal performers” is truly brutal and involves four stages, taming, training, rehearsal, and public

performance. The paying public only ever see the last part of this process and remain ignorant of the brutality needed to make animals do unnatural tricks and movements. From an animal rights view, this means that the tigers, lions, dogs, horses, llamas, alpacas, donkey and a snake all have their rights violated.
  • Listen to ALiberation’s interview on Near FM radio station about the Duffy circus protests.
  • See ALiberation’s Facebook pictures from the week.
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    Banner drop, O’Connell St, 27/09/11

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the September 30th, 2011

    Fur Factory Farming in Ireland – Still not Banned!

    ALibertion held a giant banner stating “Ban Irish Fur Farms!” over the O’Connell Bridge in Dublin on 27/09/2011.

    Most if not all the animals used in Ireland are exploited for our pleasure, convenience or tradition. In other words there is no good reason why we use animals. Fur factory farms are one of the more obvious symptoms of this.

    Why is it still not banned?

    Ask your government why 200,000 more Minks, Red Foxes and Arctic Foxes will be killed by poisonous gas and anal electrocution over the next few months in Ireland. Why these animals are caged for their entire

    life suffering deprivation. Or simply ask “When will fur factory farming become banned in Ireland?”
    Please also send any replies you receive to .

    For a full list of contact details of TD’s, Senators and MEP’s please see here:

    Sample letter:
    Dear Deputy/Senator/MEP,
    When will fur factory farming become banned in Ireland?
    Yours Sincerely,
    Your Name Here.

    View the pictures: Vegaplanet Gallery.

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    Fianna FAil Protest, Demo Report

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the September 18th, 2009

    Fianna Fail, The Mink Coat Government - Protest

    Activists protested outside of Fianna Fail Headquarters at 65-66 Lw Mount St, Dublin 2 asking Fianna Fail to end fur factory farming in Ireland.
    This was organized by ALiberation and AFAR.

    Fianna Fail are the only political party in the country that hasn’t voted to outlaw fur factory farming. It is in the power of Fianna Fail to stop this industry today.

    The Fianna Fail Minister of Agriculture can revoke the necessary licence for confining Minks at any time.
    The Minister can decide to grant or refuse to issue licences at his discretion as prescribed in the law.
    The Minister can also include the outlawing of fur factory farms in the forthcoming Animal Health and Welfare Bill or put forward separate legislation for the same purpose.


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    Duffy’s Report 30th June - 2nd July

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the July 17th, 2009

    Animal Enslavers Move to Clontarf

    Duffy’s circus arrived in Clontarf, co Dublin, on Tuesday, 30th June. Activists were present every day of the week, from 6.30pm till 8pm outside the circus.

    This was the 4th site that the non human animals were forced to be hauled to in the space of 10 days. This is a common practice with circuses where animals will travel thousands of miles a year from temporary site to temporary site in the back of crammed trailers or “beast wagons”.

    Activists informed the public about life for non human animals in a circus from 6.30pm till 8pm.
    There was a good reaction from the passing cars and pedestrians and would carry on pretty much this way for the week.

    A curious practice from a few of the parents with children was noted as they entered the circus and this practice was seen a few

    times over the next few days.[…]


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    Duffy’s Circus Week end Protests, June 09

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the June 26th, 2009

    Duffy’s Demo Report 20th and 21st June

    How Duffy’s circus views the rights of the non human animals confined in their circus may be indicated from how they view the rights of humans.

    Complaints have been made to Whitehall Gardai station about two days of assaults by 2 prominent people within Duffy’s circus upon activists.

    Saturday 20th June

    The first complaint referred to a man from the circus catching an activist by the neck and saying “If I got you alone, do you know what I’d do to you, I’d take bits out you.”

    The man waited till the end of the event, when the activists had packed up and initially came out in a jolly mood before moving over to one activist who was already leaning down and unlocking his bike.

    This followed another day of informing the public about non human animals within circuses.

    Before the incident a woman believed to be the wife of the man came out from the circus and video taped a large portion of the protest.

    Activists also had a video camera for their own safety as this is not the first time circuses have attacked activists and freedom of speech in Ireland.

    Circuses are well known for their violence towards both humans and non humans. Activists have ended up in hospital previously. The man waited however till the camcorder was turned off.


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    ALiberation Week of Sunday 14/06/2009

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the June 19th, 2009

    Duffy’s Demo Reports
    14 to 21 June

    Please, read below for a detailed report of each day’s event.
    Also watch the pictures of the event at our GALLERY.

    Sunday 14st June 2009

    Activists arrived at 7pm outside the site where Duffy’s are holed up for the 7.30pm show. A banner reading “Animal Circuses = A Lifetime of Misery” sums up this circus. Duffys is a throw back to Victorian freak shows when anybody (human and nonhuman animals) who was not normally seen was exploited for the greasy till regardless of how this affected those victimized.

    Duffy’s also advertises a “zoo”. This is how the Irish Sunday Mirror were able to compare what is promoted by the circus and that which the reporter saw. “We saw the ponies in their stalls, dogs by a caravan and one tiger prowling a small stoney enclosure. Considering this is the biggest area ever available to the animals – when they’re not in the

    Big Top – I was taken aback”.

    The road outside the circus was packed with cars going at a slow pace due to the nearby match. So passerbys had plenty of opportunity to blow their horns in support (which many did) and to see the banner, posters and receive leaflets about the reality of circus life for non humans.


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    Flairline Fashions Fur Free Campaign

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the February 22nd, 2009

    Pamela Scott suspended for a week

    Last Friday ALiberation continued the Flairline Fashions Group Fur Free Campaign at the Pamela Scott Ski store on Sth. William Street, Dublin 2.

    Activists held placards, distributed leaflets and collected signatures from the passing public who wished to express their opinion.

    During this campaign’s event, a representative of ALiberation was asked to speak with Mr. Robert Barron by phone within the store.
    In respect of a promise made by Mr. Robert Barron that the

    Flairline Fashions Group will send back a signed ALiberation Fur Free Shopping Program, ALiberation have agreed to suspend this campaign for one week.

    Please visit ALiberation website for more info on the Campaign
    Flairline Fashions: go Fur Free!

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    Japan Dolphin Day, ALiberation Demo Report

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the September 17th, 2008

    Save the Dolphins Day, Dublin

    Respect the Rights of Dolphins, the Rights of other Sea Mammals and the Rights of the Japanese Citizens, the Japanese Government were told on Wednesday 3rd of October at the Embassy of Japan in Dublin.

    In short, stop killing the 23,000 Dolphins and other sea mammals in this yearly massacre.
    Worldwide, in support of a day of action organized by Save Japan Dolphins, people demanded that the Japanese Authorities listen.

    In Dublin, activists protested for two hours. With banners, posters, leaflets and a megaphone, the Irish Public were informed about what the Japanese Government dare not tell the Japanese Public.
    And the list of what they dare not say was long: Dolphins massacred, how dophinariums support this massacre, mercury poisoning, suppression of the media, and the incompetence of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (An organization that has a lot to answer for even away from this issue).

    For the second hour the rain lashed down, as activists looked on the building that housed Ambassador Urabe and his staff as they received calls and read

    emails from people asking that they help stop this mindless abuse now.

    Each year more and more people are learning what is happening, each year more and people are demanding an end to this madness, how long can the Japanese Government’s wall of silence protect the Japanese fishermen?

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    SHAC Demo Report, 30 May 08

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the June 10th, 2008

    NoVartis, No Vivisection! Demo Report

    Novartis have two offices in Dublin. On Friday the 30th May, as part of the world week of action organized by SHAC, activists from ALiberation campaigned at both the Harcourt Rd office from 1pm to 2.40pm and their Clonskeagh office from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

    In Harcourt Rd, once again people were informed about the cruelty that Novartis pay for when firstly they experiment on animals and secondly when they hire

    Huntingdon Life Science to do this for them.

    Again we received a good reaction from people on the street. A lot of who can’t understand why Novartis continue to pretend that vivisection is anything but a lie. Novatis cause casual cruelty so they can sell defective drugs and get away with it; they rob both money and lives in what they think is the perfect crime.

    In 2006, Novartis used nearly 800,000 animals in animal experimentations but yet still produce and sell drugs that have lethal side affects to the very patients that these drugs were designed to help.

    In Clonskeagh, the doors to their shared office were locked, as they were in Harcourt Rd. When we buzzed the reception on the intercom, we were told “I don’t think so, we know who you are”. Looks like the SHAC campaign is famous!

    The office in Clonskeagh is in a business park. Every car parked in that business park and the adjoining car park received a leaflet under their wiper about Novartis and HLS. Every car or person coming in and out of the business park was informed about Novartis’s and HLS’s .secrets. Every car driving up and down by the park saw all about Novartis’s and HLS’s dirty laundry. Its dirty laundry we hung out especially for them and we’ll do so again until they clean up their act.

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    ALiberation Week of Sunday 11/05/08

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the May 14th, 2008

    ALiberation Week of Sunday 11/05/08

    Another demo against the cull ban on the elephants was held on Tuesday 6th of May. We stood outside the South African embassy for around 1 hour and then headed to the top of Grafton St, as most people passing by the Embassy are office workers and had already signed the letters.

    In Grafton St, the information table had great success, with people queuing to sign the letters. Most people are really fond of elephants and don’t want them killed. A woman came back to us after reading the leaflet,

    quite upset.
    She said she went on holidays to Kruger park last summer and complained that she saw only 2 elephants, so how could they be a threat to the park ? She said that if South Africa killed elephant families, she would never go back to South Africa.

    So South Africa, beware! The Irish people are watching you!

    Watch the pictures from the demo.


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    ALiberation’s Week of Sunday 04/05/2008

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by Glô! on the May 10th, 2008

    ALiberation Week of Sunday 04/05/08

    On Friday 2nd of May, a protest and info table took place outside the South African Embassy against the lifting of the cull ban on elephants in South Africa.

    Office workers passing by stopped at the table to take a leaflet and sign a letter that opposed the lifting of the cull ban.

    Most of them were appalled at the situation. Some knew that elephants had already been slaughtered in the past and were worried about their future; others didn’t know the situation and told us that South Africa would never get away with murdering whole

    families of elephants.

    Unfortunately they have already done it in the past and the fact they have now lifted the cull ban is not a good sign for the future of the elephants.

    More Info :

  • Watch the pictures from the demo.


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    Greyhound Racing, Demo Report 6th April 08

    Posted in ALiberation Demo Reports by ALib on the April 16th, 2008

    Dead Dogs Don’t………..

    …do much except be Dead.When Shelbourne Park and all the other Greyhound tracks have abused and used the greyhounds to the best of their abilities then there isn’t that many options for an over the hill 2 or 3 year old greyhound.

    In fact there are really just 2; either they are lucky enough to be rehomed by overworked and underpaid shelters(and we’re not talking about the Greyhound Industry Public Relations Farce that rehomes a handful of dogs per year) or the more likely option of being Dead. And the thing about being Dead is that you don’t do much anymore. You don’t eat anymore, drink, play, walk, smell, bark, jump, roll or even dream (yep, it’s true, mind you I haven’t seen a dog sleep walk yet)………..

    But then again when you’re dead, you also don’t have to run around an odd shaped track that is designed to have you crash at speed into 5 other dogs, you don’t get given drugs, you don’t have your ears burned/cut off to hide an ID tattoo, you don’t get raced in Spain till your worn out, you don’t get abandoned, you

    don’t get maltreated and you don’t get raced/trained when you are injured.
    And the wonderful people at the Greyhound Industry have gone to all the trouble of ensuring that there is no queue to become Dead. With 40,000 dogs killed each year between the UK and Ireland, quickly turning a live dog into a Dead Dog that Don’t is what the Greyhound Industry is all about. That and the money of course!

    More Info :

  • Greyhound RAcing, Death in the fast lane.
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