Donegal, ALiberation Press Release

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the March 22nd, 2008

Donegal, Fur Farm Capital of Ireland!!

Donegal can be the county to stop fur farms throughout Ireland.

Fur Free Campaigners in Donegal Town will demand an end to Irish fur farms this Saturday. With Leaflets, Posters, Banners, and a display representing the fur trade, activists will highlight the horrible suffering found on fur farms.

The fur industry is one of the cruelest industries in the world. Unfortunately, Minister Mary Coughlan has allowed County Donegal to become known as the fur farm capital of Ireland.

Donegal has this reputation for three reasons:


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Irish Independant article against Anti-fur activists

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by Willie on the November 26th, 2007

Answer to Martina Devlin

Aliberation answers to Miss Devlin who wrote an article for the Irish Independent relating to the anti-fur activists who escorted Sophie Dahl in Dublin.
Read Ms Devin’s article.

Miss Devlin,

I write in response to your article in the Irish Independent of 8 november. Your article suggests that animal rights activist throw an argument in your face rather than a “paint can”. I would not like to throw anything in your face but I would like to present you with some facts.

Firstly, you describe animal rights activists as “zealots”, “judgemental” and “crusaders”. Judging by the stereotypical nature of your description of anti-fur protesters, I must conclude that you have not actually spoken to many.

An image has been created through the media of people involved in animal rights campaigns. This is often a deliberate attempt to discredit

animal rights ideas and has nothing to do with the reality of those involved. The animal rights movement confronts the appalling exploitation of many powerful industries and corporations and it is clear which side the corporate media is backing. The problem, of course, with this media driven image is that people believe it is true.

It then is reinforced constantly, something which is evident in your article.

You begin with a fictitious version of animal rights activists and then you add further layers of illusion to this image as you go. To suggest that there is a “storm trooper wing” is bizarre, even allowing that you presumably were intending to add some humour to your article.


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