Fine Gael attempt to block ban of fur farming. Sept 2012

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the September 25th, 2012

Fine Gael up attempt to block ban of fur farming

ALiberation Press Release.
Contact: Jim Walsh at 0863203643.

Fine Gael has upped their attempt to block the ban on fur farming in Ireland.

Their Minister of Agriculture told the Dail yesterday when discussing the Animal Health and Welfare Bill that “We have done a separate review on fur farming, the details of which I can give to the Deputy. We will not ban it but are putting in place tighter regulations which may include random inspections.”[1]

Spokesperson for ALiberation Jim Walsh said “We can’t say this is a total surprise. Fine Gael through both Agricultural ministers Shane McEntee and Simon Coveney has refused to answer a number of serious questions about this topic for over a year now. The Fur Farm Review, we believe, is a tool used by them to block a ban on fur farming.”

“When the wording “to ban fur farming” can be removed with no explanation it always looked bad. When Minister McEntee stood up in front of the Seanad and declared that “It is crucial that we have that meeting and that the fur farmers get the guarantees they are looking for,” again with no answer if this meeting happened or what guarantees were given to the fur farmers then this underlined an intent.


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Fur Farms, Press Release 20/12/2011.

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the December 24th, 2011

Fur Farming Ban,
U-Turn by Stealth?

Since the current government has taken office a series of incidents regarding the fur farm ban have occurred which the Ministers responsible have not explained despite requested to do so. Each incident casts a question mark over the intentions of this government.

Spokesperson for the group, Jim Walsh said “Looking at the trend of events, the only conclusion we can draw is that there is an attempt to block the ban of fur farming. Basic questions are not being answered by the Minister about what has happened since he has come to office. Why have these questions gone unanswered?”

Jim Walsh further said “There is a trend of events that drives a wedge between the Fur Farming Ban and the Animal Health and Welfare Bill. First, the wording is dropped; Secondly Minister McEntee wants to give guarantees to the fur farmers in person; Thirdly, the incompatible dates of the submissions with the expected publication of the Bill; And Finally the lack of any answers about why all of these things have happened.

Is this government about to perform a U-Turn and try to block the fur farming ban by stealth?”

He continued “Fur farming is a symptom of how we view other animals. Fur farming is a symptom of speciesism. Nobody needs to wear animal fur. The fur industry involves caging animals for their whole miserable existence until they are then killed for their skins.”

Right now it’s legal to have fur farms in Ireland. What that incorrectly suggests is that the people of Ireland think it’s more important to have a fashion item than bother about the lives and pain of all these animals. But that’s not what the public thinks. We expect that elected public representatives will represent the public in this matter. Fur farming is an animal rights violation, it is cruel and the majority of people want it to stop.


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Fur Factory Farms included in Program for Gov.

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the October 13th, 2009

Program for Gov includes fur farm ban

The phasing out of fur factory farms is included within the Green Party’s Program for Government which was voted upon yesterday the 10th of October.

This is welcome news and credit must go to the Green Party for including these issues.

This is a big step but is far from a final step. The hard work doubles from here on.

The Program for Government set out the conditions which the Green Party will stay in a coalition government with Fianna Fail and some independent TD’s.

However, what is in the Program for Government does not mean it is legislation.
For example if the government collapses in the next 6 months, as many analysts believe, then the Program for Government will follow the Green Party out of


The Green Party has lived up to their word so far on these issues by including them in the Program for Government and importantly the Greens will be needed to push this through as quickly as possibly.


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Flairline Fashions goes Fur Free - Press Release

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the March 25th, 2009

Pamela Scott says
No to Fur

Flairline Fashions Group joins ALiberation Fur Free Shopping Program.
Please View the Fur Free policy.

ALiberation welcomed The Flairline Fashions Group to it’s Fur Free Shopping Program.

The Flairline Fashions Group portfolio of stores includes Pamela Scott, Richard Alan, Lisa Perkins, Ashley Reeves and Pamela Scott Ski. All 24 outlets within the group will end all connection with animal fur.

A campaign spearheaded by ALiberation in association with AFAR and ARAN came to happy conclusion when the Flairline Fashions Group decided to go fur free. This is a successful outcome for a campaign that at one stage also involved CAFT.

The fur free program is for all time and includes rabbits and karakul lambs. The program began on March 1st 2009.
The fact that no animal fur will be sold in Flairline Fashions Group

stores throughout Ireland is a significant blow to the fur industry in this country; an industry that directly kills 170,000 animals in 6 fur farms in Ireland each year.
Due to weak Irish laws and a Minister of Agriculture that is not fulfilling his role this caged exploitation continues today in a modern Ireland.

The animal fur industry is built upon violating rights and the exploitation of animals.


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Contact Pamela Scott

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the February 11th, 2009

Pamela Scott
Action Alert

Please ask the Flairline Fashions Group to go Fur Free in all their outlets.
Use the sample letter (click on “more”) or write your own letter or phone. Address details are in the sample letter.

Please inform them that overall Rabbit fur is not a by product of the meat industry but is an industry in its self. Quote

Please let the Flairline Fashions Group know that by selling fur they actively participate in a fur industry that directly kills 170,000 animals in 6 fur farms in the Republic of Ireland and a fur industry that directly kills

hundreds of million animals worldwide for the skin on their backs.

How much exploitation may be avoided if the fashion world change their ways?


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Pamela Scott Campaign Resumes

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the February 11th, 2009

Pamela Scott Animal
Fur Demonstration

This Saturday an event will be held outside of Pamela Scott on Grafton Street, Dublin to urge the Flairline Fashions Group to stop selling animal fur. This will coincide with the “Worldwide Information Days Against Fur” weekend.

Before Christmas of 2007, the Flairline Fashions Group gave a verbal guarantee that they would become fur free by 2008 and would send confirmation in writing to ALiberation. Since then they have continued to sell animal fur.
ALiberation are now unsuspending their campaign to persuade the Flairline Fashions Group to become Fur Free.

The Flairline Fashions Group includes 24 stores nationwide. Outlets such as Pamela Scott, Pamela Scott Ski, Richard Alan, Ashley Reeves and Lisa Perkins are all owned by the Flairline Fashions Group.

The Animal Fur Industry is built on the violation of rights. Each year hundreds of millions of individuals are exploited for their skins. This industry treats animals as nothing more than things that grow fur. From foxes being caged

for their whole life, to seals being clubbed, to dogs being skinned alive; the fur trade has a lot to answer for.

It is estimated that over 40% of new animal fur sales revenue comes from the use of animal fur in trimming on clothes or accessories (handbags etc) such as seen in Pamela Scott Ski.


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Japan Dolphin Day, Action Alert 2

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the September 2nd, 2008

Massacre of Dolphins,
Action Alert 2

Please send the following sample letter to the attached email.

Although this is part of the Stop the Dolphin Massacre Campaign, ALiberation opposes the captivity of all animals for entertainment purposes. Zoos and Aquariums fall under this category.

Although these organizations claim that some of the work they do is for conservation purposes, this is not the truth and often it is the polar opposite of the truth as these organizations often prevent real conservation efforts by opposing strong laws that would prevent the capture and trade of wild animals.

Send a letter to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), urging them to enforce their Code

of Ethics and expel the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) from their organization.

Furthermore, WAZA must expel all other facilities that have purchased dolphins from the dolphin drive hunts, These hunts kill thousands of Dolphins each year through horrific methods.


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Japan Dolphin Day, Action Alert 1

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the September 2nd, 2008

Massacre of Dolphins,
Action Alert 1

Please send the following letter to the Japanese Authorities whose emails are attached. Simply open an email to send, copy and paste the sample letter into your email.
Click on the picture to get the sample letter.

This sample letter was taken from the Sea Shepherd website. For a full list of contact details please visit
The details of the email recipients are given below the letter.

To write to the Japanese Prime Minister an email form is given rather than an email address.

Click the following link and copy and paste the sample letter:

Please also ring the Embassy at (00 353) 01. 202 8300.


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Dolphin Slaughter - ALiberation Press Release

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the September 2nd, 2008

Massacre of Dolphins Cover Up!

An international day of protest will be held on Sept 3rd to call on the Japanese authorities to ban the horrific killing of dolphins, porpoises and other small whales.
ALiberation will once again participate in this global protest. Please join us outside the Japanese Embassy, in Merrion Square, on the 3rd of Sept, at 1.30pm.

Each year, from October to March, more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed by fishermen in Japan.

These dolphins are killed to supply the meat trade, to suppress competition, to prevent pressure on the Whaling and Tuna fish industry and to sell dolphins to aquariums and dolpinariums.

The fishermen have admitted that a cover up is necessary to maintain this business that is little known about in Japan. Dolphin meat sold in supermarkets of Japan has been found to contain mercury levels of 36 times the recommended levels issued by the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry of Japan. Many supermarkets refuse to stock dolphin meat but despite this the Japanese Government subsidizes this industry by using dolphin meat in school lunch programs.

The extent of the cover up is revealed by the silence from both the Japanese Government and Japanese media, which is contrary to Article 21 (2) of the Japanese Constitution which states “No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.”
Dolphins that are young and unblemished are chosen directly at the bay by dolphin trainers who are keen to keep this cruel

industry alive.

A dead dolphin is worth about $700 but a live dolphin for a dolphinarium, aquarium or a “swim with dolphins” business can fetch $154,000.

The fishermen in villages like Taiji go out in small boats to known dolphin migratory routes. Positioning their boats strategically, they space out to form a line and wait for the dolphins. When the dolphins arrive, the fishermen lower stainless steel poles into the water, and by banging on the poles they create a wall of sound underwater. The sound interferes with the dolphins’ ability to navigate - it disorients and panics them.
The dolphins swim away from the sound and the fisherman herd them into a small hidden bay. Once in the bay, nets are drawn across the mouth of the bay to keep them penned in. They panic as nets close in, forcing them to remain trapped in a confined space.


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Human Rights Scandal in Austria

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the July 1st, 2008

Press Release - Human Rights Scandal in Austria

Non-governmental organisations express concern about what may be a case of state repression of social activism.

On 21st May 2008 at 6 a.m., heavily armed police officers from an elite unit stormed 21 homes and the offices of a number of non-governmental organisations in Austria.
Breaking their way in, the masked police surrounded frightened civilians in their beds at gun point. Ten people were arrested and have been held in custody without specific charge since that day. Despite the statement by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior that “The measures taken by the police (.) were in no way directed against animal welfare or animal welfare organisations”, the removal of computers, documents and other assets has effectively crippled some of the organisations involved.
Those asking the media to look at

this case draw attention to the fact that Amnesty International (1) and the Austrian Green Party have reacted strongly, questioning police methods and the treatment of detainees, particularly the absence of actionable evidence justifying “strong suspicion” (dringender Tatverdacht) or the “reason (or grounds)” (Haftgrund) for the arrests.

Detainee accounts of what has happened are alarming: see, for example, this appeal sent out by Martin Balluch on June 9 (2).


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Elephant Cull, Press Release

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by ALib on the June 22nd, 2008

South African Ambassador Comments on Elephant Cull Strategy.

Little was resolved at an amicable meeting last week between animal action group ALiberation and the South African Ambassador to Ireland, HEMs DPS Jana, about South Africa’s lifting of the ban to kill elephants.

In what now must be seen as part of the long term strategy of South Africa to restart the ivory trade, South Africa lifted the ban to kill elephants on the 1st of May of this year.

The South African government has constantly opposed the decision by CITIES to stop the trade of ivory in 1989 and has since tried to reopen the trade through covert means. In the decade before the moratorium, over half the population of elephants was wiped out.
Nonetheless elephants in South

Africa continued to be killed until 1995.

The South African government has supported proposals time and again to inch open the door of the ivory trade. A door that once opened will be almost impossible to close.

In the early 1900’s the African continent had an estimated 10 million elephants, today there is only about 600,000.


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Elephant Protest, South African Embassy

Posted in ALiberation Press Release by Glô! on the April 29th, 2008

Elephant Emergency! Ban on Elephant Cull Lifted!

ALiberation Press Release.
Activists will demand South Africa reconsider Elephant extermination.

As of 1st May, despite widespread international protests, the ban on culling of elephants as a “management practice” in South Africa has been lifted.

South Africa claims this is a “cull” (an often used euphemism for extermination) to protect the bio diversity of the region. With no proof that the elephants are causing damage nor any will to use more scientific and humane methods for environmental control, South Africa is proving again her real intentions.

South Africa has for years tried to overturn the CITIES ban on the ivory trade and are now trying to covertly restart the industry that is the very reason that elephants are endanger of being extinct.

Instead of methods including relocation, expanding park spaces, contraceptives and creating corridors between parks to allow more even population distribution, South Africa prefers to lift the ban on “culling”, putting the elephants on a death row.

As part of an international campaign to save the elephants, animal action group ALiberation will demonstrate outside the South African Embassy. With posters, leaflets and megaphone, activists will demand that South Africa reconsider banning this atrocity.

Time: 1pm - 3pm

When: Friday, 2nd May

Where: South African Embassy
Alexandra House, 2nd Floor,
Earlsfort Centre,
Earlsfort Terrace,
Dublin 2
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