Gary Francione on Vegetarianism

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the February 7th, 2010

Vegetarianism First?

Animal Rights Philosopher Gary Francione talks about the misguided obsession animal rights advocates and groups focus on to encourage people to become vegetarian as a first step toward Veganism. This step is not needed.

As Francione says “There is no morally significant distinction between flesh and other animal products. Animals used in dairy are generally kept alive longer than those used for meat, are treated every bit as badly if not worse, and end up in the same slaughterhouse.

Moreover, the slaughter of animals for meat and the dairy industry are inextricably intertwined in that there would be no veal industry without the dairy industry and dairy cows are all slaughtered and consumed.”

Full Article: Vegetarianism First?

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Book Review: Becoming Vegan

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the February 7th, 2010

Becoming Vegan.

Becoming Vegan, the complete guide to adopting a healthy plant-based diet.

Although veganism doesn’t require a PHD in nutrition as it’s so easy to become a healthy vegan, this book will help you design a well balanced vegan diet. It will become a valuable companion if you are interested in nutrition and will inform you on how to obtain optimum health.

This book also explains how a vegan diet can protect against cancer, which vegetables have the most antioxidants, why good fats are essential to health, how to meet your calcium intakes, etc.
This book is particularly helpful for vegan mums: know how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for infants and children.

If you are a vegan athlete, this book will also tell you how to

achieve peak performance, how much protein you should get, which amount of fat is necessary, etc.
Authors: Brenda Davis, R.D & Vesanto Melina, M.S, R.D.

Interview on Brenda and Melina: Veg Family.

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Donald Watson Interview, Dec 2002

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the October 28th, 2009

Interview with Donald Watson

In 1944 Donald Watson and some friends founded the Vegan Society in England.

He and his wife Dorothy coined the term “Vegan” by taking the first three and last two letters of “vegetarian,” - “because veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.”

In the interview, Donald speaks about veganism, growing up in a world that did not know the idea of vegetarianism let alone veganism, the founding of the vegan society, whilst relating it to the past and the present.

In 2002, Donald Watson was

interviewed by the Vegan Society. Sadly Donald Watson recently passed away in 2005 at the age of 95. This was one of the last interviews he conducted.

Interview: Donald Watson| 15 Dec 2002.

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“Animal Welfare Reform: Total Denial, One Step at a Time”, Essay.

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the August 9th, 2009

Why is the Animal Movement confused?

By Angel Flinn, Care2.
“Animal Welfare Reform: Total Denial, One Step at a Time”.

Is there a reason why animal groups who have a reputation among the general public for “staunchly opposing animal exploitation” are promoting labels like Certified Humane Raised and Handled label, the Freedom Food label, and the Animal Compassionate label?

Would a human rights organization promote “humane’ methods of executing political prisoners”? Why are so called animal protection group doing exactly that?
Why doesn’t the Animal movement do exactly what it

says on the tin?

Read full article :
“Animal Welfare Reform: Total Denial, One Step at a Time”.

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Vegan Essay by Bob Torres, Vegan Freak

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the July 7th, 2009

Vegan isn’t a Dirty Word.

By: Bob Torres, Vegan Freak
March 6, 2009

“Since getting involved in struggles for animal rights a number of years ago, I’ve noticed a curious tendency of many people to use the term “veggie,” often with the apparent intent to encompass both ovo-lacto vegetarians and vegans.

I’ve also noticed a hesitancy on the part of some people and organizations to use the term “vegan,” as if it were some kind of dirty word […]

On top of this, I’m troubled when vegans and ovo-lacto vegetarians are grouped together. The two choices are completely different, and ovo-lacto vegetarianism is

logically incomprehensible as a response to concerns about animal rights, as I’ll discuss below”.

Read the full article.

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Free Range, the Myth - a Video

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the June 27th, 2009

Cage Free - Free Range Myth. A Video

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary| Dec 2007

Recently there has been a move by animal welfare groups towards promoting “Cage Free” - “Free Range” systems of exploiting hens for their eggs. The idea is that the hens are removed from the battery cages and have more space. This is marketed as almost happiness, with hens in almost empty barns and wandering around yards and fields at their pleasure.

The truth is different; crowded hens packed sheds, hens in horrible conditions, deprived lives, mutilations, forced molting, psychological conditions and still the mass murder of every hen, cock or chicken as soon as they

are no longer profitable to the business who has enslaved them.

Buying “cage free” - “free range” eggs and passing it off as compassionate is a myth.

See the video.

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Speciesism Essay, Joan Dunayer

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the June 19th, 2009

“English and Speciesism”

From Joan Dunayer
English Today, Vol. 19, No. 1 (2003),
Cambridge University Press (via

“Standard English usage perpetuates speciesism, which is the failure to accord nonhuman animals equal consideration and respect.

Like racism or sexism, speciesism is a form of prejudice sustained in part by biased, misleading words. However, whereas racist slurs rightly elicit censure, people regularly use, and fail to notice, speciesist language.

Unlike sexist language, speciesist language remains socially acceptable even to people who view themselves as progressive. Speciesism pervades our language, from scholarly jargon to street slang.

Considered in relation to the plight of nonhuman beings,

the words of feminist poet Adrienne Rich express a terrible absolute: “This is the oppressor’s language.”

Read the article.

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“As we Soy, So shall we Reap”

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the June 9th, 2009

Soya Myth meets
“Meat” Reality

From Care2 |By Angel Flinn

The growing demand for soya is destroying the environment. It is responsible for deforestation, water shortage, land degradation and is commonly produced using genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).
But isn’t there a rumour that vegans are responsible for this over production of soya?

“About 85 percent of the world’s soybean crop is processed into meal and vegetable oil, and virtually all of that meal is used in animal feed…… Approximately six percent of soybeans are used directly as human food, mostly in Asia.”

Read the article.

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Veganism and the Environment Essay.

Posted in General news, documentary/Litterature by ALib on the June 2nd, 2009

On the Environmental Disaster of Animal Agriculture.

From Unpopular Vegan Essays |By Dan Cudahy

Don’t like animal exploitation and cruelty? Go vegan.

Want environmental sustainability? Go vegan.

Want to feed the hungry? Go vegan.

Want to save water? Go vegan.

Want to cut air and water pollution? Go vegan.

Want to slow global warming? Go vegan.

Read the full article.

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The Vegan News Show

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the May 22nd, 2009

New Video News Show.

The Vegan News is a new video news show hosted by Adam Kochanowicz about all things vegan.

So if you like your news to be in motion turn click the link below. And enjoy the recipes.

Adam Kochanowicz is a writer of the Omaha Vegan Examiner.
Please read his articles online at

The Vegan news
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Vegan Essay, By Dan Cudahy

Posted in documentary/Litterature by ALib on the May 15th, 2009

Understanding the Anti-Animal Rights Viewpoint

From Unpopular Vegan Essays |By Dan Cudahy

“ […] So it is not difficult to see the world from the exploitation advocates’ viewpoint, or the violent criminal’s viewpoint, or the tyrant’s viewpoint.

All we need to do is place our self-interest at the center of our criteria for “determining” truth and reality to the exclusion of others’ interest, contradictory evidence, and intellectual honesty, and we’ve arrived at the essence of the exploitation advocates’ viewpoint. […]”

Read Full article.

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Bad Hare Days, by John Fitzgerald

Posted in documentary/Litterature by Glô! on the November 23rd, 2008

Bad Hare Days

Written by John Fitzgerald, one of Ireland’s most vocal and dedicated anti coursing campaigners, “Bad Hare Days” is about the blood “sport” of live hare coursing that he has been trying to abolish for 30 years.

Although the book focuses mainly on a deadly period for hares, the 1980s, it is also a campaigner’s story and his ups and downs in his fight against this blood “sport”.

Between September 1986 and March 1990, John Fitzgerald was arrested eleven times, mainly under the Anti-terrorist Offences Against the State Act, in relation to activities directed against hare coursing such as damage to coursing fields, illegal releasing of hares from captivity but he has never been convicted of any offence in a court of law.

As a superficial welfarist concession, greyhounds used for coursing had to be muzzled from 1993. This removed the bloodiest part of the “sport” but not the cruelty.
Hares can still be mauled,

injured, and tossed about like a rag doll on the coursing field.

This brillant book can be purchased from

More info:
Kilkenny Advertiser

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