A.F.A.R. Statement on Zoos

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the April 19th, 2008

Should Zoos Be Closed?…YES

From Bernie Wright, AFAR,
Irish Times 12th April 08

A Zoo is simply a collection of animals. It makes money by attracting paying visitors .The quality of life for the animals varies from totally inadequate to barely adequate. 3,000 years ago, Zoos were started in the Middle East, animals were merely objects of curiosity from far away places.

Trapped from the wild with sometimes parent animals being killed ;young animals being easier to train and manage, many of them died on their long and horrific journeys to other continents and climates. These animals were treated as prized public attractions or captive slaves. They experienced fear, hardship, an alien environment ,barren enclosures, and their mental and physical needs ignored.

In 2008 Dublin Zoo sits on roughly 60 acres. It boasts African Plains, fringes of the Arctic, Rainforests, Kaziranga Forest Trail, shops, Restaurants .Oh yes! All of this and 600 animals as well. Ranging from tigers, elephants, and chimps to red pandas. Even with limited mathematical skills 100 animals per acre seems like a

miraculous natural environment. To quote the Zoo, they invite visitors to “go wild in the heart of the City”.

It’s a pity the animals cannot do the same. Indeed, it is well documented that Elephants can roam over 40 miles in a day in their natural surroundings, and that’s just Elephants. They also mourn their dead and live in family groups. Explain this to the Dublin Zoo Elephants. Instinctive behaviour is still evident in third or fourth generation captive bred animals.

Most animals on display in Zoos are not threatened by extinction, yet Captive Breeding Programs are one of the most common reasons that Zoos use to justify their existence. They endeavour to save species that are faltering in the wild from going extinct.


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Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the March 11th, 2008

Illegal mobs hunt in
UK parks.

When hunters in England are not breaking laws during the day they do it during the night.

In Stadt Moers Park, Merseyside, Liverpool, England, wild animals, tame animals and humans are all fair game.

With rifles and knives in tow, gangs of cowards chase down defenseless animals with packs of dogs.

Reports of dead cats, attempting to shake squirrels from trees for dogs below to rip apart, depletion of fox numbers, dogs mutilated and people threatened with weapons and even a councilor beaten unconscious.

There has always been a link between abuse to non human animals and human animals, this is just another reminder.
The Lib Dem ward member for the St Gabriel’s area of Huyton, Mike Currie, 58, said he was attacked while walking through Stadt

“I went out with my 11-year-old son to feed the foxes when I saw a lad who looked like he was up to no good. I was very polite and said ‘I hope you’re not here to hunt foxes’.


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Carted Deer Hunting

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the February 27th, 2008

Carted Deer Hunting,
Know the Facts

For those who are not familiar with the concept of Carted stag hunting, it consists of breeding Red deer in order to release them and hunt them. After the hunt, they are brought back till the next hunt.

Carted deer hunting is seen as a “sport” in the same way as Fox hunting, except that the deer are not wild and “supposed” to be brought back to the herd.

Its only aim is to provide entertainment to hunters, all members of the Ward Union Hunt.

when and where does it take place?

This “sport” takes place between November and Mid-March in county Meath and North County Dublin. Every Thursday and Friday, two deer are taken from a herd privately owned by the Ward Union hunt and situated in Dunshauglin, County Meath and transported by cart to a hunt location.

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Circus Courtneys Goes to Court

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the February 20th, 2008

Court for Courtneys. Circus hit for Cash

Activists were asked to testify in court on Wednesday last as part of a claim against the Courtney owned Vegas Circus (Courtneys also includes circuses called Sydney, American 2 Ring, Royal Russian, Ozz, Dreamland, New York etc, when controversy occurs they tend to change their name). All the Courtney Circus’s are rightly criticized for their dismal animal cruelty but also their appalling health and safety to the public.

The claimant, Derek Dillon, brought an action against the circus due to the circus’s poor health and safety.

According to newspaper reports, Mr Dillon claimed “that one of the elephants had struck him on his forehead with one of its tusks when he attended the circus grounds at Blunden Drive, Coolock, Dublin, in July 2006.
He suffered a laceration to his forehead which had to be stitched.” “he had been knocked to the ground by the elephant and left shocked and shaken up. He had been left with a permanent scar on his forehead.”

With the evidence that this circus had stacked against them, it is no surprise that they settled outside of court.

It’s as regular as clockwork for Courtney’s to put profit before the public and cash before compassion.

This is not the first time that Circus Vegas (just circus Vegas, for the other circus’s see links below) has been accused of poor safety to the public; a long list includes being convicted of reckless endangerment that led to the deaths of two people outside of Galway when a trailer came loose from a circus lorry;

a lorry trailer caught fire with elephants inside; deserting elephants to roam through ship yards; attacks on activists etc.
The list goes on, please see the links below.


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Greyhound Racing

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the January 27th, 2008

Every year in Britain and Ireland 40,000 greyhounds enter racing and a similar number end their racing lives.
Tens of thousands of greyhounds are disposed of by the greyhound racing industry every year.

Throughout their racing career, the dogs routinely endure inhumane conditions and have little human contact. Many greyhound farms are barely getting by financially, so the dogs are kept caged most of the time in crates or pens or in fenced enclosures and fed low quality foods. Each dog is a major expense, which is why so many are killed when they are deemed unfit to race.

Many of them end up like this. Tied to a lump of concrete and drowned.

The thousands of greyhounds that are surplus to the racing industry are more likely to end their days, not in front of a warm fire, but drowned, poisoned, beaten to death, starved, dumped on the streets or impounded and destroyed.


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Irish Coursing Clubs given Licences

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 11th, 2007

Coursing Clubs Granted Licences, Part 2

From the Examiner

Licences will be issued to the Irish Coursing Club for the capture and tagging of hares, it was announced tonight.Licences will be issued to the Irish Coursing Club for the capture and tagging of hares, it was announced tonight.

Minister for the Environment John Gormley granted the licence for the coming season, but stressed that clubs will be strictly monitored to ensure they adherence to conditions.
He said on basis of previous breaches, one of the affiliated clubs will be excluded from holding a licence, while the activities of two other clubs will be curtailed.

“I am aware that there has been some incidents where there has

been a failure to co-operate with my Department’s conservation rangers at meetings,” said Mr Gormley.

“The rangers have an important role in ensuring that the conditions of the licences are met.

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Wonder Why Hunt Sabs Carry Umbrellas?

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Willie on the September 10th, 2007

Hunt Sabs at the AR Gathering 2007

At the recent AR 2007 gathering in the Netherlands, there were a number of interesting seminars and workshops. One workshop covered the issue of Hunt Sabotage and was lead by members of an experienced hunt sab group from the UK.

They began with an update on the current situation in the UK. Hunting with hounds has been illegal in the UK since 2005.However, hunt sabs are still very busy doing their work hindering those who take pleasure in killing innocent animals. After the ban came in to effect, they began a campaign to ensure that the new law was enforced strictly. They altered their tactics to film the hunters in order to capture footage of them breaking the law that could be used to prosecute them. After several drawn out cases where some prosecutions were achieved, it seems hunt sabs in the UK have reverted to their traditional direct action methods in order to prevent hunters from killing and maiming wildlife. This is due to the flagrant disrespect for the law hunters have shown, along with the fact that the courts are generally biased towards the wealthy hunters.

After this update, hunt saboteur groups from Europe and beyond shared their experiences of sabotaging hunts.

A very active group from Austria displayed photos taken on a recent activity which showed 15 or so sabs dressed brightly with everyone carrying umbrellas.

They did look pretty stylish, but the unusual decision that each member would carry an umbrella had a more important aspect. It allowed the sabs to prevent the hunters from killing animals. Their tactic is to stand face to face with the hunters and hold the umbrellas above head height, which prevents hunters from aiming at wildlife.
It was decided at this workshop that there would be a hunt sab week in November of this year and hunt sab groups from all over Europe pledged to carry out actions to save animals during this time.



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Stag Hunting Incident

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment, General news by Glô! on the February 6th, 2007

Ward Union Hunt Invade a Playground School

Chased by a pack of hounds, a terrified stag run into the playground of a school. This incident happened on Tuesday 23rd of January, at Kidalkey National School in Co. Meath.

Exhausted, terrified, the stag was bleeding, his tongue hanging out, and his eyes bulging with fear as the pack of hounds was coming closer.

Some of the children who witnessed the hunt were in shock and running for safety.
Parents called RTE Radio’s Liveline show to claim that their children’s lives had been put at risk and were furious that the Ward Union Hunt had not apologised for
their actions.
A woman also commented that if anything had gone wrong, an ambulance wouldn’t have
been able to get down the road which was clogged with hunt vehicles and horses.
The Garda in Trim also received numerous complaints concerning the behaviour of the Ward Union Hunt and this incident prompted landowners in the area to ban the hunters from coming on to their property.

Following this incident, The Ward Union Deer Hunt announced on the 25th of January that they had suspended hunting indefinitely. But, on the 31st of January, the hunt was back chasing their captive-bred deer.

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Circus Sydney

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Elephant “Max” sent to a Safari Park

From the Sunday Mirror 27-8-06

A circus Elephant with a deformed foot which had recently performed tricks before Irish audiences has now been sent to live in a Safari Park.

On the 26th of August, Animal rights activists claimed their campaign to force circus bosses to retire the elephant had suceeded.
Circus Sydney owners had denied claims that the male African Elephant- known as Max was ‘in agony’ while he performed.
They had agreed to get an x-ray to prove the Elephant was not in distress, but later decided just to ‘retire’ the animal.

More info on the ISPCA website.

Thanks to Bernie for her contribution

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Hunting Display in Tourism Shop, Galway.

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Irish Tourism Body withdraws
foxhunt promotion

By Bernie Wright | 23rd August 2006.
Press Officer, Association Of Hunt Saboteurs.

The Association of Hunt Saboteurs contacted Ireland West tourism in Foster Street, Galway following numerous complaints from the general public concerning a Galway Blazers hunting display in its window.This featured a large hunting picture and hunting attire and Horse and Hound magazines promoting the so-called sport. Following discussions with the Association of Hunt Saboteurs regarding the cruelty of blood sports and possibility of a protest at its offices, Ireland West promptly removed the offending display.
An assurance that any hunting promotion would not be displayed
again was given along with an apology to those offended by the content. We thank Ireland West tourism for their prompt closure on this issue.
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Irish Supermarkets support Greyhound racing.

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the September 12th, 2006

Centra, Musgraves & SuperValu
support Greyhound Racing

Centra, Musgrave’s & SuperValu (which are business partners) are launching a new promotion called “The Race is On” in which the prizes are tickets to Shelbourne Park Racing Stadium. 320 of their Centra outlets are taking part in this.

Anyone who makes a purchase in any of the participating stores can pick up a form to enter their draw. The winner gets 4 tickets which entitles them to

admission to the track and a meal. Greyhound racing is an industry which exploits and kills more than 40,000 greyhounds each year in Ireland.
Dogs are drowned, poisoned, starved, dumped or beaten to death at just 2 years of age just because they are no longer of any use or profit to their owners/trainers.

For more information, please visit:

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Circus Sydney

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the August 7th, 2006

Activists assaulted by Circus Sydney
on the 26th July, 26/07/07

In two seperate incidents this evening, members of Circus Sydney(a Courtney Circus / previously CIRCUS OZZ and CIRCUS NEW YORK) assaulted activists both inside and outside the circus.The first incident happened when some activists from The Alliance for Animal Rights were giving out flyers on the footpath outside the Circus now in Blackrock. A circus member attempted to get one by the neck and take their leaflets. The second incident happened when four people including two minors and a wild animal expert attended the actual show. A female was set upon by a circus member and had her digital camera snatched and batteries removed. She had to attend St Vincents Hospital for treatment to a possible joint fracture in her hand.she was also verbally threatened.Activists called for Gardai assistance.Gardai were notified on both occasions.

For more info, read the “Southside people“.
Thanks to Bernie for her contribution

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