Press Release from LUSH shops Dublin.

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LUSH’S Fabulous Mrs Fox Challenges Fox Hunting

From Lush.
Sean Gifford (Lush press office) | 13 October 2009.

Lush Cosmetics Launches Campaign Against Fox Hunting; in Support of the Association of Hunt Saboteurs.

Ireland—This week Lush Cosmetics is launching an in-store campaign to highlight that hunting with hounds continues throughout Ireland.
Although hunting foxes with hounds has been banned in Scotland since 2002 and England and Wales since 2005, this blood sport remains legal in Ireland.

During the week of October 12th the windows of Lush’s four Irish shops will be emblazoned with the words ‘THE HUNTS ARE STILL AT IT’. Customers will be encouraged to sign petitions asking for hunting with hounds to be made a criminal act. Lush’s Irish shops are located in Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

For the campaign Lush Cosmetics has joined forces with the Association of Hunt Saboteurs

The AOHS, run by unpaid volunteers, bravely go out into the countryside and use peaceful means to protect hunted animals.


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Hunt Saboteurs, Demo report.

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the August 28th, 2009

Louth Hunt Ball, Anti Hunt Demo Report

Activists from Hunt Saboteurs campaigned at the Louth Hunt Ball outside of the Four Seasons Hotel in Ballsbridge on the 8th of August, 2009 to protest hunting of animals in Ireland.

This was a “Horse Show [jumping] co-ordinated event held by the Louth Hunt” according to the Association of Hunt Saboteurs who organized the demonstration. Horse jumping shows is another industry that likes to exploit animals for amusement.

With posters, leaflets and banners, the activists educated people who were interested. The Dublin Horse Show was ending as the protest occurred. The Dublin Horse show attracts a sizeable portion of hunters or pro hunters

as well as those who think a horse’s back was somehow made for humans to sit upon. With little reason beyond “I like to hunt” and a pretense that “culling” is needed, hunters value non humans as an object of “sport”.


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Circus Gerbola stops using Sea Lions.

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the July 28th, 2009

Low Attendences at Circus

Circus Gerbola has departed company of the Duo Borcini act “due to the very low numbers attending the circus”. The Duo Borcini act exploits 3 Seal lions for mindless entertainment.

In a press release for Circus Watch Ireland, written on the 13th of July 2009, spokeswoman Nuala Donlon describes what she saw of how the circus existence is affecting the health of these nonhuman animals:
“I saw this circus earlier in the year and it was very clear that the two sea lions in question were acting out the typical stereotypic behaviours of all highly institutionalised animals, swaying constantly from side to side and weaving their heads in a highly distressing manner.

Three adult sea lions shared a small tank which was contained in

the back of a truck.”

The Arts Council of Ireland partly pays for animal slavery with much needed tax payers money. Gerbola received €48,000 for each of last 2 years.


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The Arts Council funds animal rights violations

Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment, General news by ALib on the June 26th, 2009

The Arts Council
Action Alert

The Arts Council are using taxpayers money to help circuses to buy and enslave, cage and shackle, deprive and exploit non human animals. In 2008 and 2009, the Arts Council gave out 75,000 euros to Duffy’s circus alone. Duffy’s Circus are promoting themselves as confining more non human animals “than ever.”

Last year Duffy’s Circus were reported to confine at least 44 non humans and that’s not including animals that don’t’have the advertising appeal to children such as dogs.

Non humans in circuses are exploited in 4 main areas:

  • Through “training”, which has been revealed through undercover investigation to be violent;
  • Through transport, where animals are heaped into the backs or lorries and carted from site to site traveling thousands of miles in a year;
  • Through show time, where the animals are stressed to perform unnatural silly tricks which were force “trained” upon them;
  • Through their time on the site where they will be caged, shackled or confined in tiny spaces.

    The Whitehall Gardai station has

  • received complaints about Duffy’s circus assaulting activists.
    Non human and Human rights violations. Is this where tax payers money should be going?

    Please write a letter to the Arts Council or use the letter provided below asking them to stop giving grants to circuses that confine non human animals.

    Please see Upcoming Events for Duffy’s Circus next week.


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    Duffy Circus Protests, June and July

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the June 19th, 2009

    Duffy’s Circus “More Exploitation than Ever”

    “Hundreds of places across the world – including councils here in Ireland – have banned [non human] animal circuses” read the Irish Sunday Mirror on 14th June 2009.

    Duffy’s Circus boast that they have “more [non human] animals than ever.” Last year this circus bragged that they oppressed 44 non human animals, excluding members of those species deemed unimportant for mentioning when it comes to promoting themselves to children, ie dogs.

    The Lisburn Echo last year reported that Duffy’s had enslaved an “African Lion as well as four tigers, three alligators, four lamas, six horses, four ponies, 20 snakes and two donkeys.” This year Duffy’s Circus confines “Siberian tigers, Illamas, snakes, dogs and an African lion” according to the Irish Sunday Mirror.

    Non human animals in a circus will have to endure a life of cages, shackles or ropes. Their existence comprises of forced training of a few

    unnatural tricks (this happens at the winter quarters, away from the public eye), performing these tricks for the amusement of children, traveling thousands of miles on the road from site to site and finally being imprisoned in tiny cages or pens where they’ll spend most of their day.

    As with animals who are denied their basic needs, this often results in “cage madness” (please see attached links for more info).


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    Killing Holidays in Sligo, Galway

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the June 9th, 2009

    “Conservation” Rangers organizing Hunting Holidays

    “Conservation” rangers from the National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) were found by the Sunday Times to be “involved in the organisation of killing holidays, even though they are prohibited from doing this under the Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour.”

    “Conservation” ranger Mark Byrne, whose NPWS region is North Galway circulated promotional material stating that he has brought killers to Galway to “stalk deer at a cost of between €150 and €700 each.” Killing permits are issued by the NPWS, but Byrne’s promotional circulations states that a killing licence is included in the package “suggesting a possible conflict of interest.”

    Robert Lundy, a ranger who covered the Sligo West and who is a member of the Tubbercurry Gun Club is already accused by the NPWS of “compromising his position” and said in a letter to another killer that “there was no clear distinction between his [Lundy’s] role as an NPWS officer and whatever relationship he may have, in his personal capacity, as a member of the gun club.”

    In a dispute between killers, Ahmed Salman, recalled that Lundy threatened to block his killing licence as it would “interfering with a commercial shoot for woodcock[s] that he [Lundy] was operating on the same lands.”

    Lundy is also the contact given by a French tour operator, Orchape, for “tourist shooting in the northwest.”


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    Hunt Saboteurs Protest, 19 Feb 09

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the February 11th, 2009

    Why Raise him A Killer?

    From Association of Hunt Saboteurs.
    Another Ward Union Hunt fundraiser is on Thursday the 19th February at the Coolquay Lodge in the Ward at MAYS CROSS. County Dublin .It is the WARD UNION JUNIOR HUNT BALL.

    We will demo from 7-30 outside the pub which is facing on to the N2 (next turn after WARD CROSS and just past the White House).We say to the parents of these young people “WHY RAISE HIM A KILLER”.

    These children and teenagers attending are part of the HUNT and are usually integrated into the Ward Union pony club as an introduction to hunting. Whilst they are being desensitised to animal cruelty and abuse they will eventually be hunting with the WARD UNION STAGHUNT.

    The pony Club is part of the hunt club and is just another way hunters use to keep animal abuse alive, by getting children involved. The Ward Union are Irelands only carted staghunt,

    they bring a stag in a crate twice a week to County Meath and chase it for three hours for entertainment and fun.
    The injuries sustained from the chase, the disruption to the general public, damage to property and local opposition to stag hunting is well documented.

    Press Officer.
    Bernie Wright.

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    Hare Coursing Protest, 4th Feb 09

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the January 27th, 2009

    National Hare Coursing Finals Protest!

    The “National Hare Coursing Finals” will take place in Clonmel, Co.Tipperaray during the first week of Feb 09. Like every year, the finals will attract up to 30,000 supporters of this form of animal exploitation.

    Organised by ICABS and ARAN, a national protest will take place outside Powerstown Park to highlight the plight of hares who will have their basic rights violated in the name of sport.

    Hare Coursing is banned in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as most countries.

    Ireland is one of the remaining countries in the world to still allow this cruel practice. Although the greyhounds are muzzled, the cruelty remains the same as the hares will be captured, chased, battered and mauled into the ground by a group of greyhounds.

    Help ICABS and ARAN to ban this practice, join the protest and voice your opinion against the violation of these animals’ rights.

    For more info:
    Please contact ICABS and ARAN for transport arrangement and more info about the event.
    ICABS: info[at]
    ARAN :arancampaigns[at]

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    Animal Circuses Banned in County Finglas

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by ALib on the May 14th, 2008

    Fingal County Council outlaws (Wild) Animal Circuses

    Fingal County Council, in North Dublin, has voted to outlaw circuses performing with acts which include wild animals. This is the first motion of its kind in the Republic of Ireland and is a big step towards getting rid of animal abuse and cruelty from circuses in this country.

    The motion was proposed by Councilor Clare Daly of the Socialist Party. While Councilor Daly “would have been happier if it was all animals” she stated that “Unfortunately the motion was also amended to insert “wild” before animals. I argued against this, calling for a ban on circuses that used any animals”

    However the motion to ban wild animals in circuses was passed unanimously on the 8th of October by the Council. This motion stated:“That Fingal County Council supports the introduction of by-laws or other measures which would ensure that circuses which use wild animals are prohibited from performing in any part of the local authority area in light of the well-documented evidence of

    suffering endured by the animals involved and the serious animal welfare issues raised.”

    Using animals in circuses is cruel. Circuses cannot provide animals with basic needs.


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    Motion to Stop Animal Circuses, Dublin

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the May 11th, 2008

    Dun Laoghaire, Ban Animal Circuses!

    There will soon be a motion in Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council to ban the use of circuses with animals from using Council land. Councilor Nessa Childers of the Green Party is proposing the motion.
    Fingal County Council, in North Dublin, has already voted to outlaw circuses performing with acts which include wild animals.
    Please send an email to all the councilors urging them to vote in favour of the ban. A sample letter is available to copy and paste, but remember, it is always better to write your own.
    Click on “more” to have the

    emails of the councilors and sample letter.
    More Info :

  • (more…)

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    Pigs Exploited for Entertainment, Naas, Co Kildare.

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the April 20th, 2008

    Pigs Racing for…
    A Few Laughs

    A.F.A.R has called to cancel a planned pig race that will take place in Naas, next week, on the grounds that racing pigs is cruel and inhumane.
    The race will be part of a family fun day and according to Fine Gael councilor Darren Scully, pigs will “be allowed to go around the track at their own pace.” The councilor got the approval of the ISPCA.

    On the other hand, Bernie, A.F.A.R spokesperson, has stated that “pigs do not deserve to be degraded or used as part of what is an event that is basically

    centered around club and pub participation” and that it sends out a message to children that it is ok to use animals as entertainment for humans.
    A.F.A.R and ALiberation vehemently encourage people to oppose this race as humans should not have to resort to using animals for entertainment purposes.

    Please email the councillors (see post-it on the left), especially Cllr Darren Scully.


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    Maggie, Confined in Dublin Zoo for 24 years. A.F.A.R Statement

    Posted in Blood Sports / Entertainment by Glô! on the April 20th, 2008

    Orangutan escapes from Dublin Zoo

    The story An adventurous orang-utan went on-the-run on the 5th of April 08 in Dublin Zoo making a bold bid for freedom after 24 years in captivity.

    Normally protective mother Maggie left her baby Mujur behind and managed to enjoy an hour on the loose wandering around in front of her enclosure. Zookeepers believe the 26-year-old ape made a long stretch for branches at the edge of the compound, grabbed a wall and climbed over at around midday.The alarm was raised within minutes but it was an hour before zookeepers managed to confront Maggie and shoot her with a tranquilliser dart gun.

    The Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR) is saddened by hearing of the Oranutan Maggie s bid to find freedom yesterday even to the point of leaving her baby The understandably frustrated animal has been confined in an enclosure for 24 years, more than the length of a sentence that would be imposed on a human for the crime of murder.

    Zoos are but Prisons to non human animals, yet they have not committed any crime. Those in captivity are driven insane, deprived of a natural life and are

    basically kept imprisoned for life so that our species can amuse themselves.
    Zoos are a throwback to the menageries of Victorian times. They should be abolished in this day and age as they are cruel and archaic.

    Just like blacks are not made for whites nor are women made for men these animals are not on this planet to serve humans. Its their world too.

    Bernie Wright,
    Spokesperson AFAR.
    087 2651720

    More Info :

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