ALF Ireland Action, 21 June 08

Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the July 1st, 2008

More ALF Actions against Circuses and Hunting Shop

From BiteBack.

“the Irish ALF struck again on the night of 21st June ‘08′ targeting a well known animal circus ‘Tom Duffy’s circus’ posters. this particular circus tours Ireland with 6 Bengal tigers, horses, dogs, llamas and advertises on it’s posters a zoo that is held after each show.

Roughly 30 posters were either spray painted or slashed apart with a knife for every animal suffering inside duffys circus.

Until next time,
Irish Alf”

More info on Irish Ciruses:

  • The Animal Abuse of Circuses.
  • Duffy’s Circus Factsheet.
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    Mink Liberation in Fur Farm, Germany

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the March 11th, 2008

    Direct Action against Fur-Farm in Germany

    Anonymous Communique.

    Some hundred minks have been set free on a farm in Söllichau, east germany. This farm belongs to ALFons Grosser, Chef of the Fur-Farmers Association.

    This is the third of his five farm in germany that got attacked by the ALF. The farm where 17500 mink were set free in october last year was also owned by him. In 2006 700 cages have been destroyed on another farm from grosser in Melle.

    Media says the activists were interupted by dogs and an alarm system but obviously managed to escape. 100 of the mink found the way out of the farm. Media claims that 90 of them were found dead, but as we all know this number might be a little bit higher than it really is, as the

    infos comes from the fur farmer…
    Nevertheless it have been the breeding-stock that got freed and the breeding system got fucked up.

    More Info :

  • ALF, not just the Friendly Alien !
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    Peter Young out of Prison

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the February 7th, 2007

    Peter Young Released from Prison

    Peter Young was arrested on March 21st 2005 in San Jose, CA. He has been “WANTED” since 1998 after being indicted on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by releasing 8,000 mink from six Midwestern fur farms in 1998. Bob Anderson, an assistant U.S. attorney, said Young cost farmers $569,000.

    From Bite Back magazine.
    02 February 07

    On February 1, after nearly two years in prison for liberating
    mink from fur farms, Peter Young walked through the doors of the Victorville federal prison and into the free world. He was greeted by a small crowd and immediately taken to a celebratory dinner in Los Angeles. To quote Peter’s toast (of coffee) that afternoon – “Here’s to being liberated.”

    More good news! Prosecutors in South Dakota have decided not to proceed with state charges related to a 1997 raid on a mink farm.

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    Minks Liberation, United States, April 06.

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the June 26th, 2006

    “To All Those Who Refuse to Give In

    Anonymous Communique | 29/04/06.

    In the early morning hours of April 29th, our small band of do-gooders made our way through muddy fields and wet forests to descend upon Latzig Mink Ranch in Howard Lake, MN.It has been ten years since the A.L.F. last visited this farm, and it has been too long since there has been a liberation.
    Only the breeding animals were on the farm. After cutting several holes and opening gate in the surrounding fence, we entered the main breeding shed. All of the breeding information was removed and destroyed. Every cage was opened, releasing hundreds of mink into the surrounding countryside.

    Imprisoned in fur factories, these solitary creatures are forced to endure the intensive confinement of only a few square feet of cage, compared to the miles of territory these animals would enjoy in the wild - their natural state.


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    ALF Russia

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the June 6th, 2006

    500 Rats Liberated
    From a Breeding Farm.

    Article and picture from Bite Back magazine.
    May 29, 2006 - Russia

    “May 27, 2006, Russia. We came at night to the territory of ‘Rappolovo’ lab animals breeding farm near St. Petersburg, belonged to Russian Academy of Medical Science. There were animals in few barracks assigned for experiments. We broke a lock on one barrack where rats were and came in. In several rooms there were shelves with trays full of rats. We were taking down trays, opening them and moving rats to bags and big wooden box. We Had not much time, so we could liberate approximately 500 rats. We left spray paint inscriptions on the walls inside saying ‘Vivisectors are terrorists!’, ‘They are not for experiments!’, ‘A.L.F.’ etc.One of the lines of liberated rats was bred by company Charles River United Kingdom, which later started to make money selling them to breeding farms and labs all around the world. ‘Rappolovo’ sells animals for cruel experiments to scientific organizations in Russia and CIS countries. Big part of animals from ‘Rappolovo’ goes to St. Petersburg Zoo to feed predators; a journal which was taken during the raid shows this.
    In spite of a number of rats in bags none of the animals suffered. All of them are now at a nice place, where their lives are protected from cruel people.
    We are sorry that we couldn’t save all animals from ‘Rappolovo’ breeding farm. This raid we devote to all animal rights activists who are in prison now.

    Animal Liberation Front.”

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    Rabbits liberated, Sweden, May 2006.

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the June 6th, 2006

    9 Rabbits Liberated
    From Meat Farm, Sweden.

    Anonymous Communique | 29/05/06.

    “On the night to 29/5, 9 rabbits were liberated from Per Mattssons meat farm in Berga, Knivsta, north of Stockholm.
    It was 2 years ago the farm was emptied of 62 rabbits by the ALF. Those nine individuals can now live their life with love and freedom.
    But at the same time as we celebrate their freedom we are sad over those we had to leave behind.
    We hope that they also get a

    chance to live a life without bars in the future.”
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    Hen Rescue, 05 June 2006

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the June 6th, 2006

    35 Hens Liberated From Battery farm, USA

    Anonymous Communique | 05/06/06.

    “This past weekend 35 hens were liberated from a large battery cage egg facility in Delaware. In the middle of the night we simply entered the unlocked facility (after scouting several locations), removed one to two hens from many different cages so as to give those who remained a tiny bit of extra space, and once all of the hens were set to go we were off into the night.
    As we moved across the grass outside they were eerily quiet, taking in the fresh night air for the first time in their lives.
    Each of these is a sentinent being who up to this point has lived a life of pain and suffering, and now each has freedom and peace for the rest of its days.

    To all of the old activists whose bandanas are dusty, and to all of the young ones who don’t yet know how much is possible - get off of MySpace and get out on the farms, labs, and everywhere else where beings live in constant pain. You are their only chance.
    Animal Liberation: don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years.
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    Hen Rescue, 24 march 2006

    Posted in Animal Liberation Front by Glô! on the May 2nd, 2006

    Hens Rescued, UK

    Received anonymously.

    West Sussex
    Under the cover of darkness, a team of ALF activists gained entry to a battery farm in West Sussex.
    Just like previous visits, the lower doors to the units were left without any kind of security - not even a simple padlock. This is the same story up and down the UK for the vast majority of battery farms.

    It took activists little time to round up the dying hens, which would be otherwise left to drown, starve to death or be eaten alive by rats. These hens have fallen from the stacks of cages above and are simply left to die, not a concern for those who only care about money.

    One unit was so bad that an activist had to swim through a waist-deep mix of excrement and water to reach a hen which was minutes from sinking to her

    death. The emaciated bird is now undergoing treatment and is making a good recovery.
    Until hell-holes like this are empty and demolished, we will not rest.
    – For the animals always –”
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